Many kids take drawing lessons but they leave it halfway. They generally learn sketching, crayon coloring, water, and oil coloring. There are many institutions built that cater to the students interested in painting. Like other professional degrees, even drawing has a great future.

How to Draw a Titanic Ship?

The Titanic ship was considered to be the largest ship of its time. Though it was very unfortunate that it sunk on its first voyage but still it has left a mark on everybody’s mind. Besides, it is a dream for all artists to draw the Titanic ship. It can easily be drawn with the help of following steps,

  • On a chart, the paper draws a horizontal straight line at the lower section of the page. Draw two vertical lines, one big and another small. Draw a curve from one end of the vertical straight line to another.
  • Now draw blocks above it which are decks. You can draw six to seven decks. Above the decks draw four chimneys. Draw two poles with flags on both the ends of the ship. Draw windows on the decks.

  • Shade the lower portion of the ship. Draw two to three poles with cables on the deck. Draw the smoke on the chimney and shade it properly.
  • Now erase the horizontal straight line and draw a bumpy line indicating the ocean. Erase one side of the ship’s base and add a little curve to it.
  • Now shade or color as you like Your dream drawing of the Titanic ship is ready.

How to Draw a Ship in a Storm?

A storm struck ship is one of the most heart touching drawings in the world. It conveys many things to the viewers or the admirers. The simple steps to draw the same are as follows,

  • First, draw an inclined line at the bottom of the sheet because a ship cannot lie perfectly horizontal on a stormy day. The waves will not allow them to do so.
  • Keeping the baseline as the perspective draws the two sides to complete the base of the ship.
  • Now draw a few decks and a flag on a pole at the other side of the deck. Add windows to all the decks and shade them.

  • Draw a chimney along with the smoke coming out of it. The most important part of the drawing is the water. Draw a few curved lines indicating water and shade them well.
  • In addition to the waves also add some water droplet like structures. Shade the water to make the viewers understand the disturbance in the ocean.

How to Draw a Navy Ship?

The kids who are interested in serving the nation generally love to draw a navy ship or a fighter plane. The following steps will help them to draw it easily,

  • Start drawing the hull at the bottom of the page. Draw a banana-shaped hull. Add decks and draw windows on it. Also, add wavy lines to give the effect of the water.
  • On the deck draw lines to create dimensions. Now draw some cubicle and cylindrical shapes on the decks.

  • Now draw a long flat box and a couple of cylinders on top of it at the center of the ship. Sketch a flag pole and a flag on it.
  • Also, sketch an antenna with cables on it. Besides this, draw two circular holes at the front of the ship and an anchor. Now give some finishing touches to complete the drawing.

How to Draw a Pirate Ship?

The concept of drawing a pirate ship has come from the well-known movie The Pirates of the Caribbean. But much before that many cartoons have shown pirates and their ships. The kids get attracted to these ships mainly because of their structure. The simple steps to draw the same are as follows,

  • First, draw a wavy line at the bottom of the page. It is the baseline of the ship and the starting line of water. Now draw a curved line on top of it and add it on both the sides to enclose the hull.
  • Now follow the same pattern of the curves on the hull from top to bottom of the ship’s hull. This will give the wooden effect on the ship.
  • Draw a railing at the front with some curves and straight lines on the upper part of the deck.

  • In a similar pattern, draw railings at the back or stern of the ship on the upper part of the deck.
  • Now draw a long pole towards the backside of the ship. Now draw the rectangular masts and poles to hold it.
  • Draw a flag on the top of the pole. Besides this to signify the pirate ship draws a cross bone on a skull. Give the final touch and erase all the unwanted lines.

How do You Draw a Real Ship?

These days it is easy to find pictures of wooden ships. It is also easier to draw than the modern-day ships made up of iron sheets. The simple steps to draw a real wooden ship are as follows,

  • The first and the foremost thing to draw for drawing a ship is a hull. So, draw a shape somewhat like a polygon or a trapezoid.
  • You will now have to draw the masts of the ship. To do so, draw three parallel long lines of three different lengths. Add a crossbar to it. Also, draw a long kneel at the front side of the ship.
  • Now draw the outlines of the sails. The shape of the sails will be rectangular or trapezium type.
  • Time to draw the front part of the ship rather than the stern properly. Always remember that the back and the middle part of the stern are lower than the front part. Draw the wooden railings on the stern.
  • Draw the mast of the wooden ship prominently and shade them. Also, shade the kneel and the hull properly. You can also color it instead of shading the wooden sailing ship.

How to Build a Ship for a School Project?

There are so many designs for the model ships that can be used in the school project. Making the models have also become easier since the advent of the internet. The following steps will help you to make the model of a ship,

  • Take milk cartons and rinse them in the milk and then allow them to dry. Cut off around three inches from the bottom of the carton.
  • Get the contact paper and cover the cartons with it. Use an ash-colored contact paper in order to give a metallic effect.
  • Get some modeling clay and give it a hemispherical shape. Glue them in the midst of the milk carton.
  • You will have to cut two small holes at the bottom of the carton. Keep the milk carton upside down over the clay model and put tape around the full milk carton.
  • The holes that were drawn put straws into it. Now cut the paper by any measurement you like to. Do thread the carton into the straws.
  • Remember to put the large straws at the bottom of the sail with the small one at the top. It helps to make the mast.
  • Put a railing at the front of the stern made up of clay or cardboard. Now draw windows or other things and color the ship according to your own wish.


  • The hull is the most important part of the drawing because it provides the whole perspective of the ship.
  • Besides, the chimney and mast cannot be together on a ship.
  • Do not forget to give windows to the deck.
  • For the model making use of good quality and hard milk cartons.
  • Use dry straws to make the sails.

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