A bed is the most important factor for your sound sleep. Without a comfortable bed, you will never be able to sleep comfortably and that will lead to disturbance to your whole day’s work. Thus fixing a squeaking bed is very important to improve your sleeping experience to get the best result.

How to Fix a Squeaky Bed Metal?

The squeaking of bed is very disturbing. It will not let you sleep comfortably. The bed will produce such sounds that will disturb you during sleeping. Now if you will not be able to sleep properly at night, your whole day will become very tough indeed.

  • You will not be able to perform properly at your workplace and thus you will not get the desired results. If you are a student, then you will have problems with studies.
  • The hangover will not let you catch your studies. You will feel tired during your daily work and that is enough to make you ill.
  • Not only can the previous problems, due to sleep deprivation, but you also even gain weight, go through mood swings, and mental health.
  • To fix this problem you need to have a perfect bed that will not squeak and will let you sleep comfortably. Here we are discussing some of the easy hacks to fix a squeaky bed metal.

1. Take Care of the Joints

If your bed is made of metal then there will be surely some screws as well as joints to hold the bed frame properly. Due to regular use of the bed these joints and the holding screws may get loose. Thus you need to tighten them so that the bed frames don’t move so much. With tightening the screws you also interrupt in producing the sounds through friction between the metal rods. Tightening the screws is not a very tough job. You can easily use a wrench and screwdriver to accomplish the job. You can also put a washer to the screw so that they don’t get loose easily and you don’t have to repeat the tightening action frequently.

2. Use Wax

Wax is a very good lubricant in case of fixing the squeaking bed metals. You just have to rub some wax on the joint that is making the noise. Thus your metal will be free from frictions and they will also last longer. If you can separate the parts of the bed joints then you will be able to coat them with some professional wax lubricant so that they don’t make noise for a longer period of time.

3. Oil can be a Quick Solution

If you see that the squeaking problem is due to the rust in the joints, you can easily put some oil in them to lubricate it. After lubrication, your bed joints will not make sounds anymore.

How to Fix a Squeaky Bed Base?

It may happen sometimes that you are looking for the source of the problem in the joints; on the other hand, the problem is hiding at the base of the bed. So when you will be able to identify the squeaky base, you will have to take such measures that they will not make the noise anymore. If the base of a bed is not perfect then it will not be able to provide you the perfect comfort for sleep. Then you will not be able to work in your full capacity. Thus you need to search for the problem of the squeaky bed in the base if you don’t get the trees of the problem in the joints.

  • First of all, you need to check the springs of the base of the bed. If they are not good then your bed will make a sound whenever you will move on it. If the bed springs lose their tension, they will disturb your sleep for sure. You can’t make those springs work anymore as they did earlier. So it is better to change them to get the performance of the bed back.
  • Secondly, a loose joint can cause the squeaking problem. There you need to tighten the screws holding the joints. You can even out a washer on the screws so that they don’t get loose quickly.
  • Thirdly your bed may squeak due to the lightness of the base. The companies make lightweight mattresses now as per the demand of the customers. They always try to cope with the customers; demand as lightweight things are easy to carry from one place to another.
  • But light materials move easily and make noise. So you need to put something heavy at the base of your bed beneath the mattresses. It will help to keep the bed rigid in one place will prevent producing the sounds due to its movement and frictions in the joints.

How to Fix a Squeaky Bed Frame Wood?

Previously the beds were made of wood. They were too heavy to make the squeaky sounds actually. But in the modern age, wooden beds have become fancy. People don’t like heavy beds as they can’t carry these heavy items easily from one place to another. This is why people try to make lighter furniture now. But these lightweight beds can cause squeaking problems when you move on them. Here are some tricks through which you can easily fix the squeaking beds made of wood.

  • The first step to fix any problem is to identify the cause of the problem. When you are facing the squeaking problem from your bed, you need to identify the source of the sound. You may have to disassemble the bed to locate the problem.
  • Take a ranch or screwdriver and tighten the screws. If there are wooden nails, you might have to replace them for a better result.
  • If there are metal screws, you can put some lubricant there to make them work smoothly. You can also coat them with hard soap or wax to lubricate them.

How to Fix a Squeaky Bed Foundation?

If the source of the problem is the foundation of the bed then you need to put some materials there to fill up the gap causing the squeaking sounds. Old socks or t-shirts are very popular in this regard. This will help to stop the spring rub with the wood or the metal frame and will prevent the sound. You can also use cork so that you can feel the gaps in a wooden frame. This will stop the movement of the bed and the friction of one wood with another while you are moving on the bed.

If there is any uneven leg of the bed it will cause the squeaking sound from the bed. Thus you need to put something thick under it to stop the sound. Some old towels, as well as a paper clip, can be useful here.

How to Fix a Squeaky Bed Mattress?

Sometimes the mattress you sleep on may squeak and that also causes discomfort to you while sleeping. You might have noticed the problem and searched the source at any other place. Thus you can use an old book to put under the mattress or old clothes beside it to stop squeaking.


  • The squeaking of bed is very disturbing and it will not let you sleep comfortably.
  • Take a ranch or screwdriver and tighten the screws.
  • You need to put something thick under the legs to stop the sound.

Why does my bed creak when I move?

Loose joints are a common cause of a squeaky bed. Check all the bolts on your bed frame to see if they might be the source of your problem. If you cannot manage to tighten a bolt securely, add a washer between the frame and the bolt to ensure a snug (and noise-free) fit.

How do you stop a wooden bed from squeaking?

Keep reading for some clever tips on how to fix a squeaky bed frame or box spring.
  1. Check the Joints. Loose bolts are one of the most common reasons for a squeaky bed frame.
  2. Cushion the Slats.
  3. Oil the Frame.
  4. Use Cork.
  5. Add Floor Padding.
  6. Purchase a New Bed Frame.

Why is my mattress so squeaky?

Source of a Squeaky Bed: Bad Bed Springs

There are a few different reasons that your bed might be squeaking. An older metal frame could be the culprit, or it could be loose bolts or screws. Here’s the overwhelming reason that you hear those tiny squeaks at night: your mattress bed springs are losing their springiness.

How do I stop my Ikea metal bed from squeaking?

How Do I Stop My Bed Slats from Squeaking?
  1. Tighten the Bolts and Nuts. When you assembled your IKEA bed frame the first time, there are at least four bolts to keep the bed frame together.
  2. Lubricate or Apply Grease on Some Parts of the Frame.
  3. Add More Screws.
  4. Add Padding.
  5. Replace Old or Worn-Out Slats.

Why is my Ikea bed so squeaky?

Squeaks come from two sources, movement and friction. Step one tries to reduce the first. By tightening, you reduce the amount the bed can move. By lubricating, you reduce the amount of friction the that can cause the squeak.

How do I stop my leirvik bed frame from squeaking?

However, there is a solution to this problem as people state the issue can be fixed by simply tightening the screws in the frame. After doing so, the frame wont squeak or make a noise again.

How do I stop my bed slats from squeaking?

The solution here is padding: you’ll need something to sit in between the frame and the slats. Any old fabric (I’ve used a pair of tights before) or a small cutting of cork placed between the two will soften and usually stop the squeak.

Are Ottoman beds easy to lift?

Good quality ottoman beds tend to be easier to lift and close, and the storage space also features coatings to prevent chipping on storage items.

How do I keep my bed from sliding?

The easiest way to prevent a mattress from sliding is by placing a non-slip pad or rubber matting between the mattress and the bed frame or box spring. Rubber matting is used as a shelf liner and to keep carpets and area rugs in place.

How do I stop my Bunkie board from squeaking?

Lubricating the joints will help prevent future squeaks. If your bunkie board and bed frame are metal, grab a can of WD40 (or any cooking oil) and spray it over the metal joints.

Do Bunkie boards squeak?

Bunkie boards—a type of bed foundation—are thin pieces of wood or plywood. Since bunkie boards don’t have coils, the potential causes for squeaking are due to friction between the bunkie board and your mattress or between the bunkie board and the edges of the bed frame.

How do I stop my Malm bed from squeaking?

Grease these parts with WD-40 (I especially like this really cool WD-40 No Mess Pen, available here on Amazon) or other lubricant. Jostle them to work the lubricant into the crevasses and joints of the metal. Finally, tighten the screws on the rods. Again, check to see if the squeak persists.

Why does my wooden bed creak?

Why do beds squeak? All beds, whether they’re made of wood or metal, have joints. If these joints start rubbing against one another because they’ve come loose over time, the friction between the two surfaces as they rub together will cause that characteristic squeak.

Does wd40 work on squeaky wood?

The WD-40 Company makes a wood-safe Dirt & Dust Resistant Dry Lube PTFE Spray. While still flammable, this wood-safe dry lubricant is a much better option for lubricating squeaky wood joints just like the one’s that may be moving in your wood floor.

How do you fix a squeaky wooden box spring?

What causes a box spring to squeak?

The coils and wooden panel in box springs are the most common source of squeaking. Springs naturally deteriorate over time and squeak due to metal rubbing on metal. This wood casing rubs against the wood slats or the metal of the bed frame to create a squeaking sound.

What can you use instead of a box spring?

7 Alternatives to Box Springs
  • Memory Foam Mattress.
  • Innerspring Mattress.
  • Hybrid Mattress.
  • Platform Bed.
  • Adjustable Bed.
  • Slats.
  • Nothing.