Rebar, also known as reinforced bars are stables used in masonry and construction.

Steel is the primary material used to make rebarIt has a wide range of benefits, including durability, supporting concrete, and making a solid structureYou can find rebar in bridges, foundations, highways, buildings, and sidewalks.

What is the use of Rebar?

You can use rebar alone or with steel mesh wire to reinforce concrete products. Locally, people make it from appliances and old cars. Companies use over 90% of recycled materials to make rebar.

Steel rebar is typically cut into 60 feet length. So, when you tend to work on them, make sure you adjust them for your project. It is important to consider the compression and tension in the concrete. They must remain equal. Rebar is an environmentally friendly product.

What are the qualities of Rebar

There are several types of rebar, so the first step is always choosing the right one. Then, the length and diameter determine the rebar cutting method. For any DIY project, such as concrete work and landscaping, experts recommend using number three rebar.

It measures 3/8 inches in diameter. Rebar with larger diameters is good for commercial and industrial applications. A larger diameter requires special tools to cut the rebar that is similar to cutting galvanized pipe.

The number four rebar is the common type used by hobbyists. It is ½ inches in diameter, and you can cut it with a hacksaw. You will need different tools to cut the industrial level rebar. Because we are talking about DIY projects, we will use smaller tools.

You can easily bend the rebar to fit the shape according to your needs. The bending process becomes easier when the diameter of the rebar is 0.5 inches. Make sure you bend it with sufficient leverage. Rebar contains soft iron, which is resistant to breaks and cracks. The size of rebar comes in incremental forms of 1/8 inches steps.

Things to consider before cutting rebar

There are a few setup and safety processes to consider you start cutting rebar. It is important to pause for a while and set yourself up for success. So, before you start cutting rebar, you have to measure it. Usually, it comes in lengths of twenty feet. You may work with longer pieces of rebar. So, it is important to take measurements for accuracy.

Similarly, if you want to bend rebar in any direction, you have to take accurate measurements. We recommend using a tape measure to calculate each of the cuts. Then, use chalk to mark the piece of rebar. It is best to start cutting your rebar and make the process smooth.

Make sure you follow all the safety precautions when cutting rebar or steel. The ends of rebar are usually sharp. It is also heavy than other types of materials. So, it is important to use a metal blade to cut the surface of the metal. Remember, cutting rebar leads to sparks and metal shavings that fly in the air.

Wear proper and high-quality safety gear. For example, you can consider a mask, goggles, gloves, long sleeve shirt, pant, and strong boots. Make sure you have a large workspace to work on rebar properly. Rebar had different lengths that vary from eight feet to sixty feet.

Work with rebar in an open space as it will remove all the obstacles and allow you to cut them easily. Rebar can also produce sparks when you work with it. So, again, you have to clear the area to avoid flammable elements.

How to cut rebar with an angle grinder

Using an angle grinder is the best way to cut the rebar. According to various experts, it is one of the most recommended tools for cutting rebar. It is important to choose and use a high-quality angle grinder.

It will do a great job and enable you to cut the material easily. When you use the angle grinder, make sure you choose the right size. A small grinder is not effective for cutting the rebar. Although large grinders are very effective in cutting the material, they are a bit heavy.

How to choose an angle grinder

A standard four inches tool can handle most of the rebar cuttings. Remember, the quality of the tool affects the process of cutting. An angle grinder will work effectively when it comes to giving rough cuts. On the other hand, using a hacksaw will take a long time to cut the rebar.

When you tend to cut rebar, make sure you use the right cutting disk. Even if you use a high angle grinder but the cutting the disk is wrong, it can lead to break the disk. At the same time, you won’t achieve your goal of cutting the rebar.

Steps to cut rebar using the angle grinder

  • Start with using the wheel, which helps to cut the metal. It is crucial to choose a durable wheel and strong enough to cut the rebar.
  • After that, you need to secure the rebar, and you can do this placing it in a clamp or vice.
  • Start cutting the rebar using the angle grinder. Ideally, you will approach it directly and cut straight down.
  • It is not necessary to make a clean cut. However, using an angle grinder will save you time.

You can use a hacksaw to cut rebar, but it takes a very long time. Using an angle grinder does not require you to replace the blade. On the other hand, you will have to replace the bald when you use a hacksaw to cut the rebar.

Some professionals who carry out DIY projects use a bench grinder to cut the rebar. The purpose is to protect the material from wear and tear on the diamond blades. Again, it is vital to check the blade before you start cutting the material. Replace the blade with a new one in case the existing one is not working correctly.

How to cur rebar with a circular saw

You can use a circular saw to cut the rebar. It is a popular tool among beginners and professionals because it has sharp blades. The tools allow for easily slicing through the rebar. Keep in mind to use a saw blade that can go through the metal accurately. Before that, you have to secure the material in a clamp or vice. Then, you can make consistent and straight cuts.

You can use two types of blades. The first ones are steel tooth blades, which are inexpensive and may require you to replace them. On the other hand, the second ones are carbide tooth blades, which work excellently for cutting rebar. We recommend using a diamond blade as it is high-quality that offers superior performance.


Cutting the rebar is both a comfortable and challenging job because it depends on the type of tool you choose for the process. We have given you two easy methods to cut rebar effortlessly. Each method uses a different tool. Make sure you wear safety gear before beginning to cut the rebar.

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