Look out here, your hair’s ability to retain and absorb moisture is quite priceless.

Hair porosity comes in three types-low, high, and normalBut many peoples are always looking for answers on how to grow high porosity hair.   You might be among the clique of persons looking for answers in vainNow that you are here, you have a reason to smileThis is because by the time you will be completing reading this article, you will have all the answers to this questionIf you find out that you have high porosity hair, do not worry; all is not lost.

  1. Protein Treatment

If you have high porosity hair, the first thing that should come to your mind is a protein treatment. The logic behind this is quite simple. This is the surest way of strengthening your hair to avoid frequent breaks. There are high chances that you have gaps in your hair strands if you have high porosity hair. All these gaps cause your hair to snap and break easily. So what the protein treatment does is that it temporarily blocks these gaps and strengthens your hair.

You have seen how mechanics patch tires. That’s what protein does to your hair. Despite its miraculous benefit, do not be tempted to overuse this procedure. This is because too much causes your hair to become stiff and end up breaking. It is against the common objective of protein treatment, which is hair strengthening.

At no time should protein be taken for moisturizer, that’s an analogy you must unsubscribe. For more exceptional results, consider using light protein weekly and heavy protein monthly. You will love the results after some time.

You can choose to have an egg wash. High porosity hair and eggs are all you need since it is a convenient home remedy. You don’t need any particular skill to undertake this task.

  1. Deep conditioning

High porosity hair is a result of damage. Therefore, deep conditioning is capable of bringing back your hair to life. We recommend that you undertake deep conditioning weekly. This will help in the restoration of your hair’s overall health, moisture, and elasticity.

After washing your hair, apply a thick deep conditioner and sit under a dryer to heat up if you don’t have a hooded dryer worry not. Covering your hair with a plastic cap or towel for at least 15 minutes is enough.it is good to read all instructions of the deep conditioner your purchase. This ensures you reap more benefits from the deep conditioner.

  1. Use shea butter and olive oil

Butter and olive oils are good sealants. Once your hair is soaked with moisture, these two ingredients play a crucial role in preventing that moisture from getting back to the atmosphere. Olive oil is one of the oil that can penetrate the shafts making it a great sealant.

Olive oil and shea butter will work best when used together with heavy products with natural oils. These products reinforce the sealing function. Also, they play a crucial role in compensating the protective layer that’s missing.  When purchasing these heavy products, look out the top five ingredients if you find olive, castor, or avocado oil, that’s an excellent product to use.

  1. Apple cider vinegar and aloe vera

Apple cider vinegar and aloe Vera works best in adjusting the pH level of your hair. Therefore, consistently rinse your hair with slightly acidic apple cider vinegar, and you will be awed by the results.

The slightly acidic apple cider vinegar will flatten the cuticles and seal in more moisture. This leaves your hair looking glamorous, and you don’t have to worry about moisturizing your hair going forward.

  1. Try Protective Styles That Protect Your Hair From Tangling

High porosity hair is highly susceptive to tangling compared to other categories; low and normal porosity hair. It is advisable to implement a method that keeps the hair in a certain position. By so doing, you will be reducing the chances of hair tangling. One method that you can implement is trying protective styles that hold the hair in a certain way. These styles include;

  • Two Strand Twists
  • Braids
  • Flat Twists

You can get more information from your hairstylist on hairstyles that work best in preventing hair from tangling.

  1. Try the Moisture Lock-in Through the Application of LOC Method

Well, you might be wondering what LOC method is all about relax you will get all the information concerning the method in this section. LOC simply stands for liquid, oil, and cream. It is a technique of moisturizing the hair through a well-stipulated procedure. For this process to be effective in the end, you are supposed to follow these steps without a miss of any.

First, hydrate your hair with water or any liquid-based product. This will act as your liquid. By so doing, your hair becomes moisturized. After that, you should seal the moisture so that it does not lose to the atmosphere.

This forms the basis of our second step, which is the application of oil. It acts as the sealant agent. Also, the third step, which involves the application of cream helps in moisture retention.  This is because when you apply the cream products, it closes the hair cuticles, thereby reducing the likelihood of moisture loss.  Choose for the right oils and creams that have meant the standard put forward. This is because using counterfeit products may end up damaging your hair, which is not the objective of the exercise.

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