A properly researched paper normally supplements written sources with interviews.

There are two types of interviews: unpublished personal interviews and broadcast or published print interviews.

However, citing an interview look confusing if you only cite articles and books. But if you want to cite an interview with MLA citation, follow the guidelines below to cite an interview in MLA format properly.

  1. Only use the interviewee’s last name
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Most personal interviews are the ones that you conduct personally. They lack a page number as they don’t get published in a book. When citing a personal interview, only place the author’s last name at the end of the sentence, mostly the parentheses. The full stop appears only after identifying the parentheses.

Don’t use parenthetical citation when using the last name in the sentence.

One rule in MLA is that you should only state the last name in the sentence. There’s no need to include the same information on the parentheses.

Furthermore, the information on the parentheses only complements the information given in the sentence. It doesn’t repeat it.

The reason why the last name is written in both the parenthetical or the sentence citation is that it corresponds to the entry of the works cited page. Please make sure that every citation is linked directly to the works cited page.

  1. Provide The Last Name Plus the Page Number

When an interview is printed on a book or other print sources, make sure you provide the author’s last name and page number. Ensure you cite this the same way you would do to any journal or book. For instance, Walker explained to the committee that she had to rest for a while from training after hurting her foot (50)

Furthermore, MLA rules state that you shouldn’t add a comma between the page number and the last name when doing a parenthetical citation.

  1. Add Short Quotations in Quotation Marks from Interviews
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Short quotations are not more than four written lines. Therefore, when writing brief quotations, make sure you enclose the quoted words directly using quotation marks. Then add the parentheses immediately you close the quotation mark before adding the period.

When a quotation ends with a question or an exclamation mark, add it inside the quotation marks.

For instance,

  • Mary Hill said, “The virus begins by affecting human throat” (46)
  • Mary Hill asked, “If researchers don’t get a cure, how will people be rescued?” (47)
  1. Format Long Quotations Using a Block Quote

When writing extended direct quotations longer than four typed lines, make sure you put it in a block quote. Never add quotation marks on quoted words. The words will free stand themselves from the other part of the paragraph.

Introduce the quotation on a different line immediately after adding a colon after the lead-in text. Indent the entire quote one inch from the page margin. All parentheses follow after every punctuation.

Start this way: in an interview carried out in 2006, Mary Walker:

Then punctuate the block quote’s end like this: Walker said she’ll work hard for six years. (33-37).

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