Having a hard time deciding what to wear for that sudden jury duty call? Well, worry no more!

Check out our following easy styling advice and fix a perfect outfit from the vicinity of your own wardrobe!

  • Jury duty calls for a power blazer. Avoid wearing any oversized and baggy blazers. Instead, go for a well-tailored and body fitting blazer that speaks business! It could be any shade, but avoid bright colors for this event.
  • The right shirt for this business call will play a key role in assembling your outfit together. So, make sure the colors are not too bright instead prefer neutral and something with full sleeves. Go with a nice blouse having classic details such as tie cuffs or pussy-bow necks. The tie at the neck gives a very sharp and intimidating look and it speaks even louder if it is bow tied.
  • Now for the bottoms, a classic pencil skirt is always the right choice. You can also go with wide-leg pants or tailed trousers. Another safer choice would be a wide leg culotte with adequate tailoring that ensures the leg just hits the ground.
  • Pair your outfit with sleek pointy-toe heels or mules. With these power pieces, you will feel sure of yourself sitting in the courtroom. It will heighten your confidence and you would want to wear them more often.
  • If you want to add a bit of color, wear dark-colored pants like black and navy-blue colors for instance. It will keep you looking sharp and polished.
  • If you don’t want to wear wide-leg pants, then smart styled ankle-length pants will do the trick! It will add a professional element to your outfit.
  • Another basic outfit that you can never do wrong with and should always have in your closet is an old white blouse with black pants. You can style your white shirt with a black pencil skirt as well. Finish this look with some classic pumps. Moreover, tie your hair into a sleek bun with some light touch of makeup and you are good to go.
  • Another great alternative would be a button-down dress along with some classy heels. Moreover, try to get a dress with faded color with strips or check or keep it simple and speak business!
  • A chic sweater underneath the blazer or a polish cardigan will dignify your sense of dressing and enhance your choice of a business attire!
  • You can style any faded blouse with a hook skirt as well. Finish this look with a four inches pumps.
  • Don’t want to wear pants or low skirts? No worries, we have a solution to that as well. Go through your winter wardrobe and looking for a high neck or a low neck. Style it with a long and tailored blazer over It and some dark stockings. Finish it up with a piece of jewelry and you are good to go!
  • If you are a working woman, your daily work attire is adequate and you don’t need to make an extra effort for it. However, business attire is strongly suggested. There is no specific requirement for a tie.
  • You can go with your best pair of jeans as well. Wear a decently fit blouse and a sharp-looking blazer over it. You can wear leather boots if you’d like and call it a meeting! However, make sure your jeans or skirts aren’t too revealing.
  • Men can wear their suits with ties. If you don’t want to go that extra, wear a golf shirt with a decent pair of slacks and cat keys if that’s allowed. However, make sure your overall look is decent.

If you are not sure about what to wear, you can contact the courtroom coordinators and get assistance. Everyone wears suits and dresses so don’t wear anything casual and informal. They might send you home and call you back some other time.

What to avoid wearing for your jury call:

It is very important to stick to the formal dress code for your jury duty and respect your court’s orders.

  • Do not wear miniskirts, shorts, tank tops, cut-offs or flip flops or informal shoes. No casual T-shirts and no cropped tops. This is inappropriate and does not go with the formal dress code. The courtroom can send you back.
  • The courtrooms are mostly cold. Even in the summers, the air conditioning may be strong so, it is advised to wear a jacket or sweater to keep yourself warm. However, don’t go looking too comfortable in your oversized cardigans as it gives a casual look.
  • Do not wear anything extra or revealing, as it is about the court’s business and not you! Dress modestly with a decent look.
  • Floral prints and other bold prints are not advised. You do not look presentable for a courtroom meeting.
  • Do not wear strong perfumes or colognes.

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