Apart from all those wash and wear, wrinkle-free pants, there are still some fabrics in pants that require ironing.

Some of us still want our pants to be wrinkle and crumple free. For this, we need to know properly iron the pants. If you haven’t done ironing before in your life then keep reading this article to know how to iron pants.

When you are a novice at ironing and there is no one at home to do this for you, it may seem a bit difficult task. Let us tell you that this is the simplest task to do if you know the right instructions and guidelines.

Here is a step by step guide on how to iron pants.

Things you will need:

  • Iron
  • Iron Board
  • Water
  • Pants (Of course)

Step 1: Read Instructions on Pants:

The first step is to know if your pants fabric materials like denim, cotton, wool, linen, or corduroy. And also if it supports ironing that will help you to determine the iron temperature.

There is always a small label inside the waistband of your pants to tell you all the instructions like ironing, washing, and storing.

Step 2: Prepare your Iron:

If you have a steam iron then put some tap water into the iron and set the temperature according to the fabric. Make sure to plug in the iron right before you are about to iron the pants.

It should not be plugged in for long as it will be over-heated to iron the pants. You should have an iron board; if not then lay out some cotton cloth over a flat table or surface to iron your pants.

Step 3: Iron the pockets:

Lay your pants on the iron board from the top side first. Iron the pockets first. Pockets are usually the most crumbled part of the pant.

Take out the pockets, clear the wrinkles from the pockets to avoid discomfort while ironing the top area of the pants. And tuck back the pockets in.

Step 4: Iron the waistband:

After the pockets, iron the waistband of the pants.

Place the iron on the waistband for 3-5 seconds as the material there is hard and requires more heat to be wrinkle-free. Do ironing on all the top sides of the pants from the front and back.

Step 5: Iron the legs:

After making the top part of the pant wrinkle-free from the front and back. Lay your pants horizontally on the iron board to iron the legs of the pants.

Make sure to equally fold the pants. You can iron one leg first and keep moving the iron don’t let it sit in one place. Keep moving the iron; if it will stay in one area for a long time it may overheat the area and leave a mark there.

Iron both sides of the pants’ leg and then iron the other leg repeating the same process.

And there you have it, your favorite pants are completely ironed. The simple ironing process will make your pants wrinkle-free like a pro. You can wear the pants right then if you like or store it for later.

Step 6: Hang it or Fold it:

If you don’t want to wear the pants right away and want to save the ironed pants for later, you should hang it or fold it properly.

For hanging, you must not hang it in a shirt hanger by folding and draping it on the hanger. This will create a crease in the pants and you will need to remove the crease again by ironing it.

Always use a pants hanger and hang the pants by securing each side of the waistband.

Folding the pants is also an option when you don’t have hangers. Fold the pants in half or three parts and place them in your closet. But then again it will create creases or even wrinkles and you will require ironing the pants again.

Once you are pro at ironing pants, you will find it easier to iron other clothes too like shirts, dresses, blouses, etc. It is very easy to understand how to iron pants. You just need to know the pants’ fabric material, iron’s temperature settings, and keeping a steady but moving hand while ironing.

We hope this helps you in making your ironing task a bit easier. You just need to be focused and have the determination to do the task on your own. If you still don’t want or are lazy to do such a task, have someone else do it for you. (Wink ;))

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