Arrowheads are very popular from ancient times.

These are several places such as rivers, streams, creeks, campsites, etcwhere we can find arrowheadsSome of us might be curious to know which the best places to find arrowheads are.

We will discuss all these points in further sections.

How to Find Arrowheads in Woods?

This is a great and interesting thing to find arrowheads. There are many methods to find these. Let’s explore more about finding them. If we keep on walking in the woods effortlessly, then obviously, we are not going to find anything. If your luck is with you then things might be different but otherwise, you need to make an effort. So, let’s have a glance at the steps and find arrowheads.

● Explore the Woods

The very first thing we have to do is explore as much as possible. Look for the place that you find sort of different rather than other places in the woods.

● Get Information about Ancient People and how They Used to Live

In this step, we need to gather information about ancient people, their lifestyle, culture, place, etc. We require this so that we can get an idea of where they used to keep their weapons (arrowheads). This information will lead you to the arrowheads.

● Follow the Ancient Map

This step might be difficult for some people but if you want to hunt the treasure, then you have to do this.

Now, we have to follow the old maps and compare them with the new maps. Ancient maps can be 500, 1000, or 5000 years old. But we need to compare them with the newer ones and locate the forest.

● Look for the Evidence

If your research is proper, then you will finally get into the exact woods and there you will find a place like camps and all. Search these places to get evidence. Use some skills like the search for water resources which can be a suitable place for camping. And in this way, you will be very close to the arrowheads.

How to Find Arrowheads in Rivers, Streams & Creeks?

As we know that arrowheads are made up of stone. So when they are in the river they sink at the bottom with other stones and pebbles and flow along with them.

So, search for the arrowheads between the gravel bars and other rocky places of the river. Maybe you get an arrowhead sticking between the other rocks of a similar size.

But the important point is that we have to look for the ancient river. If the river is just as it is previously, then go for it and search thoroughly in the rocky areas. There are some of the tips that will help you out to find the arrowheads in the streams and creeks.

● Sandy Bottom of the Stream

There is very little expectation to find the arrowhead.

● Large-Medium Gravel

Most of the chances to find the arrowheads are in this area. This area can consist of arrowheads of any size.

● Small Gravel

Small-sized arrowheads can be found in these gravels.

● Pea Gravel

It is very few chances to find small sized arrowheads or bird points. So, now we have got an idea of where to find the arrowheads in rivers, streams, or creeks.

How Deep are Arrowheads Buried?

Well, we don’t know that the ancient arrowhead we are hunting is how ancient, like it maybe 500 years old or 50,000 years old. So, it depends, the more ancient the arrowhead, the deeper it would be buried.

Also, we cannot be so sure about the depth. Due to natural calamities or other climatic conditions, the arrowhead might bury deep or just flow to some other places.

Which is the Best Place to Find Arrowheads?

Finding arrowheads seems to be challenging when you are not having any knowledge about it. But with some help and our research, we can hunt the treasure easily.

  • The best place to find arrowheads is the one that has been naturally distributed or dug up. These include construction sites, plowed fields, creeks, or riverbeds.
  • These areas can come in sight while hunting for arrowheads. Usually, the riverbeds aircraft choose the place where two water bodies meet.
  • These sites can be easily assembled as the hunters used to hunt the animals that come to drink water. Also, the campsites, these are the sites where the possibility is higher of finding the ancient arrowheads.

Can You Dig for Arrowheads?

Well, you can dig for arrowheads if you own that place. But digging in someone else’s property might be troublesome. It is illegal to dig into someone else’s property or land.

  • Now, some of us are curious to know if we can dig in public places. The answer to this question is no. The government doesn’t allow you to dig in public places like national parks, national monuments, state parks, national forests, reservoirs, etc.
  • It is illegal to dig at government places. Hence, they have set a certain amount of fine that has been found digging in public places.
  • There are certainly legal, ethical, and moral issues with digging so if you are a beginner and don’t have enough knowledge of this thing.
  • Then take some more time and read about the laws about digging for arrowheads. This will provide you great help.

How do You Identify Arrowheads?

To identify arrowheads we have to follow certain steps.

● Read About Different Types of Arrowheads (Material, Shape, Color, Etc.)

There are different types of arrowheads made up of different materials. They also differ in sizes and designs. So, read well and try to remember all of them. Search their images and try to get them in your head.

● Consider the Location

Go for a suitable location and try to locate it on the current map. Reach there with the help of Google maps.

● Examine the Material

You should have a great knowledge of different materials used to make the arrowheads. This will help you to find out the fake arrowheads.

● Identify the Shape

Different types of arrowheads come in different shapes and sizes. Go through them via the internet.

● Research and Gather Meaningful Information

This is the most important step. If your research is accurate then it would be easy to hunt the arrowheads but if the research is not proper, then you will be only wasting your time. These are some points that will lead you to a better vision to look for the arrowheads. Let’s have a glance at different types of arrowheads. Some of them are lanceolate arrowheads, notched, stemmed arrowheads, and miscellaneous arrowheads include bifurcated, expanded blade broadheads, other shaped lithics, etc.

Arrowheads consist of steel points that are meant for hunting. Different types of points are,

  • Bullet point
  • Blunt point
  • Broadhead point
  • Bodkin point
  • Elf arrows
  • Fish point
  • Field point
  • Judo point
  • Target point
  • Safety arrows

Blades have different shapes such as excavated, incurvate, and inward recurvate, outward recurvate, straight, and serrated. Material that is used to make arrowheads is bone, flint, chert, obsidian, and wood.


  • Arrowheads are very ancient and finding them is very challenging. So, follow the steps similarly and go for the hunt.
  • The main places that are more probably to be found with arrowheads are the campsites and the riverbeds. Also, look for the streams and creeks.
  • Always be careful about the maps. You must be looking for the arrowheads at the correct location. Otherwise, it is of no use.
  • Don’t go alone, take some people with you. You don’t know what is there in the woods. Don’t put your life at risk. Your safety is the priority.

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