These are pretty easy to grow and also easy to maintain.

Growing pinto beans is ideal for germination projects for kids too, because of the same reasonsNative to Mexico, pinto beans are harvested earlier in the year, and people eat them raw as wellThey require very little care, and this makes them impervious to many hazards in temperature, water, and stuffIt is a great fun project to try to grow pinto beans in your backyard, for example.

How to Grow Pinto Beans Indoors?

Pinto beans are good for making home projects and house plants. One of the three sister crops of Native Americans, this is a great staple food. It is still popular in North America and Mexico. In the US, every year an average person consumes about 7.5 pounds of pinto beans, and growing this in your home is a great way to understand the plant you love so much. With 4 to 8 pinto plants per person, you can make up to 1 to 2 pounds of pinto beans, enough for your diet. More importantly, growing pinto beans indoors makes a nice houseplant.

  • You must know that it cannot serve as a source of food if you wish to keep it as a houseplant. It is more like a hobby. The pinto plant provides a green and pleasant view of your room. It also adds oxygen to the room and filters indoor pollutants. As the plant can reach up to 5 feet in height, you must also keep this consideration when growing one.
  • It can also grow up to 24 inches in width, so keep a space for the same. It is not a small plant, to be specific. The heart-shape of the leaves is very attractive too. And, you might need an attractive cage to support it too, as it grows old.
  • First, you have to fill an 8-inch container with a potting mixture. You can get this from your local departmental store. Then, plant the beans up to 1 to 2 inches deep inside the soil. Then, keep the soil moist by spraying water consistently over the days. Then, you will notice the beans germinate and allow them to grow. They will intertwine and become fuller, and in about 90 days or so, they will appear lush and green.

Grow Pinto Beans under the Sunlight

Growing plants under the direct sunlight are great for pinto beans, and consistent watering the soil is very helpful too. If the temperature is moderate, around 50 to 85 F, the plant will grow properly. It should thrive for up to 120 days for you to reap the benefits.

  • Harvesting the beans is a tough job only when in big batches, but for an indoor plant, pinto beans will self pollinate after about 70 days. And, this means that flowers will produce seeds, and will soon give away to pods. You must keep the soil moist and evenly water the plant during this period. You can also pick the beans, and as they become mature, remove them from the plant. But, if you don’t and let the pods turn brown and dry up, it is not a problem either.
  • Just makes sure that all the important things are available, that is, sunlight, water, and soil. A pinto bean plant is not that difficult to grow and maintain.

How to Grow Pinto Beans in a Cup?

Growing pinto beans in a cup is not a big deal, but it should not serve the purpose of growing it to the best possible height and width. Also, a cup can accumulate up to seed or two and will remain small and manageable. Mostly, this is for fun projects and stuff. For this, you will need a couple of seeds, and a cup with potting soil.

  • Fill a cup with soil almost to the brim, and plant 2 to 3 seeds of pinto beans. Cover the seeds gently with some soil, and spray a little water.
  • Then, allow some days for the germination to begin, and then you can begin to see the various parts of the plant. As the plant grows, you can also see and record the growth every day. For example, the number of days for the germination to complete, and the number of days for the first leaf to appear.
  • You can learn to identify a good potting mixture, and where to buy them. You can learn how to use a spray bottle to water the plant. You can learn to set the plant in sunlight such that it grows properly. Growing pinto beans in a cup is not that difficult.
  • But, it may not be possible to see the end cycle from seeds to flowering and growing new pods. It depends on the size of the cup and several other factors.

How to Grow Pinto Beans in a Bag?

Growing pinto beans in a bag are similar to growing them in a pot. There is not much difference, except that the bag should be in a nice spot where there is enough sunlight. Also, poting the plant in a bag of soil is the same as an earthen or plastic pot. In either of the cases, there should be an outlet for water to escape. Bags might be difficult to maintain and carry around if your plant grows big and heavier. But, if it is outdoors, it should not be an issue.

Are Pinto Beans Easy to Grow?

Indeed, they are the easiest of all plants to grow. This is the reason why they are great for school projects, to teach kids about germination, parts of a plant, and taking care of plants. The temperature requirements are not strict, and some deviation is easily tolerable. The plant can withstand overwatering too, with an outlet. If the plant is under direct sunlight, it is easier to grow, but even without one, the plant is all well. It can grow in diffused sunlight as well, equally well. From Mexico and North America, the pinto beans are a traditional plant consumed as a food for centuries.

Where do Pinto Beans Grow Best?

They grow best in soil and climate that has a temperature around 50 to 85 F, in a consistent manner. They are native to Mexico and Native Americans. It takes about 90 to 150 days to grow from a dry bean but some also harvest it earlier if they use it as a food. They come in two ways, bushy and determinate and indeterminate or poles. From other bean types, they are more flexible and robust.

Can You Plant Pinto Beans from a Grocery Store?

Yes, you can plant beans from a grocery store in a cup and see if it grows. Most pinto beans will grow from a dry seed, so that is not a big deal.

How Many Pinto Beans will One Plant Produce?

On average, a plant in its full-grown shape can produce up to 120 pods. Some pinto bean plants scale up pretty well, while some don’t, so this figure is not a rule.


  • Rich in proteins and fiber, the pinto beans are a wonderful plant. It is a great diet too as a nutritious staple food for vegetarians.
  • Growing it under direct sunlight is favorable for growth, but if you keep it indoors, see that it gets diffused sunlight for up to 8 hours a day.

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