Deleting Audible Account on Android

  • Using chrome or your web browser, log in to the Audible desktop website. You can also type on the android’s address bar then tap on ↵ Enter on your device’s keyboard.
  • You can also use any different internet browsers that can permit you to see a website’s desktop version. Opera and Firefox can work as well.
  • Click on “continue to sign in.” it’s an orange-colored button found on the middle side of the page. This opens up the sign-in form.
  • With that done, ensure you sign in to the Audible Amazon account to open your account’s home page.
  • Type in your phone number or email address.
  • Key in your password.
  • Then click on the sign-in button with an orange color.
  • Click on the ☰ button found on the top left. It’s your menu button. It opens up the navigation menu located on the far end left top of your screen.
  • Select on My Account found on the upper side of the menu.
  • Hit on View Membership Details. This appears first on the option and opens up your audible account subscription details on a new page.
  • Then click on the ⋮ icon that’s found on the right upper side of the page. This opens up the browser choices.
  • Click, then check the Desktop site box located on the menu. This automatically loads the membership page in a desktop version.

Note: it’s difficult to delete your account using the mobile website. Ensure you change it to a desktop site.

  • Some internet browsers rename this option as “Switch to the desktop view” or Request desktop site.
  • With that done, select on Cancel membership on the lower side of the “View membership details”
  • After that, on the next screen, Audible will request you for feedback, and you’ll give reasons why you need to delete the account. Audible gives you choices to choose from, and it takes a few minutes.

Based on your reasons and location for the account deletion, Amazon may provide you an alternative; for example, it can give suggestions on a pre-paid membership deal rather than a systematic plan. Additionally, Amazon may give you a “special” strategy to indude you to continue with your subscription.

  • Move on with the cancellation process in case you don’t love the service.
  • Tap the Finish Cancelling Button. It’s an orange button located on the lower part of the final confirmation page.

After you tap the button, you will instantly delete your audible account using android.

Deleting an Audible Account on IPhone

  • Launch the Safari app on the device. It’s a white, red, and blue icon that looks like a compass, and it’s located on the screen of your iPhone.
  • After that, on the address bar, type then click on Go. This navigates you to the sign-in page.
  • Click on the Share button located on the lower side of your screen.
  • Then move through the icons until you arrive at an option called ″Request Desktop Site.″ all icons in this row are grey.
  • After that, click on the ″Request Desktop Site.″ this is an icon found at the row end. Doing this loads again the sign-in page then places it in a desktop version form.

Since the desktop version shrinks anything on the page, the page must be zoomed adequately for clear visibility. Place two fingers close as you spread them apart on the iPhone’s screen.

You can pinch your two fingers back together on the screen to zoom around.

  • With that, enter your login credentials then click on Sign In. This should display your Audible Account details.
  • Move down the page then click on Cancel Membership found on the membership details. Then follow the instructions on the screen to delete your subscription.

Immediately you have deleted the subscription, and you’ll receive a message to confirm your account deletion.

Deleting Books from Audible Account

  • Launch the Amazon’s manage your content and Devices page just close to “Show”, select the Books button, then click on Audiobooks.
  • After that, select on a particular audiobook that you target to delete then hit on the checkbox close to it.
  • Tap on Delete accompanied by “yes, delete permanently”.

When there are other audiobooks still downloaded on the accounts app, ensure you delete them. Immediately you delete the audiobook; it will be permanently removed from your account.