If someone wants to play the violin, it is important to hold the instrument properly. Without that, you can’t play it. There are some people, initially not habituated with the instruments and they commit big mistakes. So, before going to learn how to play the violin, it is important to know how to hold a violin bow properly.

Violin Bow Hold Exercises

While going to hold the bow for playing the violin, it is important to come with the right kind of exercise tips that will make you comfortable while playing this amazing musical instrument.

  • These exercises are perfect for the violin players and they add strength and flexibility to the hand. It is important to strengthen your bow before going to play the violin for several hours.
  • These exercises are always very popular among the newcomers and they will easily follow the footsteps while playing this amazing instrument.
  • Make sure that your bow fingers and hands are flexible enough to play this beautiful instrument.

How to Hold the Violin Properly?

Grab the middle of your bow with the left hand. While doing it, make sure that the frog is pointing to the right as you are looking at the bow perfectly.

  • Make sure that you have held the bow maintaining it parallel to the ground. Properly curve your thumb and rightly place its tip on the bow so that it will rest comfortably against the raised part of the frog.
  • The thumb joint should be roughly ¼ inch from the bow hair. After that, curve the first finger and place it over the stick at the first joint.

Violin Bow Hand

It is quite important to know that the hand is extremely important to properly handle the violin bow. While doing it, you need to keep the fingers close together and the wrist is up. This kind of posture was used by different popular violinists. There is also another way to handle the violin bow. The middle finger is opposite the thumb. The thumb should stay rounded. One thing is clear that it is important not to tightly lock the thumb. In the meantime, the index and the ring fingers are resting on the bow and the spaces between them.

Violin Bow Hold Helper

If you are new to play the violin, it is important to come with the right solution to properly hold the violin bow. So, it will be great to use a violin bow hold helper. Once this tiny gear is installed on the bow, it will guide your hand properly to the right position. This is the main reason for which it would be the best way to come forward and use it to make all these things right. The frog will encourage the curved thumb and the positions of your hand at an angle. The fish on the end is pinky rest that helps to enforce a rounded pink finger.

Violin Bow Technique

There are a number of bow techniques available for the violin players.

● Detache

In this technique, the bow stays on the string and you play the notes in the full length except the detached colle. So, the player will gain full control of the bow.

● Martele

In this way, the bow stays on the string and the players will get full control over it. But, you don’t play the notes in full length. There will be air between the notes and it’ll sound more staccato.

● Spiccato

In this technique, the bow leaves the string and the players make use of the natural jumping quality of the bow.

What is the Proper Way to Hold a Violin Bow?

It is important for a violin player to hold the violin bow appropriately to avoid any kind of issues later. Before going to hold the bow, relax the hands, and slightly turn the wrist to the left.

  • In this time, let the fingers drop into place. The tip of the bent thump touches the frog contact point.
  • After that, the fingers gently curve over the top of the violin bow stick and the middle finger will remain opposite from the thumb finger. In this way, the entire violin bow will remain firm and you can use it for a longer time.

How can I Improve My Violin Bow Grip?

Hold the bow vertically with the left hand, bow hair toward you. Form a loose ring with the thumb and the middle and ring fingers of the right hand. In this way, the other fingers should curve naturally around well and they are all completely relaxed. So, in this way, you can easily hold the violin bow and can play for hours.


  • Players should follow the right technique before going to play the violin. Without that, they can’t play it for a longer time.
  • Make sure that you have properly set your position including finger positions rightly without making anything wrong. In this way, you can easily play the violin for hours.