Among consumers of electronic products and gadgets, RCA tablets are largely popular among users.

However, as is with all electronic gadgets, RCA tablets run into occasional breakdowns as wellIn these situations, one must know how to get the tablet work into its working conditionHere are some tips.

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How to Unlock an RCA Tablet when You Forgot the Password?

Most of us possess quite a high number of electronic gadgets and devices in our coterie. With multiple devices come multiple passwords. As each password is unique and utterly different from one another it becomes highly difficult to remember all of them. Here’s how to unlock an RCA tablet.

  • Though unlocking an RCA tablet without a password sounds quite overwhelming, in fact, it is quite easy to follow.
  • All you have to do is to try and reboot the phone using the power button and the ‘Volume’ button.
  • From options that pop up subsequently, configure as you deem fit.

How to Reset RCA Tablet with the Keyboard?

When you own an RCA tablet it is also necessary that you are also aware of all of its operations. Thorough knowledge of the device prevents you from getting into a rut when the device stops functioning suddenly. Here’s how to reset an RCA tablet with the help of a keyboard.

  • Using the keyboard to resist the RCA tablet is among the most effective and popular methods out there.
  • The process is pretty simple. Upon rebooting, press the F9 button on the keyboard along with the ‘FN’ button until you see a dialog box appear.
  • Upon seeing the dialog box maneuver accordingly.

How to Factory Reset RCA Tablet without a Keyboard?

The RCA tablet is among the most reliable and durable gadgets and products that a user can own. However, when you have been using the device for a long time it is only logical that it occasionally falters. Here is a Youtube Video on how to factory reset the RCA tablet without a keyboard.

  • Though it is very useful to have a physical keyboard on you, it is not feasible at all times. Hence you should know how to reset your tablet without a keyboard as well.
  • Most users resort to hard booting the device by long-pressing the power button on the tablet.

How do I Reset My RCA Tablet without Volume Button?

People who run into recurrent breakdowns with their RCA tablets often prefer having an external keyboard for their convenience. In the event of you not having a keyboard, you must learn how to reset the tablet using other methods. Here’s how to reset an RCA tablet without the ‘Volume’ button.

  • Most users often prefer resetting the RCA tablet by pressing on the power key and the ‘Volume’ button in combination. Things get tricky when the volume button is absent.
  • In the absence of the ‘Volume’ button, you will have to navigate to your settings and reach a ‘Reset’ option.

1. RCA Tablet Unable to Load into Recovery Mode

While attempting reset or factory reset of the RCA tablet, we often run into a few complex situations. If you are not aware of the methods by which you can deal with these problems, the device will hang. Here’s what to do when the RCA tablet doesn’t load into the ‘Recovery’ mode.

  • When you notice that your RCA tablet is unable to load into recovery mode you have to hard reset it. There are not many feasible options other than this.
  • When your tablet is rebooting you have to simultaneously press on the ‘FN’ and F9 buttons to unlock further configuration.

2. RCA Tablet Fastboot Mode

When you are using an RCA tablet it is important that you must know of various methods to reset it. You can either hard reset it by making use of the power button and the ‘Volume’ button or use the keyboard. Here’s a brief insight into the RCA tablet fast boot mode.

  • Among the list of problems, one of the most frequent one’s users run into is getting stuck in ‘Fastboot’ mode.
  • When stuck in this situation try long pressing the power button to generate a dialog box. In this dialog box, you may find suitable options that help you navigate further.

3. RCA Tablet Settings Locked

In order to get their devices out of a rut, most people prefer navigating into the device’s settings for solutions. Usually, the settings menu has a host of reset, backup, and factory reset options that meet the user’s goals. Here’s how to go about things when the settings are inaccessible.

  • In the event that the ‘Settings’ menu is inaccessible, most users resort to hard booting or trying to hard reset.
  • Simultaneously pressing the ‘Power’ button and the volume key enables the users to access these options.
  • Alternatively, they can also try making use of an external keyboard to unlock the device.

How do I Factory Reset My RCA Tablet ‘W101SA23T1’?

There are multiple methods using which you can factory reset your RCA tablet. When you are in possession of an RCA tablet it is highly important that you are aware of all techniques. Here are a few techniques that you can make use of to reset your RCA tablet.

  • The first step that you can adopt to factory reset your RCA tablet is by navigating into the ‘Settings’ menu.
  • The ‘Settings’ menu has a ‘Default Factory Setting’ option in it. Just a simple tap on that option enables the user to factory reset the device.
  • Long pressing ‘Power’ button provides options too.

How do I do a Factory Reset on My Tablet?

Resorting to a factory reset is among the most popular options that users prefer in order to fix their tablets. Few users also prefer hard booting their devices. However, the factory reset is popular as it is comparatively safer and more reliable. Here’s how you can factory reset your tablet.

  • The best method to access the factory reset option is by navigating into the ‘Settings’ menu on your tablet.
  • You must back up all of your data before you proceed with executing the factory reset. Long pressing power key in combination with a volume key gives you a host of options too.

How do You Fix an RCA Tablet that won’t Turn on?

Most of us own electronic devices and gadgets and are extremely familiar with most of their attributes and features. Most of us must have also run into situations where their devices die on them suddenly without prior indication. Here is how to fix an RCA tablet that won’t switch on.

  • In situations like these, the most popular method users prefer is long-pressing their power button for a few seconds.
  • Alternatively, people also try to remove the battery of their tablets if that is a possibility and proceed accordingly.
  • As an additional measure people resort to using an external keyboard.

Are RCA Tablets Any Good?

Users who frequently populate the electronics products and gadgets market usually speak in favor of the RCA tablet. Most people find the RCA tablet to be durable and reliable and hence consider it to be a worthy investment. Here are a few features of RCA tablets for your future reference.

  • Having access to play stores by Google is a big advantage that works extremely well in favor of RCA tablets.
  • The OS of the RCA tablet is really neat and highly user friendly which makes many users tilt in its favor.
  • The RCA tablet is increasingly budget-friendly as well.


  • Make sure you carefully read the user’s manual before you attempt to factory reset your RCA tablet.
  • Once you select the factory reset option there is generally no going back and not keeping backup causes losses.
  • Try and keep an external keyboard on you if it is feasible. In the event that your device breaks down, using a keyboard to fix it is an effective option.

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