Beds bugs are the vilest creatures on the planet. The worst thing about them is that they are extremely hard to get rid of. They are also the easiest to get. They find a way to cling on to you and your clothes and will eventually find a way in your home. You don’t necessarily have to be a carrier of bed bugs to get them in your home. Thee bugs can get I your house for various reasons and a dirty environment is one of them.

Once they are in your bed, they might crawl into your clothes as well. Since these bugs are very stubborn, just washing your clothes won’t help in getting rid of them. Down below we have compiled a list of ways in which you can get the bed bugs out of your clothes.

Method to get Bed Bugs Out of Clothes


Washing is the first step you should take in the process of getting rid of the bugs. This step won’t eliminate all the bugs from your clothes, but it might help you get rid of some of them. Washing them should be your first step so that you can proceed on to the next ones with absolute certainty that they are clean from all other elements.

The easiest way to carry out this step is by taking the infested clothes and putting them in a plastic bag. Make sure the mouth of the bag is sealed once you’re done. Next up, carefully empty the contents of the bag inside the machine. Make sure nothing spills out. If any of your infested clothes fall out, there are chances that the bugs might spread further. Once everything is inside the machine, start it up. The process will be even more effective if you have scalding hot water inside. Remember to check if your clothes can be washed in hot water or not.

Let them wash for a few turns and the hot water will help get rid of some of the bugs.


Next up is drying. Once your clothes are done washing, you will have to dry them. This is the most effective step to get rid of bed bugs. Instead of taking your clothes out and letting them air dry, go for machine drying. This is the most effective way because with the help of the heat from the dryer, you can instantly get rid of the bed bugs, that too for good! You don’t need to have any special appliance to get rid of the bugs, just any normal dryer would do.

Firstly, make sure that the heat settings are at their maximum. Next up, take washed clothes, put them in a bag again, and carefully empty them into the dryer. Take special care that none of the contents of the bag spill out as you might cause the bugs to spill out. Now, let the clothes turn and twist in the dryer for a while. Keep the clothes in there for as long as you can to completely get rid of the bugs. This is a foolproof way to get rid of bed bugs.


Another trick to get rid of bed bugs from your clothes is by spraying them. This is an easy method, but you might have to take a few precautions beforehand. The most basic spray is the ones used for other insects. Put on a pair of gloves, a mask, and get to work. Hang the infested clothes in your wardrobe in plain sight and start spraying them. Repeat the process twice to trice for maximum results.

Rubbing Alcohol Spray

A very effortless method to get rid of bed bugs instantly is by using rubbing alcohol. Simply take some in a sprayer and spray it all over your infested clothes. Always remember to make sure whether the color of the clothes and the material can bear the rubbing alcohol. This will help save you from any clothes mishaps.


An old fashioned way to get rid of bugs is by using the vacuum cleaner. Most of the vacuums come with a handheld cleaner as well. You can use that to get the bugs out of your clothes. Simply, take the cleaner, plug it in, and patiently get to work. You will have to slowly work through all your clothes and get the mouth of the cleaner in all nooks and crannies of the clothes.


Similar to extreme heat, extreme cold can also get rid of bugs. Place your infested clothes singularly in zip lock bags and shove them in the freezer. Make sure that they remain in there untouched for a few days. The cold has also shown to help kill the bugs and getting rid of them permanently. It is a helpful way to get rid of the bugs without putting in too much effort.

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