When you are on a French language course, one of the best things to do first is learning how to count one to ten in French. Knowing how to count is a nice activity that you can do for the rest of the language as you can simply work on the pronunciation of specific letters like u and r. after you understand how to count, you’ll easily learn how to speak in French.

  1. Start by Learning Numbers One to Five

When on a mission towards learning how to count in French, make sure you start practicing the first five numbers to help you memorize the words easily. Later move to the next five.

English French Pronunciation
One Un Ahn
Two Deux Deuh
Three Trois Twah
Four Quatre Katr
Five Cinq Sank
  1. Next, Learn Six to Ten

Immediately you have mastered numbers one to five and you can say them off from your head, you can now shift to the next step. Make sure you pay much attention to six that is spelt exactly in English and French but pronounced different.Next, Learn Six To Ten

Here’s how to spell

English French Pronunciation
Six Six Seese
Seven Sept Set
Eight Huit Wheet
Nine Neuf Nurf
Ten Dix Deese
  1. Bring Together All Numbers then Count them

Now that you’ve mastered all the number words, now exercise counting them one by one up to ten. The same way it’s done in English, other French numbers are based on the first numbers from one to ten. Therefore, having known the first ten numbers in French, now you have a nice base to learn the remaining numbers.

Don’t get worried when you find it hard to remember all the remaining words in French or arranging them in the right manner. There is a solution! Look for children French counting songs online. The song can help you recall, just as you might have used English counting songs.

  1. Learn the “Zero” Word In French

The “zero” word in French can mislead you as it’s spelled exactly as you can spell it in English, but it has a slightly different pronunciation. The zero accent mark shows that the e must be pronounced with an extended-a voice: ZAY-roh.

  1. Get the Right Sound for Un by Pinching Your Nose

The word “one” in French includes a vowel that doesn’t exist in the English language, so you can find it hard to spell it right. Therefore, start practicing how to make the sound while holding your hose using your fingers.

Furthermore, you can also practice how to compress your nostrils together as you spell the word. Do this the same way you can tighten your nostrils during the inhalation process.

  1. Practice How to Pronounce the “U” Word in French Correctly

U sound in French, as in neuf is a sound that doesn’t exist in the English language. Therefore, this sound is a bit hard to spell if you are an English speaker looking forward to learning French.

  • Begin by opening your mouth then make an oh sound. Ensure you practice pronouncing the sound until your lips become flat like they appear when pronouncing a w sound.
  • Then purse your lips close as you produce an eee sound. This is the same as French u sound. Make sure you do this severally until it comes out naturally.
  • Differentiate between the French ou and French u sound. Since they are similar, you should be able to speak them apart if you wish to pronounce words in French correctly. Ou sound in English is the same as that ou sound in French.
  1. Use Your Throat to Spell “R”

 The French “r” is a guttural sound found in quatre and it’s the same as “ch” in the word “Loch Ness”. Therefore, to approximate “r” in French, press back the tip of your tongue behind the bottom of your teeth then pronounce the letter.

Also, you can simply practice through uttering “rah rah-rah,” or ronronner, in French.

  1. After that, Master the Pronunciation Without Checking the Words

Other words like “six” are always spelled the same in English as to how you can spell them in French. Therefore, if English is your first language, then you’ll find it hard not to read these words in English.

  1. Watch French videos

Watching videos or movies by native speakers will assist you to become familiar with the way the French language sounds. It’s not a must to watch the visuals. You can also understand it by simply closing your eyes then listen.

If you frequently listen to French music, more so slower songs, you can also listen to syllables. Also, never mind if you don’t understand French words at this point. You are simply listening to the words and pronunciation, not the wordings.

That’s how to count to ten in French. For the process to be successful, you must be attentive and patient until you make it.