Concrete walls are considered to be trendy and are durable. Hence, these are becoming very popular. But it seems to be difficult when it comes to hanging a picture on these walls. Some of you might have tried it out but might not get the great results.

So, no worries, we will discuss how to hang pictures in concrete walls applying different methods.

How to Hang Pictures on Concrete Walls by Drilling & a Threaded Anchor?

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For the drilling method, we first have to look at the weight of the picture. If the picture is lighter such that it can be hung only on one nail but if the picture is heavy then it will require two nails on each corner.  According to the weight you need to drill the holes in the concrete wall. So, here are the steps for drilling.

1.  Mark the Position of the Holes where You Want to Hang the Picture

It depends on the size as well as the weight of the picture you want to hang on the concrete wall. So mark it properly. For this, you need to measure the length of the picture and then evenly mark it out.

2.  Prepare the Drill

This step requires proper attention. Here, we first need to check the threaded anchor’s length that we are going to use. This length represents the minimum depth that the hole requires. Try to avoid setting the stop-bar further than the point otherwise this will only lead to unnecessary drilling, see here.

Drills are of many types and if your drill is not having a stop-bar then no worries, you can use masking tape as a stop-bar. The best option for drilling the concrete walls is the hammer drill. This drill makes your task done in no time.

3.  It’s Time to Drill

As we are all set with our drill, we need to look at all the safety measures and the holding position. Make sure that you are maintaining the posture for accurate drilling.

  • You need to stand straight in a comfortable position so that you can drill exactly straight into the wall. If you feel tired then you can go for a break but remember you don’t have to change the posture after the break otherwise this can lead to poor drilling. And you will end up by creating a mess into the wall.
  • Your safety comes first so don’t forget to put on the eye shield otherwise some particles can dive into your eye while drilling and you will hurt your eye.
  • If you want to hang the picture at a certain height where you are unable to reach, take the help of a stool or chair or anything else which is sturdy and go for drilling.
  • If you are wearing the specs then also you need to wear safety goggles as any dust particle can enter your eye through the side of the rim. So, be very careful and follow all safety steps to prevent any mishap.

4.  The Hole should be Deep (0.32 Or 0.64 Cm)

Put your drill at the lowest speed and make a guide hole first. Through this, you will get an idea about where exactly you have to drill exactly straight.

Drilling a guide hole will help to perforate the hard exterior of the wall and lower speed will provide stability.

5.  Finally, Drill it Out

So, here we go, now turn on the speed and drill the hole. Try to keep the drill in an even position so that the hole will be compact and exact. For this, you can stay still and push the drill forward. Keep on drilling until you reach the stop-depth mark.

6.  Even Out the Obstructions

If you feel any obstruction in the hole like a stone or rock, then with the help of a long masonry nail and hammer, just hit on the blockage until it splits into smaller pieces.

After the blockage is no more, you can continue drilling. You won’t meet any obstruction if you are dealing with the newer wall.

7.  Place and Fit the Threaded Anchor & Screw into the Hole

Now, it’s time to insert the anchor and screw into the hole. You need to place the anchor and slide it into the hole. Give it a light stroke with the hammer and it will easily fit into the hole. Now, insert the screw and get into the correct place. You can use your hand or a cordless drill for this purpose.

For securely hanging the pictures, the threaded anchor is best and it will prevent the picture to slip out.

8.  Hang Your Picture

So, we are done with drilling and fixing the threaded anchor. Now, we are ready to hang our beautiful picture. Hang the picture and make sure that it is hanging straight if not, and then fix it accordingly.

How to Hang Pictures on Concrete Walls Using Adhesive Strips?

As we have discussed how to hang the picture on a concrete wall with the help of threaded anchors, some of you might not be comfortable with the drilling. That is why we are here with another method of hanging pictures on the concrete wall.

This is somewhat easier as compared to the drilling method. And again this is safer and a simple method. So, here is the process.

Purchase Adhesive Tapes

You have to look for tapes that can withstand the weight of the picture you want to hang. Make sure the adhesive is of good quality and robust.

Clean the Wall

Clean the surface where you want to hang the picture using alcohol and let it dry. Cleaning helps the adhesive to attain more grips and stick strongly to the surface.

Paste the Adhesive Tape on Each Corner of the Picture

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Now, peel one side of the adhesive tape and stick it to the corners and edges of the picture. And press it for 30-60 seconds.

Lift the Frame from the Bottom

Lift the frame from the bottom, this will allow the fasteners to undone.

Press it for 30 Seconds

Each strip on the wall as well as on the frame must receive a pressure of an additional 30 seconds.

Set the Timer for 1 Hour

Let the adhesive stick to the wall and let it adhere for 1 hour.

Put the Picture on the Wall

After 1 hour, you can place the picture onto the wall. Place the photo such that the strips on the frame, as well as the strips on the wall, are overlapping. Now, press the picture against the wall for 30 seconds and you are good to go.

And here, we can see the picture hanging on the wall using the adhesive strips. This is a very convenient method and is safe to use.

Do Command Strips Stick to Concrete Walls?

No, command strips only stick to plain/ smooth surfaces. These cannot be stuck to the concrete walls. Don’t try to use them on concrete walls otherwise; this will result in wasting your time and money. But if you want to experiment this then you are free to do that.


  • Don’t ever get confused between concrete and cement. Concrete is a mixture of cement, gravel, water, etc.
  • You can go for rentals. You can go to the shops that provide drills on rent on an hourly basis or for a day. If you require a drill for other purposes also and you use drill machines very frequently then you can buy it. It completely depends on the usage.
  • Always make sure to wear safety goggles while drilling. Don’t get hurt while drilling. Other measures like dust or concrete particles can enter the eye if you avoid the safety eyewear.

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