Car security is a very important thing in today’s world. To make your car more secure all the car manufacturing companies have taken necessary steps. A key fob is one of those security measures which work great for the owner. But changing the battery of the car fob is not very hard.

Nissan Car Key Battery Replacement

All the car fobs work on battery as they work as a remote controller of the car lock system. You can lock and unlock your car from a manageable distance and thus you need a high power battery for the key fob. But as we all know, the power supply capacity of the battery comes down gradually and you need to replace the battery after a certain time. So when you find your car fob is not working properly from the said distance, you should understand that it’s the time to change the battery. You can easily take your car to the service center and change the battery of the car fob. But if you want it to change at your home then you need to follow some steps mentioned here.

  • To change the battery of the car fob, you need to open it first. Now the question where is the point from which you can open the fob? Well, it is located at the back of the key fob where you attach the key ring. There will be a switch, sliding which will result in the removal of the metal key from it.
  • Now open the fob. You will find a small opening at the very place where from the spare key you have removed. Take the flat head screwdriver to open the key fob into two halves so that you can remove the battery.
  • Remove the battery from its slot and do it carefully so that you don’t damage the rubber ring underneath the battery into the slot.
  • Now put the new battery you have bought. Remember to keep the ‘+’ sign of the battery facing downwards. You can buy a 3V battery for the best result out of the key fob, but you can also use a CR2025 battery.
  • Now close the two halves of the key fob and join them with the screwdriver. Before you close the key fob finally, remember to place the spare key at its place.
  • After you completed the operation, now it’s time to check out whether it is working properly or not. If you find it difficult to open the fob or close it properly, then you can visit the showroom always for assistance.

Nissan Qashqai Key Fob Battery

It is easy to change the battery of Nissan’s proximity key. But if you don’t know it, then it’s your turn now to learn how to accomplish the job. For the replacement of the battery, pull the slot you get on the back of the fob. Slide it to the left to remove the key for emergency use. Now put the small screwdriver you have into the tool kit and remove the lid from the place of the battery. Put the new battery inside and close the lid finally. If you think whether you need to reprogram the key fob again or not, then you should know that no reprogramming is required for it.

2017 Nissan Altima Key Fob Battery

Nissan Altima is an AWD sedan car with extraordinary features. It is a very fuel-efficient car that gives you good mileage while you drive it on the road. The most valuable feature of this car is the All-wheel Drive system which gives it an extra competitive edge in the race of market share. It makes the drive smoother as well as a very comfortable one. To change the battery of the key fob of this car you should follow the instructions properly.

  • First of all, go through the user manual properly. There you will get the proper instructions for the removal and change of dead battery.
  • Now take the key fob into your hand and turn it. You will get a small sliding slot behind the key. Push it towards the left and you will be able to remove the spare key from it.
  • Now you will have to take out the flat head screwdriver and put it into the slot right beside the place where the key was in.
  • Put pressure on the slot by the screwdriver and the fob will open into two halves. Now put the battery out of its slot carefully. Stay attentive that you would not touch the battery without washing your hands properly.
  • Put the new battery inside the intelligent key slot with the positive (+) side down.
  • Align all the ends of the fob and push it to close it properly. Have a trial run with the new battery so check whether there is any kind of discrepancy in the operation of the key fob.

2017 Nissan Sentra Key Fob Battery

Follow all the steps that we mentioned previously to change the battery of the other cars in this article. The only thing you should know about this is the battery should be a CR2032 battery for the best result.

Nissan Key Fob Not Working after Battery Change

After all your efforts to change the Nissan key fob’s battery, you might find it not working. But it’s not the matter to worry. Your key fob might need a reprogramming due to the change of battery. Here we are mentioning the steps for the same.

  • Get into your car and sit on the driver’s seat. Now close the door and lock them properly. Insert the key you have and turn it to ignition. Turn it to ACC and then turn it off. Now remove the key from the ignition.
  • It requires repetition in rapid succession for six times to get the best result out of the process. To be sure about the success of each repetition the emergency light will flash twice for each successive repetition.
  • Now put the key again to ignition and turn the ACC on. Now push and release any of the buttons of the remote so that the hazard light will flash and acknowledge the new remote.
  • Unlock the driver’s door and lock it again. Now press any of the buttons to program different transmitters at a time. Turn off the ignition and remove the key when the process is complete.

What Kind of Battery does a Nissan Key Fob Take?

Most of the people use the CR2032 battery for the Nissan key fobs as this gives them the best results. Other than this, some people use 3V batteries also to get the Nissan key fobs working.

Do You have to Reprogram a Key Fob after Changing the Battery?

Mostly you don’t have to reprogram the key fob after you change the battery. But in case you need to do it, you will get all the instructions from the user manual in printed form.

How do You Open a Nissan Key Fob?

Turn the back of the key fob on and slide the slot you are having right in front. Now push it to remove the spare key out of the key fob. After you take the spare key out of the slot, you will find another small slot right beside the key slot. Put the flat head of the screwdriver into it and put pressure to open the key fob into two halves.


  • You can open the key fobs yourself at your home.
  • Use a 3V battery or a CR2032 battery for the best service.
  • Don’t touch any of the parts of the key fob with dirty hands.

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