Raise your hands of you are up for learning how to draw a zombie. Zombies are pretty scary. If you’re someone who’s a fan of watching horror movies or playing zombie games, then this article is for you.

Drawing or sketching these spooky characters can be hell fun. If you own the right kinds of sketch pencils, then you are ready to go! All you need is a few basic “how-to” tips and tricks to draw a zombie.

Likewise, you’ll be done with your sketch of a zombie in no time! So, if you’re ready, then without further ado, let’s jump onto the steps to make a freaky zombie sketch at home.

Step 1: Start by drawing out some grid lines to draw a zombie

So, to begin, draw out some gridlines on your canvas to help you in drawing out the sketch in proper symmetry.

You can use your HB pencil for this part.

Make sure to make lighter lines, so that if any error occurs, you can erase it off.

Step 2: make the head shape of a human

After that, start by drawing a head shape. Within that face shape, draw gridlines that will help you in making the rest of the parts for the zombie’s face.

Next, add in ears, neck, and shoulders for having a basic idea of how your zombie sketch would turn out to be.

Step 3: start adding the details of the facial features

This part will require some focus and attention.

Try not to make normal human features to draw a zombie as the face is a little odder than usual. Make round eyes instead of almond shape, make holes for the nose instead of a proper nose.

Likewise, make a wider or bigger mouth than usual.

Step 4: focus on making the finest details more prominent and realistic, like rotten hair, bulged eyes with wrinkles, cheeks or mouth ripped and exposing flesh, etc.

This step is where all the fun part begins. Use an HB 2 pencil to make the features made in the previous step more realistic and prominent.

Add some pencil strokes on the head for hair that seem rotten or much damaged. Make the eyeballs bulgy and with veins showing.

Make the cheeks and mouth ripped while exposing the flesh or the jawline.

Step 5: move onto the body of the zombie (make shoulders and chest, etc.)

Furthermore, move down towards sketching the neck and shoulders to proceed to draw a zombie.

You can either draw a shirt or just leave it naked with marks all over the chest area.

Use an HB 3 pencil to define the marks at the end.

Step 6: add some dents, wrinkles or breaks all over the body to make it seem real

Like mentioned previously, you’ll be needing to use an HB 3 pencil to darken the marks, wrinkles, and dents.

Make sure you don’t do it too dark as you can make a mistake which can be difficult to erase later on.

Make lighter lines with an HB pencil first, then go for darkening them.

Step 7: add some dark shading to increase the prominence of the sketch

Grab your HB 3 pencil again and start with shading the features that you have added from step 2-5.

Here, you can fill out the nose area to make it seem like its missing.

Make the hair strokes darker and also the edges of the shirt or chest area, if shirtless. Also, make sure while you draw a zombie to darken the eye area. This will add in giving that horror look at a first glance.

Step 8: add final touches by using red, blue and green color shades on your sketch

By now, you have successfully sketched out a zombie.

Now, all you need is some color pencils. The most preferable colors would be Red, green, and blue shades. You can use the red color to add in some blood patches or to color the flesh area.

You may as well be creative with making dripping blood from eyes, mouth, or nose. With the blue color, you can make those scars, eye area, and cheekbones more prominent.

Lastly, with the green color, you can color the skin of the zombie and make those shaded areas pop up.


Voila! You have successfully learned how to draw a zombie. We hope that you enjoyed reading these simple, yet amazing tips to help you out in sketching.

Keep a constant check with the steps we shared while you are to draw a zombie on your canvas. This sketch can be a perfect scare for all your family and friends. Who knows it might come in handy for Halloween too this year?

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