Are you currently experiencing a loose tooth that wants to get out of those gums? You will most likely feel a slight pain from that area, and you can see that your tooth is getting loose.

Don’t worry, it’s normal.

For you to gain some, you need to lose some. When losing a tooth, it will be replaced with new and stronger ones. So be sure that you can pull your tooth out the right way and in a safe manner to avoid yourself from incurring more tooth problems. Here’s how to do it DIY.

Getting a Tooth Out Safely

1. Practice proper hygiene

Constant brushing and flossing your teeth, especially on the loose tooth, can help you get the tooth out easily. When you wake up, brush and floss your teeth first thing in the morning. Brushing your tooth upside down will increase your tooth’s capability to get out of the gums. When flossing your tooth, have the floss curve it sideways, like wiggling your tooth to loosen up a little more. Eventually, it will soften and come off easy and painless.

Repeat the same steps through the rest of the day at least thrice. You can do it after lunch and before you sleep. Take note as well that you should be practicing proper hygiene even without your tooth getting loose. This should be a good habit that needs to be maintained and observed at all times.

2. Try to wiggle it regularly but slowly

First of all, be sure that you’ve washed your hands before touching your mouth, especially your tooth. To help your tooth loosen out, you can wiggle it softly a few times a day. This can make the process faster in getting out of the tooth without too much pain. When it starts getting loose, it makes it manageable to take off easily with no effort. You will know when it’s ready since it will just get off on its own with little to no effort.

Just remember not to attempt to pull it by hand, especially if it’s not loose enough, or it will hurt and injure your gums. You can do this by watching tv, reading a book, or before sleeping. Make sure you do this by spreading it throughout the day. Wash your hands before and after.

3. Eat harder foods

We’ve heard many stories about some kids losing their teeth out of nowhere while chewing on hard food. Those are true stories. When you’re eating hard food, it promotes the softening of the gums while chewing—making the tooth looser and easier to come off. Eating is a pleasurable activity, so that you won’t feel any pain in your tooth area. You’ll eventually see that your tooth is ready to come off in no time.

Always consider chewing slowly and eat well. Make sure to eat the right kinds of food and avoid junk foods and excessive sweets. These foods can cause tartar and cavity, which makes it painful whenever your tooth is getting loose. Other than that, it can decay tooth, which might result in a more serious tooth problem.

4. Use a medical gauze or floss

If your tooth seems ready and has just been waiting to be pulled out, you can skip the rest of the three methods above and directly do this method instead. This is safe since medical gauze and floss are sterilized and bacteria-free. Just make sure as well that your hands and mouth are clean before taking it off. You can choose whether a medical gauze or floss, whichever best suits you.

Never take out a tooth that’s still too hard to come off. It needs some time to loosen up. If you force it, it can only result in a painful and traumatic experience, especially for kids. It can also cause excessive bleeding since the tooth is still attached to the gums, causing injury.

5. Visit your Dentist

If you have a serious condition that needs a doctor’s assistance, never attempt to pull out your tooth without medical consent. Especially if you’re having serious mouth and gum problems, it’s unsafe to do this at home. Always seek medical advice, especially if it’s a wisdom tooth, for example.

Extracting the tooth out needs some expertise and proper tools that none of the home remedies can help. Especially if your tooth is decaying or damaged, it should be pulled out with an expert to help you sort this problem. They can apply and recommend preventive measures to stop spreading the bacteria on other teeth that cause tooth decay.

Helpful Tips After Getting a Tooth Out

  • Treat yourself from your bravery with a scoop of ice cream. It’s okay to do this after pulling out the tooth just one time. This will soothe the swelling and pain from the affected gum. This should be fine as long as you don’t eat too many sweets after this.
  • Drink lots of cold liquids, especially cold water. You can alternate water with cold fresh fruit juices or smoothies. This can remedy the swelling and pain, helping you to heal faster.
  • To make the healing process faster, gargle with lukewarm water and salt. Water has healing properties that stop inflammation and even get rid of harmful bacterias from the mouth. Gargle with salt water for at least thrice a day to speed up the healing.

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