What you need:

  • A regular pencil
  • An eraser or a rubber
  • Pencil sharpener
  • White or drawing paper
  • Colored pencils, crayons, or watercolor

Now that you have your materials ready, let’s start to roll and see how to draw a rose at different levels.

How to draw a rose for kids

  • Draw a circle in the middle of the paper
  • Then, add an inner curve line on each side of the circle
  • Draw another curvy line from the line on the right to the bottom of the circle
  • Add another line on the top from the right curvy line connection to the left line
  • Repeat adding curvy lines until the middle part of the circle is filled
  • Add leaves on the bottom of the blossom
  • Once done, trace the lines with a black permanent marker
  • Then add colors using crayon or watercolors
  • Follow the same steps if you want to fill the drawing paper with rose flowers

How to draw a rose for beginners

  • Using a pencil, draw a small oval or a coffee bean-like shape. Just use light lines as this shape serves as the inner bud for the rose

  • Then draw a spiral inside the oval. It does not matter if you draw the spiral clockwise or counterclockwise
  • Now draw a heart outside the spiral. The cleft of the heart must touch the top of the oval. Do not mind if each side of the heart is not balanced or if each side is out of proportion

  • On one side of the drawing, draw an S like shape starting from the top to the bottom. End the line curvy line with a pointed V shape connecting to the bottom of the heart
  • Do the curvy side on the other side of the heart. However, this time omit the pointy V shape and just connect the curvy line it directly to the middle part of the previous shape

  • Then draw a U shape with curvy sides starting from one side to another. The U shape drawing is now starting to appear as blossom
  • Draw additional details like a curvy line from the tip of the V shape down to the blossom

  • Now the rose is formed, draw sepals (green leaf-like coverings to protect the blossom before it opens) under the blossom.
  • Add the stem by drawing a slight curved double line starting from the center of the blossom. And then draw a leaf or leaves
  • Then pop some colors to your drawing. You can stick to the classic red rose. Or you can experiment using your favorite colors
  • You can add more roses by doing the same steps

Here is another approach on how to draw a rose that you can try or your kids at home.

  • Start by drawing a big letter U on the paper. The U shape is the main blossom
  • Then draw a double curvy line from the bottom center of the main blossom all the way down. The line serves as the stem
  • Add a small leaf drawing on the center from the stem pointing upwards overlapping the bottom of the U shape
  • Add another small leaf next to the first leaf with curvy pointing downwards. Do the same on the other side

  • Draw a large leaf on the right and left side of the stem
  • Then each of the two bigger leaves, draw a line in the middle from the stem to the leaf’s point
  • Draw four lines evenly placed from the edge of each leaf to the end point.
  • Now that we have the skeleton, it is time to draw the petals. Start by adding a letter C like line starting from the bottom right of the U extending upwards. Make sure that the top of C like drawing curves downwards. Add the same curve line on the left side with end curve pointing to the left also

  • Sketch a curved line starting from the top of the previous line extending to the top of the C curve line on the right
  • Add smaller C curve from the left center line curving to the left with downwards
  • Draw a small spiral inside the top center of the U and two curves behind the flower
  • Highlight the sketch with a black pen or marker.

  • Now that the drawing is finished, fill in the flowers, leaves, and stem with colors using colored pencils, crayons, or watercolor.

How to draw a rose flower

This style focuses on the flower itself. No stem or leaves, just simply highlighting the beautiful blossom.

  • Draw a small C on the center of the drawing paper with a curve pointing to the left

  • Then, do a smaller C within the opening of the previous drawing, with point meeting the end of the first C

  • Sketch 3 overlapping curves to form petals

  • Then add bigger curves with end points connecting to the smaller overlapping curves. Bigger curves must envelope the bottom left of the drawing. Do the same step on the right side

  • Add another curved line to the bottom left and then again on the upper right. Repeat the steps on each side to form a larger layer of petals

  • Add some details to highlight the drawing by a short curve line or two on the inner petals

  • Put a leaf on each side of the flower, add evenly spaced lines in each of the leaves from one end to another

  • Finish your drawing by highlighting and adding your favorite colors on the rose flower

Practice makes perfect. So, you can try any of the suggested approaches and see what works for you best. In your spare time, you can practice sketching the curve lines. Once confident enough then consider learning how to draw a bunch of rose or a rose flower with complex petals.

But if you are busy and do not have the time to sit down and learn this easy drawing technique, you can still learn the art of drawing. Take advantage of the technology; download and install mobile drawing applications on your device.