Juul is an e-cigarette device that works as a tobacco alternative. It is smokeless and does not require a lighter. It is gaining huge popularity all around the world because of its sound quality and amazing features. However, there are increasing numbers of problems people face with their Juul devices, nowadays. Due to the increasing issues, you may find most of the Juul users searching for ways to fix a Juul.

We know that every product comes with some limitations. Similarly, Juul vapes are facing technical issues which are becoming very common among the users.

Therefore, to help Juul users with their queries, we have compiled all the common problems. Also, we have mentioned all the possible ways to fix a Juul.

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Some of the most common problems Juul users face are addressed below. Some issues can be resolved easily like simple tapping to get rid of the air bubbles in the pod or thorough cleaning.

However, some issues cannot be easily resolved, but if it still does not work, you can always go for a refund.

  • To Fix A Juul Not Hitting

The most common issue that Juul users face is the inability to produce vapors or Juul not hitting properly. The reason may be the poor connectivity between the battery and the Juul pod. To fix this problem, the first step you must take is to diagnose the battery of your vape.

You can fix it very easily by cleaning the Juul with a cotton swab that is soaked in isopropyl alcohol. The thorough cleaning will ensure the effective connection of the pod to the battery section.

Another and a lot simpler method is to take out the pod and squeeze it. If you find any air bubbles in it, tap it to get rid of them. It also improves the connectivity between pod and battery.

  • To Fix Juul Battery issues

Some people also face problems related to battery life. It runs out quickly. Juul vape is a small device, yet it requires a lot of charging every now and then. If you can’t find the battery as much long-lasting as the company claims, find out what the problem is.

Take out the battery from the connector using a toothpick or a small screwdriver. Then, remove the battery casing. Look out for any kind of debris build-up or any loose joining. Clean it and replace the internal case. Now, push the battery into the device and secure the screws in their places.

  • Method To Fix Juul Pods That Do Not Fit Properly

Some users also reported that the pod does not fit properly in the Juul. To fix a Juul with loose pod issues, take out the pod and insert needle-nose pliers in the hollow end of the Juul vape and pinch it where the pod goes and fits.

The pinching pressure should not be very much. Your sole purpose is to let the pod fit tighter than before only, nothing more than that. Be very careful with it as you don’t want to damage any other part during the process. You only need 3 to 5 seconds to fix it, but handle with care!

  • To Fix Juul Pods That Taste Burnt
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Some Juul users claim that they get a metallic taste or a burnt aftertaste when they use Juul pods. The reason could be either they are sucking the vape with too much pressure or the Juul needs cleaning as dirt can tend problems in taste.

To fix this, first, start by avoiding pulling very hard and try to draw lightly. If you still feel the burnt taste, remove the pod. Clean the inside of it using a Q-tip until you are sure there is no more cleaning required.

If the problem still persists, use your warranty and request for another Juul device.

  • Method To Fix Leaking Juul Pods

Leaking Juul pod is also one of the most common problems faced by users. The first step to fix a leaking Juul pod is by puffing your Juul more lightly and gently to avoid drawing any liquid out. Remember never squeeze pods.

If the e-juice is not leaking into your mouth, then you can continue using it without replacing it. But if the e-juice is leaking into your mouth, then contact the Juul’s customer service and ask for help. You can also use your warranty and change it.

  • To Fix A Juul Whose Light Doesn’t Turn On

If the light is not turning on, the reason could be a deficit of contact between the pod and the device. That’s why, the device is unable to process and detect the commands.

The best way to fix a Juul with light issues is to ensure a proper connection between the pod and device so that it could detect the commands. Take out the pod, clean it thoroughly with alcohol swabs, and allow it to dry.

Insert the pod in its place and make sure it is well fitted in its cavity. Test the device for light commands now. If it works, that would be great. Otherwise, contact the helpline to replace it or ask for a refund.

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