While white fabric, canvas, etc.

can turn yellow if they are exposed to air, sunlight, dirt without cleaningIt is difficult to completely remove them when the stains stick permanentlyThere are a couple of things you could do before it is too lateRegular washing is still the best way out.

Yellow Stains are a Result of the Environment

When shoes are outside with moisture, air, and outdoor elements, they can turn yellow. It does not happen evenly and leaves spots here and there. Taking regular care helps minimize the damage and increase the longevity of the shoes. The same goes for cloth and garments too. White and the method of application of the dye on the material speak a lot.

  • These yellow bleach stains will be there forever, but their intensity may not be your cat soon. They may not get out completely, but with regular washing, you can reduce it.
  • Saltwater and soap are the two best things you can use. They are readily available in every household and preparing a solution and a cloth to wipe is always at a hand’s length.
  • By following regularly the above ingredients, you can greatly diminish the appearance of the satins. Prefer some hot water instead of regular and that will also help.

Salt and Hot Water Scrub is a Perfect Daily Idea

If you wear your shoes regularly, then you need to take care of them every day. If not, pack them properly away from moisture and air, and store them in the closet. This will keep their appearance intact for long.

  • When you wear the shoes in the outdoors, not in-office use, they are with sunlight, dust, and regular dirt and bruises constantly. This means the elements react with the material, the dye stubbornly.
  • As soon as you get home, clean the shoe with a brush. Next, remove the dirt properly. It should take about 2 to 3 minutes per shoe.
  • Prepare some warm-hot water and add a little detergent or soap to it. Shake it well and froth and get ready a nice damp scrubber.
  • Now, add a tablespoon or two of salt, depending on the amount. A nice mug of water is fine. About half a liter is good enough for both shoes.
  • Now, when the salt dissolves properly, shake the solution, and dip your scrubber in the hot water properly. Using the other end, scrub it gently on the shoe.
  • Do this nicely and evenly on the top portion only. You can focus on the bottom portion later or just ignore it.

Using White Vinegar with Detergent is Beneficial

White vinegar is a readily available substance online. Though this video on YouTube has over a million views and talks about using simple water and toilet paper, old stains need a little more than that. White vinegar that is 5-10% acetic acid and water yield a very good result. It is very aggressive.

  • There are different ways. You can saturate a stain with white vinegar and leave it for some time. Sometimes leaving it overnight is useful.
  • For this process, prepare a paste of white vinegar, thick creamy paste, by mixing with talc, baking soda. Then apply the stains on your shoe evenly, generously. Leave it overnight or for a few hours.
  • Then, gently scrub with warm water, and clean it dry with tissue paper.

Here is an Alternative Method

Alternately, you could mix a bucket of water with laundry detergent and two to three tablespoons of white vinegar.

  • Use generously. Allow your shoes to dip, submerge, in the bucket for some hours.
  • Canvas sneakers are best for such treatment.
  • You can regularly use this technique once a week and combine this with normal cleaning daily for the best results.

Soaking in Cream of Tartar Solution

In cooking circles, this chemical is called the ‘Cream of Tartar’ which is an ancient concoction of alkaline solution. It is soluble in acid and comes as a white crystalline powder. This is available on Amazon and is quite affordable. Most laundry shops use them to keep white clothes white.

  • The same solution can help remove the yellow stains from white shoes. Though there are substitutes for this such as lime juice, vinegar, baking powder solution, this chemical has its own merits.
  • Just take a tablespoon and add to lemon juice or vinegar. Then, use this to apply evenly on the stains. Else, use a scrubber to polish the stains with this solution.
  • Leave them for some hours and wash them with normal water. The yellow stains shouldn’t’ show anymore or look very feeble.


  • Shoes will get yellow stains if you leave them in the open, sweat and air reacts with the elements. Always wash them regularly.
  • For cleaning, you can use normal water or use saltwater with a soap solution. Do as you please, and results will shine.
  • White vinegar is an aggressive ingredient for stain removal, and some stubborn stains also diminish with this reagent.
  • A combination of both weekly vinegar cleaning and daily salt and soap water cleaning will improve the longevity of your white shoes.

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