A nicely roasted artichoke is sweet and a beautiful thing.

But not all folks have the patience and time to deal with the extra fussTherefore, if you need an artichoke and you want it immediately, don’t look further than your convenient microwaveThis lets you prepare one in a short period.

However, artichokes look like terrible vegetables to prepare, but in the real sense, they are very easy to prepare. Always begin by cutting the stem and tip from the artichoke. For simple cooking, you can start by boiling it with pepper, salt, and bay. Or just microwave it until its ready to eat.

You can also steam it with seasonings if you want to maintain more nutrients. If you need a rich and roasted flavor, cook it in garlic, olive oil, and lemon.

Let’s have a look at how to cook an artichoke in the microwave:


The following are the ingredients that you will use to cook the artichoke

  • Melted butter
  • Plastic wrap
  • Lemon juice
  • Water
  • Microwave-safe dish
  • 1 artichoke
  • Dried thyme
  • ground black pepper
  • Olive oil
  1. Prep the Artichoke

Ensure you begin by rinsing the artichokes. Wash them on the kitchen sink using clean running water. After that, cut the stem off using a knife. Cut about ¼ inch from the top of the artichoke then use a knife or a pair of scissors to cut the pointy sections away from the leaves tip.

  1. Position Your Artichoke On A Microwave-Safe Dish

You must place the artichoke on the microwave-safe dish with the stem-side facing upwards. You can use a glass Pyrex dish if you want to do the job perfectly.

  1. Add Lemon Juice And Water

Make sure you fill the dish with approximately ½ inch of water. After that, squash one lemon on top of the artichokes. Adding lemon juice to the artichoke is vital as the cells in the artichoke bursts in the boiling water. This will create a browning color on the artichoke.

  1. Cover with Plastic Wrap

After adding water and lemon juice, make sure you cover the artichoke using a plastic wrap. Doing this helps in trapping steam within the dish that will facilitate an easy steaming. Never skip this step.

  1. Microwave for 7-10 Minutes

Position the dish that you covered on a microwave then adjust your microwave setting to HIGH power. Cook the vegetable for 10 minutes until they are ready. However, the cook duration depends on the wattage of your microwave and the size of the artichoke. The bigger the artichoke, the more time it will take to be tender.

You can insert a toothpick in the middle of the artichoke’s stem to check whether your food is ready. When not ready, make sure you microwave it for an extra minute. A fully cooked artichoke feels like a baked potato.

You must be careful while removing the plastic wrap since the stem will be very hot. You can relax for two minutes immediately after you remove the dish from the microwave before you attempt to open it.do this to be safe.

  1. Enjoy Your Artichoke

Finally, this is the best part that happens to be delicious too.

Before you start feasting on the artichoke, begin by pulling off the petals each at a time then place them inside the melted butter. After that, place the leaf in your mouth and as you do this, make sure the flesh is facing downwards.

With that done, use your teeth to remove the soft flesh away from the leaf. Throw the remaining part of the leaf.

Once you are done with all petals, you’ll remain with the artichoke’s heart. This is the best part. Use a knife or a spoon to remove the fuzzy, and inedible section of the artichoke. This section is called “choke”

Divide the artichoke heart into tiny pieces then place them inside melted butter. Be ready to be amazed by the complexity and richness in both flavor and texture—the leaves work as an appetizer to the nice part of the artichoke.

  1. Alternatively Season The Artichoke With Herbs And Oil Before You Serve It

Insert a pastry brush in 15 ml of olive oil then cover the cut sides with it. Once done that, sprinkle ground black pepper, sea salt, and dried thyme on top of the artichoke. Serve it while warm.

In case there is a leftover piece of the artichoke, be sure to refrigerate it inside an airtight container. Use it within 5 days.

While roasting, sautéing, and grilling never fit in your time plan, a microwave is an essential substitute that never compromises on the taste of your artichoke. Plus it allows you to feast on a nicely cooked artichoke in a few minutes.

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