Dogs are just too adorable to not have as a companion at home.

They’re sweet, smart, and loyal to their mastersThey stick with you through thick and thinNo matter what happens, they’re always going to see you as their beloved master.

These fur babies can be high maintenance; as a dedicated pet parent, they must live in a loving home. Part of taking care of the dogs is making sure that our homes are also spick and span. Dog hair can be a mess if not cleaned up asap. Here are ways on how to clean your dog’s hair out of the carpet.

Different Ways on Removing Dog Hair Out Of Carpet

Depending on how often your dog sheds, we’ve listed different ways of getting rid of dog hair from your carpet. Feel free to pick on which one works best for you.

  1. Baking Soda

By far, this is the cheapest and easiest way to get rid of dog’s or any pet’s hair from your pretty carpet. It’s always available at the grocery markets and readily accessible at home as well. Aside from the fact that it’s capable of removing pet hair off the carpet, it also deodorizes the carpet and helps it smell fresh again. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone!

Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1 To effectively clean your carpet, you will need to set aside your dog. Put it somewhere where he cant access the carpet. If he has a kennel, let him stay there for a while or in his dog house. This will help you to clean all the hair without adding another set of hair again.

Step 2 Get a few tablespoons of baking soda and dab on the carpet generously. You don’t need anything else, like mixing it with water and soap. You need a generous amount of baking soda applied onto the carpet.

Step 3 Let the baking soda sit for at least 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your carpet size. The bigger the carpet, the longer you’ll need to sit the baking soda.

Step 4 After letting it sit, take your vacuum and clean all the baking soda and dog hair. The baking soda will help you take away stubborn dog hair that got stuck from the carpet. After vacuuming, a freshly cleaned carpet is waiting for you.

  1. Household Rubber Gloves

This next entry is interesting. Yes, your basic household rubber gloves are the answer to your dog hair problems. It doesn’t only protect your hands when cleaning or handling strong chemicals, but it can also remedy the dog hair that got stuck on your beloved carpet.

Here’s how you can use the household rubber gloves:

Step 1 Again, keep your dogs out of the way for the meantime to prevent them from adding more hair.

Step 2 Take your favorite pair of household rubber gloves and wet it with water. The water that you use doesn’t have to be warm or cold. The room temperature water works well for this process.

Step 3 Then wear the gloves and start cleaning all the dog hair with it. The dog hair will immediately stick on your gloves due to the moisture that’s present in it. Make sure you get a plastic bag or trash bag where you can discard the hair from the carpet. Just continue cleaning until there’s little to no hair left on the carpet.

Step 4 For the leftover hair or stubborn ones that got stuck, you can use the vacuum to take it out. It should be clean in less than 5 minutes since there is little hair left on the carpet.

  1. Fur Remover Brooms

These fur remover brooms are the most common tool provided for cleaning dog hair on the carpet or to any surface, for example, couch, bed, and rugs. It’s readily available to any pet shops near you or even in grocery markets and department stores. It’s easy and functional to use, especially if you don’t have much time to clean the carpet often.

Here’s how to use the fur remover brooms:

Step 1 You only need to brush the carpet off. One stroke can immediately take out lots of dog hair or any pet hair. Just continue doing the same process until the you fill the hair with brooms. Make sure to pull out that hair and discard it in the trash bag.

Step 2 After discarding the dog hair from the carpet, repeat the same brushing process until there are few dog hair left.

Step 3 For the remaining dog hair, you can use your vacuum to finish off the task. This will get rid of the thin and stubborn hair stuck on the carpet.

  1. Professional Carpet Cleaners

After assessing your carpet’s overall condition, if you realize that you can’t clean it with anything and there’s too much hair to handle, it’s time to seek immediate help.

Many reliable, professional carpet cleaners will save you from the hassle of living with a dirty carpet. They are experts in this field, so rest assured they can take care of your problematic carpet. Just be ready to spend more money on it since they can be expensive.

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