Many of us are well aware of the sunflower oil as we use it as an alternative to the common oil. But many of us don’t know that sunflowers can be useful as food too. Dry sunflowers have a high demand in the market for its versatile use in our daily life.

How to Dry Sunflowers in a Vase?

Sunflower has versatile uses in our daily life. You can use sunflowers in many of your foods as they are very healthy for the heart. In most cases, people use sunflower oil as a substitute for the normal vegetable oil.

Since sunflower seeds contain different micronutrients as well as essential fatty acids, it is really good for the heart. Sunflowers have close relations with the daisies, marigolds, asters, black-eyed Susans, and last but not least the dandelions.

  • All these names are very well known to be a member of the Compositae family. Sunflower has a thick and hairy stem along with leaves of light green color. The large leaves help the trees to get enough sunlight during the day time.
  • The flower contains a disc in the center and several petals on the outer part of the flower. Sunflowers generally move the face towards the sun as it walks along the sky from east to west. A sunflower tree maybe 15 feet long and the flowers can have a diameter of 3 to 14 inches in some cases.

Medicinal Properties

Dry sunflower is very useful in our life to stay healthy and fit. Not only this, the medical properties of sunflower work especially on the cardiac problems.

  • In India, the sages discovered the medicinal properties of this flower and made several medicines to fight with different cardio-pulmonary diseases like bronchitis, lung infection, etc. to dry out sunflowers in a vase and follow the underwritten instructions.
  • First of all, remove the brown and damaged petals from the head of the sunflower. Then cut the stems of the flowers keeping approximately six inches length of the stem.
  • Cut the chunks of six inches of the yarn and put it into a vase. Now keep the vase in a dry place where there is no sunlight at all.
  • You can also coat the heads of the flowers with hairspray which will stop the flower from taking moisture from the air.

How to Dry Sunflower for Seeds?

Sunflower seeds are a very important part of the food of livestock like cattle, birds, and so on. We get sunflower oil from the seed which we use as dressing materials in the salads.

  • Some industries use sunflower oils to manufacture paints as well as cosmetics. People who don’t consume butter due to high cholesterol problems in their blood, they can easily use the sunflower oil margarine with bread.
  • The sunflower oil contains the low cholesterol fatty acids which keep the heart healthy and prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood vessels. As a result, the risk of heart blockage and cardiac failure decreases to a larger extent.

Different Uses of Sunflower Seeds

In different countries, scientists have invented different uses of sunflower seeds. In the Soviet Union, the alcohol manufacturers make ethyl alcohol from the hulls of the sunflower. They used to coat the plywood and yeast. Some people use sunflower seed cakes in their foods also. So here we will know about the different ways to dry sunflowers for seeds.

  • The very first step to getting seeds from the sunflowers is to let it grow properly and mature in the ground where you have planted it. The warm and dry weathers help the flowers to get matured.
  • When the back of the flowers will turn yellow-brown, then only you can cut them to extract the seeds. The perfect time to get the seeds comes until the flowers lose their petals. It is better if you tie the flowers with a stake as they become heavy and droop as they grow old.
  • Put a cotton cloth or a paper bag around the heads of the flowers and tie them properly. It will prevent the seeds from getting into the land. On the other hand, they will also keep the sunflower seeds safe from the birds and other pastes.
  • As soon as the flowers will start dying, the seeds will fall within the paper bags with which you have covered the heads of the flowers.
  • Now it’s time to cut them from the trees. If you need to cut the flowers a bit early due to some unavoidable circumstances, then leave 1-foot stem beneath the flower. After that, you need to hang them from a hook upside down till the time they turn brown from black.
  • As you see that the flowers are dried fully, then you will be able to remove the seeds. Use a brush to remove them from the flower disc. A fork can also be useful in this connection.
  • The next step is to make the seeds ready for eating. Take a gallon of water and mix some salt in it. Put the seeds you have extracted from the flower disc and clean them properly. Now let them soak for 7 to 8 hours and strain the water properly. Lay the seeds on a pan and put the pan in 425 degrees Fahrenheit to make them dry. It may take something around 5 hours to get dry.

How to Preserve Sunflowers in a Vase?

We generally keep flower vases at our home to keep flowers in them. The water in the flower vases keeps them alive for some days and they spread the smell throughout. Keeping a bunch of sunflowers is also very useful for the atmosphere and ambiance of the room.

  • To keep the sunflowers alive in the vases you need to put them in a particular manner. Cut the sunflowers with at least 1 feet of green stem under it.
  • Now put some cut flower preservative into the vase and put the flowers into the vase. The stems should get submerged in the water. This will keep the flowers alive for some days and the water will supply the essentials for the flowers.
  • Change the water at a regular interval of 2 or 3 days. If you can keep proper care of the sunflowers, they generally stay alive for nearly 6 to 12days. You need to cut the stems repeatedly and put them in the holding liquid every 2 days to keep them fresh for a longer time.

How to Dry Sunflower Heads?

Most of the people dry the sunflowers for the seeds. But some dry these flowers for the decoration of their rooms. Dried sunflower heads can be very useful in decorating the houses as well as for other purposes. So to dry out the heads of the sunflowers, abide by the following tips.

  • If you want the sunflowers for decoration, then it is better to harvest little open flowers. They are bigger in size and look beautiful.
  • You need to cut the flowers in such a stage when they are not mature enough to drop the seeds.
  • Cut them with at least one foot of stem under the flower. Pluck the dead leaves out of the flower and tie a rope at the end of the stem.
  • Now hang the flower with the stem in a dark and dry place so that no sunlight can enter there. If you put them in a vase then the petals will stay in a much graceful manner. Put them inside a cabinet or unused closet.
  • In most of the cases, the flowers get dry in almost 2 weeks. But some of them take 3 weeks maximum to get dry.
  • The petals will stay more graceful if you can sprinkle some hair spray on them. It will hold the dry petals as they were fresh.

What to do with Dried Sunflowers?

You can decorate your home with the dry sunflowers. On the contrary, dry sunflowers are very popular in case of any festival. If you can take the stems of sunflowers, then you can use them as staining materials for paints. Other than that, after extracting oils from the seeds, you can use them as the food of your cattle or birds.

How Long does it Take to Dry Sunflowers?

Mostly sunflowers get dry in 2 weeks. In some cases, that may extend up to 3 weeks.

How do You Keep Sunflowers Forever?

You can dry them out and keep them in your home. To avoid dropping the petals, use some hair spray on them.


  • Sunflowers are very good for cardiovascular health.
  • Sunflower seeds are useful to feed the cattle and birds in poultries.
  • Mostly the flowers dry in 2 weeks, and it may extend up to 3 weeks.

What is the best way to dry sunflowers?

If the sunflowers aren’t ready yet, tie the stalks with twine. I cut my sunflower blooms and noticed that several of them weren’t quite ready for harvest yet. It wasn’t a problem – I simply tied them together with twine and hung them in a warm, dry area for five days. Hang sunflowers for 4-5 days to dry out.

Can you air dry sunflowers?

Air Drying Sunflowers

The easiest method is to hang them in a bunch upside down and leave them to dry. In this method the golden petals curl around the heads giving them a sort of windblown look. Usually 2 weeks of hanging is enough to dry the flowers. You‘ll know they’re dry when they feel crispy to the touch.

How do you preserve sunflowers?

Keep Sunflowers Fresh

Keep your sunflowers fresh longer by recutting stems and putting them in fresh holding solution every two days. Cut the stems under water to prevent air bubbles from entering the stem’s vascular system. Keep the stems in water while you empty the vase, clean it and add fresh holding solution.

How do you dry sunflowers indoors?

Pick a pretty, symmetrical bloom, and pull off any dead leaves around the head of the sunflower. Hang the sunflower up to dry in a dark, dry place. Tie yarn or kitchen twine to the bottom of the stem. You can bundle them in threes, but the heads shouldn’t touch.

What do you do with dead sunflowers?

Cut off the old flower heads as soon as the petals begin to wilt in summer. Deadheading the old flowers stops seed production and encourages perennial sunflowers to send out a second set of flower buds. Continue to deadhead the sunflower plant until it stops sending up new blooms, usually in fall.

How long does it take to dry sunflowers?

The sunflowers will shrivel up a bit and dry out. The drying process for sunflowers can take two to three weeks.

Should I deadhead sunflowers?

As a general rule, deadhead sunflowers when they start to fade or when they are damaged and no longer attractive, before they produce seeds. When a sunflower’s flower head stops looking as vibrant as it once did or when its yellow ray petals have fallen off, select it for deadheading.

Do sunflowers come up every year?

Most sunflowers are annuals. They germinate in late spring, bloom during the summer and die back at the first frost of fall. When considering how to grow a sunflower that lasts all summer, the best plan is to plant your sunflowers every few weeks to extend bloom time.

How do you dry sunflowers for birds?

If you’ve grown sunflowers in your yard, when the sunflowers look well-formed and the heads begin to dry out, cut the top 1/4 off of the sunflower off and let them dry out in a cool and well-ventilated area. They can be hung upside down or placed in a large empty vase (without water).

Do birds eat sunflower?

Sunflower seeds are the seeds favored by most seed-eating birds, some 40 species including cardinals, tufted titmice, Carolina chickadees, house and purple finches, American goldfinches, brown-headed nuthatches, and red-bellied woodpeckers, to name a few.

Will sunflower bird seed grow?

When should I cut down my sunflowers?

Sunflower seeds are the easiest type of birdseed to grow. Roasted seeds that are meant for human consumption, however, will not germinate and should not be used to try to grow birdseed. Plant seeds 1-2 inches deep and 8-12 inches apart in loose soil and full sun.

Do sunflowers bloom more than once?

Can you regrow cut sunflowers?

Perennial sunflower stalks are pruned in spring before they begin to bud; avoid pruning annuals, which can kill them. Perennial stems can be reduced by half or more in late spring or early summer to reduce the mature flower’s height and avoid the need for staking.

How long is the lifespan of a sunflower?

Do sunflowers die easily?

They do not grow and bloom again. These are usually the varieties cultivated for their large size, showy flower heads and edible seeds. A few types of sunflowers, however, can be grown as perennials, which means they will grow more flowers again the next season.

What temperature do sunflowers die?

Dip the lower end of the cutting in a rooting hormone, then insert it carefully into a small pot filled with moist, soilless potting mix. Cover the little plant with a plastic bag and keep the soil moist. Be patient and don’t try to transplant until the roots grow.

Do sunflowers like the rain?

Quick Guide
Symbolism: Adoration, Longevity
Native Origin: North America
Blooming Season: Summer, Fall
Average Life: 1 to 2 Weeks

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