With a sliding door, there are often problems of it going off-track, falling off, or sticking to the tracks.

With simple methods for each, learn how to fix a sliding closet door easily.

How to Fix a Sliding Closet Door That Has Gone Off-Track

  • Firstly, confirm whether the problem is actually the sliding closet door going off track. For this, the door should either be detached from the top or the bottom and be hanging loosely. Give it a slight push. If the door suddenly responds with a mighty budge – your closer door has certainly gone off-track.
  • Grab your flashlight and slide your upper body into the cupboard. Do not add your body weight onto the cupboard shelves to avoid damage. Flash your light at the top of the backside of the sliding door.
  • At the top, you shall see the door’s tracks. The wheel should be in the track. Yet, since you want to fix a sliding closet door that has gone off-track, the wheel shall either be placed in the track and detached from the door. Or, may not be in the track at all.
  • Next, observe the wheel. A steel attachment should be joining the door with the wheel, containing 2 screws. Get a screwdriver and screw anti-clockwise to free the screws.
  • For this step, ask another person to stand on the other side of the door. The individual should be strong enough to hold the door. Unscrew the 2 nails and the door will detach from the track and fall downwards. Ask the individual to hold the door.
  • Next, instruct the person helping you to gently lift the door upwards.
  • Adjust the top of the door into the tracks using your hands.
  • This step is key to fix a sliding closet door. Place the wheel into the tracks correctly. Attach the steel platform with the door and screw the 2 nails again. Your door will be reattached.
  • To reassess that you have learnt how to fix a sliding closet door correctly; open and close the door a few times. If the door glides smoothly – voila! Your door is fixed.  

How to Fix a Sliding Closet Door That Sticks

A sliding door is supposed to remain in its tracks and slide seamlessly. Yet, sometimes the ‘sliding’ is not as easy. Thus, you need to know how to fix a sliding door that sticks.

  • Call somebody to help you. The  process needs two people. One of them should be strong enough to hold the weight of a door. Thus, it is best if there are two people for the task.
  • Get old rags or a towel and lay it on the floor.
  • Slide the door slightly open, and ask the person helping you to lift it upwards. It shall touch the top of its tracks and disconnect from the bottom track.
  • Next, tilt the bottom of the towards yourself and gently slide it out of the closet. Place it on the rug and against the wall. The rug will stand easily now, as you work on the tracks.
  • Next, cleans the tracks. If the door is not gliding as easily as it should, maybe something is stuck in its tracks. Thus, to fix a sliding door that sticks, plug your vacuum in the power socket, and bring the nozzle near the tracks to suck any dirt or debris.
  • Afterwards, take a cloth and dampen it with water. Sweep it across the tracks to remove all excess dirt.
  • To fix a sliding closet door that sticks, perhaps the problem isn’t just dirt in the tracks – but the tracks themselves. The tracks can be bent. Kneel, and search for any track deformations at the bottom. Repeat the same for the top tracks.
  • In case the track seems deformed at any place; this step is imperative. Take a set of pliers. Grasp the deformed area tightly and apply force to fix the shape. For example, if the track is curled inwards, exert a curling outward force to fix the track.
  • If the track is bent at multiple locations, take a hammer. Grab a small piece of wood; the size a snug fit of the track. Place the wood inside the bent area of the track and hammer it. The track will be unbent in no time.
  • Next, look at the screws of the tracks to ensure they are mounted tightly. If not, grab a screwdriver and tighten them.
  • Lastly, check that the rollers in the tracks are sound and have no flat spots. In case of a flat spot, purchase new rollers and have them installed.
  • To complete the goal to fix a sliding closet door, pick up the door. Tilt it inwards and attach to the top tracks, and then to the tracks below.

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