We all are familiar with superman an all-time favorite superhero of the masses.

We have grown up reading stories about him or seeing him live in action on our tv screens.

We all wanted to be him while growing up and one of the main reasons was that he could fly anywhere in the world without needing the aid of any transport.

So today we will learn how to draw our very own version of Superman that might not be as perfect as the real one but one can always try.

Step 1: Let’s Begin

Starting off you will need a piece of paper, a pencil, and a clear desk so that you can draw easily without feeling crowded.

An A4 sheet, some color pencils, and your artistic mind will be the main tools used to draw a superman.

Don’t forget to have an eraser by your side as mistakes can be made.

Step 2: Remember your shapes

Roughly draw out an oval shape that will later form the head of the superman, a semi-circle slightly bigger than the oval which will later become the chest area.

Draw two straight lines slightly bent from each side of the semi-circle and connect the oval with semi-circle by running a straight line between them.

Don’t worry the lines will later be erased with the help of the eraser we had put aside.

For the pelvic area draw a vertical oval shape that is more elongated than the first oval shape which was made. And from this oval shape draw two straight lines which are going to become the legs.

Step 3: Now comes the tricky part

Draw simple cross lines running through the oval shape which will later help you in making the features of the superman.

Similarly, draw lines to connect the head to the torso and the pelvis so it would look like it is one part.

Step 4: Bulk him up

We all are familiar with the fact that superman used to work out or was naturally born with muscles that made him strong. So we would have to give our figure some muscles as well as equivalent to the ones we are used to seeing.

Start off by drawing three circles on each side equally spaced one connecting the torso and one connecting the hip bone.

For the legs roughly draw ovals which are thicker at the top and as they go down they become less thick. Draw two small balls in the middle joining the knees with the thighs.

Step 5: The details

At this point, it is recommended to have a picture of superman nearby for direction.

Start by drawing the features of the superman. Start with the eyes.

Then the nose and then the lips also do not forget to draw his hair and give him his signature hairstyle or try to give him his signature hairstyle.

Step 6: The costume

Add some curves to the torso area and try to make it look more bulky and realistic.

Sketch out the signature “S” in the middle of his chest along with the diamond in which it will be resting his costume is symbolic and iconic in its own way especially for those who have grown up reading his comics.

It brings such a strong sense of nostalgia. Add more definition to the arms and legs as well making them appear more muscular.

Draw the belt and the underwear that are all an essential part of the costume.

Step 7: Do not forget the jaw

If you are drawing superman you cannot forget to draw his chiseled jawline that has always been a part of his personality.

And remember to add more definition to his cheekbones as well.

Now start by adding final touches to the costume and draw out the abs as well or try to replicate the abs.

Step 8: Where is that eraser?

Now start by erasing the rough lines that were drawn to assist you in the drawing of your very own superman.

Hopefully, he turned out to be a reflection of the version you had imagined. Trace out the entire body once more making it look more wholesome and put together.

Erase the traces of all the help8ing lines you have used so that your figure would have a cleaner appearance.

Step 9: The CAPE

How can you forget to draw the cape? Sketch out the flowy garment starting from the shoulders all the way down the back.

Step 10: Superman drawing is complete

Hopefully, your version of superman would also possess all the same qualities and powers that are a part of the superhero we have all loved so dearly.

Now you have come to the end of your drawing and you have successfully made a superman for yourself.

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