Silky black hair adds some extra attraction to your personality. This is why most people love to dye their grey hair. But many a time the spillage of the hair dye may get on your clothes and almost ruin them. Here’s how you can get the hair dye off your clothes.

How to Remove Hair Dye from Clothes with Hairspray?

Taking hair dye out of the clothes is a very hard job to accomplish. But if you can follow some instructions it will not seem so hard. Hair dyes are actually staining materials that people use to change the color of their hair.

  • In ancient times, people used to use herbal ingredients to color their hair whereas, in modern times, people prefer to use chemical colors. The main reason to use the chemical colors is consistency as well as the long-lasting property of the color.
  • In modern society, hair coloring has become a trend. People not only use the hair colors to cover their grey hairs, but also to change the color of their hair too. It has become a style statement and people use the colors to get a beautiful look for them.
  • You can apply the hair colors at home yourself or you can take the help of the professional hair experts. The most annoying thing in applying hair color yourself is that it may spill out and can put stains on your clothes.

Ingredients Used

Hair sprays are products for grooming for both the male and female. It holds your hair perfectly as it contains chemical compounds to hold the hair firmly. The producers mainly use alcohol and polymers which we can get in the paints or glues.

  • These ingredients dry out very fast and give your hair a firm but flexible appearance. Using the hair spray, you can easily set your hair for any style.
  • Alcohol is one of the most important ingredients to remove the hair dye from the clothes. It can dissolve the staining materials as well as the other chemicals into the dye and can easily wash out the dye spills.
  • You can also use rubbing alcohol so as to remove the stains. But one thing you must remember is that you shouldn’t rub the clothes after you apply the hair spray. You need to blot them so that the spills don’t come in touch with other parts of the cloth.

How to Get Dye Out of Clothes with Vinegar?

Vinegar is one of the most common items that we can get in every kitchen. It is not only a useful material to preserve the food items or perishable items, but it also works on the patchy stains of a kitchen. Not only can the stains from the kitchen, but you also use vinegar to clean other stains too. So you can try vinegar out for your stain of hair dye on your clothes.

  • Take a nominal amount of vinegar, say about 120 ml, and soak the color coated portion of the cloth.
  • Since the acidic component of the vinegar is stronger than fresh lemon, so the bleaching power of it is higher.
  • Now after soaking the cloth for about 30 minutes, rinse the vinegar well and wash the cloth as usual.
  • One more thing you can try is to put vinegar directly on the stained portion of the cloth and rub it gently with a brush. But remember the brush should have soft bristles so that the cloth doesn’t get any wire and tear due to this.

Remove Stain Due to Hair Dye

Here is another trick to follow with vinegar to clean your cloth having stain due to your hair dye.

  • Take one tablespoon of white vinegar and liquid dishwashing bar together and mix them for a mixture into a cup full of warm water.
  • Now put the mixture on the stain and keep sponging it. Blot the liquid from time to time with the shite cloth piece and continue the process until and unless the stain disappears.
  • Put the cloth under water and rinse the solution from it. Then take some rubbing alcohol and put it on the stained area.
  • Sponge the alcohol with cold water and repeat the steps until you see your cloth clean.

How to Remove Permanent Hair Color from Clothes?

Permanent hair dyes contain such chemicals that make the color permanent for your hair. So it is a bit harder than removing the normal hair color from your clothes. For this work, you need some materials like a soft-bristled brush, a soaking tub, heavy-duty detergent, chlorine bleach, and oxygen bleach. This method is useful in cases of spot treatment only. Otherwise, it may cause discoloration of the whole cloth.

  • To remove the dye stains quickly, you need to take action fast as soon as you discover the stain on your cloth.
  • Put the heavy-duty laundry detergent raw on the stained area. Some of the detergents contain stain cleaning enzymes which help to clean the stain properly.
  • Rub the area with a soft-bristled brush and rinse it well to remove the stain out of your cloth.
  • If you see this trick inefficient to clean your cloth properly, then you can opt for the second procedure. Put some oxygen bleach in a tub or bucket and mix it with cold water.
  • Put the garment into it and let it soak for some time. Soaking overtime or for 8 hours will obtain the best result for you. The next morning rinse the cloth well and see the result.

How do You Get Black Hair Dye Out of Clothes?

Try to remove the hair dye stain as early as you can because the older the stain will get, the harder it will be to remove. The black dye contains a different type of composition and needs a different remedy for the dye colors.

How to Get Hair Dye Out of Silk?

If you ever discover a hair dye stain on your silk clothes, then you should never lose any time to clean it properly. Always take action as soon as you see the stains. Here are the steps through which you can clean the silk materials.

  • Don’t kill any time and take action to remove the stains of the silk cloth.
  • Take cotton wool or a clean tissue paper to clean the area properly. The paper towels will soak the dye materials and will absorb the stains as much as possible.
  • Now comes the role of a stain removal solution. Take a few spoons full of lemon juice or white vinegar and mix it with the same amount of lukewarm water.
  • Test the solution on a little part of the silk fabric if it is harmful to the color of the cloth or not.
  • If you get satisfying results out of it, then apply the solution on the area where the stain is. If the cloth is white, then you can soak the particular area into the solution. It will help to get the stain out properly from the white silk fabric.


  • Take immediate action to clean the clothes from the spillage of the hair dye.
  • Use natural ingredients rather than artificial chemicals.
  • Vinegar is one of the most useful materials to get rid of any kind of stain.

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