As its name suggests, a thigh gap is that space between your thighs when you stand with your feet together. A lot of women dream of having it and you might do too, so here are five simple steps to finally achieving that thigh gap you have been wanting:

  1. Start minding your calories

Here’s the thing: you can’t get a thigh gap unless you lose weight and one of the best ways to do that is by being more mindful of your calorie intake. Use a calorie intake calculator or consult with your nutritionist to know how many calories you should be eating every day.

  1. Understand your body type

According to scientists, it takes about 18% of body fat before you can achieve a thigh gap. But you have to remember that different body types react to different fitness routines. Understanding your body type will make it easier for you to choose a workout and diet program that will suit your needs.

  1. Eat smaller meals

Never skip meals just because you’re trying to get a thigh gap. Instead, switch your eating routine from three meals a day to constant smaller meals that will allow you to stay full yet keep your metabolism going.

Don’t wait until you get very hungry before eating anything because hunger will cause you to crave more food and it will also signal your body to store more fat.

  1. Get your cardio exercises going

Whether you’re trying to slim down your thighs or lose weight in other parts of your body, a good cardio exercise will usually do the trick for you.

A lot of fitness enthusiasts go for High Intensity Interval Training to amp up their burns but you can always start with basic cardio exercises like jumping rope, ellipticals or just good old running.

  1. Try using a thigh gap resistance band

Finally, you can try using a resistance band when working out to really focus your exercise on your thighs. Bands are great exercise companions because you can bring them anywhere and they’re also very easy to use.

Aside from shaping your inner thighs, resistance bands also help lift your butt, which is an added benefit. Some people also use a thigh gap shaper that compresses the waist and thighs while you exercise so you can keep yourself motivated as you slowly see the results of your hard work.