How do I cancel my survey junkie account?

Click on menu, then go to “Subscriptions”. Choose the Survey Junkie subscription you wish to cancel and tap on the “Cancel Subscription” option.

How do I delete my survey account?

Click your username in the upper-right corner and select My Account. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Permanently delete account.

Can survey Junkie be trusted?

Yes, Survey Junkie is legit. Yes, you do get paid in real money. Survey Junkie is a market research company that needs consumer opinions. And, they are willing to pay for them in order to make important decisions about their client brands.

Can I have more than one survey junkie account?

Members are not permitted to create more than one Survey Junkie account. Survey Junkie may refuse to provide the Services to anyone, at any time and for any reason or no reason.

Does survey junkie steal your information?

After testing out Survey Junkie, I can confirm that the online survey site is 100% legit and not a scam. But I also don’t think this is a way for you to make more than a few dollars a day. I’ve had a lot more success with MTurk, which offers a variety of other ways to make money besides just completing surveys.

How do I redeem money from survey junkie?

When you’re ready to redeem points, click “My Points” on the navigation bar’s drop-down menu or “Current Points” on your dashboard. Choose the payment method, PayPal or gift card, and enter the e-mail address where you want the payment sent. Verify the information and click “Yes” to redeem.

Is survey junkie a safe app?

Survey Junkie is a completely legit site for earning. You won’t get rich here, but you have an assurance of not being scammed. Though it may be a little bit time-consuming, it will earn some extra cash through it. Besides, Survey junkie is safe for bank transfer.

Do you have to pay taxes on survey junkie?

The money you earn from Survey Junkie is taxable income, and you will need to report it on your tax return.

Can you get banned on survey junkie?

This works to ensure clients do not get bad information, and it allows Survey Junkie to weed out those that may be trying to scam the system. The key is to answer the questions carefully and consistently. Inconsistent answers can get you banned from the site, and your points will be forfeited.

How much can I make on survey junkie?

Depending on your demographics, you can earn anywhere from $2.00 per hour to $5.00 per hour completing surveys on Survey Junkie. However, filling out surveys is not the only way to earn money on Survey Junkie. You’ll also become a candidate for focus groups.

How long does it take for survey junkie to transfer money?

That’s on the lower end compared to other common survey sites. While some only require $3 or $5 to redeem rewards, others have a minimum payout of $20 or even $50. For many new members, it shouldn’t take longer than two or three months to reach the payout threshold. Others may take less than a month.

Is it safe to transfer money from survey junkie?

Survey Junkie is a legit survey site that pays for your opinions. Learn how to maximize your earnings, when to cash out, and why it pays to get disqualified.

Does Survey Junkie pay well?

Most surveys on Survey Junkie pay out $0.50 to $3, and your income depends on how many surveys you take. A monthly income of $20 to $50 is reasonable if you take every survey available to you.

Why dont I qualify for surveys on survey junkie?

You immediately get declined from a survey.

For example, you enter your age, race, income and marital status and then get disqualified from the survey. So there may have been a number of slots for each marital status group, and while the survey was still open, your particular marital status group slot was filled.

Which is better swagbucks or survey junkie?

Swagbucks is a bit different than Survey Junkie. While it does offer surveys, it’s more of an overall rewards site. Every time you take a survey, you get an extra chance to win that grand prize. So, potentially, you could earn a lot of money taking surveys if you’re the big winner!

How do you qualify for the most surveys?

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