Drawing a palm tree is one of the most aesthetic art. People like the view of this piece of art and can decorate it inside their living spaces. Moreover, a palm tree is not as hard to draw as one might think.

One can follow the following steps to draw a palm tree.

Essentials of Drawing a Palm tree

The basics that one will need for drawing a palm tree include a piece of paper and a sketching pencil. Using pencils with a darker lead can help to enhance the quality of the drawing. Moreover, it is also essential to make the hue of the picture last for a longer time.

One can always pair a drawing with intense shades to magnify its excellence. Adding bright and significant colors is very important for amplifying the quality of the drawing.

Many artists choose to draw a palm tree due to its magnificent beauty and nature. However, one can quickly learn to draw a palm tree with the following easy steps:

  • To enhance the magnificence of the drawing, one must start by drawing the ground first. One can quickly draw the ground by making a curved line at the bottom of the page. To further amplify the importance of the land, one can turn this curved line into a beach. For this, you need to darken the curved line first and highlight its sides by sketching on them. Doing this will display as if the ground is filled with sand. This is the same spectacle that one goes through on a beach.
  • To start drawing the tree, you will need to extend a big curved line from the beach to half of the paper. Next, another line side to side to this must be created as well. This line should be parallel to the first line. However, extending it towards the bottom, it must become a bit wider. This will display the thickness of the tree, and it will represent the stem of the tree. Extending the line to half of the page is essential as the other half of the page will make the rest of the palm tree.
  • The next step will involve the most crucial part of the drawing. In the next step, one must draw the palm leaves to bring about magnificence in the picture. To start this, you can draw a small dot in the middle of the tree’s branch. This dot will help to create a balance among the leaves.
  • You can quickly draw the leaves of the palm tree by using another curved line. Starting from the dot, a curved line should be extended to the other side of the page. The lower curve of the first leaf will look like the bottom of a boat. However, the size must be about 4 inches, but not more than that. This will display the accurate representation of the size of the palm tree leaves on a paper.
  • Another one on its top must cover the first curved line of the tree. It must be the same size as it will enclose the structure of the leaf. Next, you will draw another curved line from the dot and extend it towards the top left corner of the page. Likewise, the size of this curve must be no longer than 4 inches at the least.
  • To present it at its best, these two leaves must be followed by drawing at least three more of them. This will display the real spectacle of a palm tree.
  • You will have to draw a curved line that will pass right through the palm leaf in the next step to draw a palm tree. Once it is done, then the same middle line should be drawn in every leaf, enhancing its mesmerizing effect. After drawing a central line, the next thing you should go for must include drawing random but straight lines on each middle rope’s side. To keep the view more artistic, you should add 3 to 5 straight lines on each side instead of filling all the space.
  • The next step will involve decorating the trunk of the tree. The trunk of the tree can be filled with curved lines filling up all the space. However, each line should have a distance of about two centimeters. This step is significant to leave a lasting impact on the viewer. Moreover, these curved lines in the trunk will also represent a 3d quality of the image.
  • In the next step, you will have to enhance the beach’s beauty where the tree is standing over. You can draw small circular elements in the sand of the beach. They will represent rocks. However, one can also draw some bigger circles representing the picture of coconuts that have fallen on the ground.
  • The last step will involve coloring the palm tree. It will bring the most colorful part of the drawing to life—the known colors of the palm tree include green and brown. Brown will be the color of the trunk, sand, and the coconuts. However, utilizing one’s creativity to color anything lovely in the drawing will enhance its beauty. Mixing and matching with dark and light hues will amplify the colors of the picture.

Practicing the same procedure over and over will help in improving the flaws inside the palm tree.  However, the most important thing is to enjoy and have fun during this whole process.

The steps of drawing the palm tree are straightforward, but one may draw a palm tree experimenting with colors and shades according to his creativity. For instance, one may want to include the emergence of clouds and the sun in the drawing’s back.