Woolen garments are very popular among people throughout the world.

Making these garments need a special type of knot that the experts make with the yarns with the help of the crochetsBut what if you see that your yarn is finished and you need to add a new one?

How to Join Yarn in Crochet in the Middle of the Row?

Many people work with the yarn and crochet to pass their time during their travel or leisure hours. It is actually good because this habit gives you the opportunity to get newer dresses throughout the year. We have seen our parents and grandparents stay busy with these instruments and in the end, they used to give us several new dresses. Most of us will definitely not be able to get used to the process through which they make the knots of the yarns. But the real calamity happens when people have to join yarn in the middle of the making process.

  • You may say that it’s not a big deal. They can just make a knot and join the yarns together. But no, it’s not that easy at all. While you are making a yarn garment, you need to take care that no knot, bumps, or lumps are left.
  • Among the various methods, the twist method can be the first one to discuss. It’s nothing but to loop the old and new yarn and crochet some stitches with both the yarns at a time. Now snip the ends with the rest of the garment as it will stop weaving of the leftover yarn.
  • Nobody wants a knot in the middle of a beautiful yarn made garment. So to avoid the ugly knot put the 2nd yarn through the knot of the running yarn and continue your work as usual.
  • Yarn over can be the simplest method of all the existing ones. Through this, you can simply join a new ball. You just have to crochet along till you see you are having only 6 inches yarn left. Now put the new yarn over with it and continue with the seamless joining process.
  • Another popular method of joining in two yarns is the textbook join method. Here you just need to bind both the ends of the old and new yarns. Put your garment on the floor and lay the new yarn on the top of the continuing row. Now you can go for some stitches and after that pick up your new yarn at the bottom of the portion you have stitched. A few stitches over the old yarn will do your work.
  • You can also go for a slip-stitch join where it gives you the most secured stitches after you join the yarns. It doesn’t leave the ends of the yarns so that you have to deal with them later.

How to Join Yarn in Crochet Granny Square?

In a granny square, it is not always possible to see where you ended up with the yarns. If you want to change the color of the yarns in every rotation of the stitch then you have to make three double crochets in the corners of the granny square. Now you have to chain the 2nd yarn and have to continue like this. Make a slip stitch into the top of the granny square’s corner. In this way, you can easily join yarn in crochet granny square.

How to Join Yarn in Crochet at the End of the Row?

Complete stitching with the running yarn but stop just before the last stitch.

  • Put the new yarn into your crochet and make a loop with the hook that can continue with your stitching.
  • Cut the end of the old yarn and keep stitching until you feel the border is enough.

How to Join Thick Yarn in Crochet?

To join in a thick yarn into the crochet, you can use several other processes, but here in this process, you will never be able to understand the place where the joining has been made.

  • So for the process, you need to continue the stitching process until you have e inches of yarn left. Now you have to divide the yarn into two halves.
  • This is not cutting the yarn but to dissect the two ropes associated to make the thick yarn. Now take the new yarn into your hand and do the same with it.
  • Now twist the fibers of the older and new yarn together and make a knot. This will not leave a dirty knot in the garment and you won’t have to face a lump also.

How to Join Yarn in Single Crochet?

Many people make a knot by just making a knot between the two yarns and introduce the yarns simply. But here you will be able to know about how you can join in a new yarn without a knot. You just have to continue with the stitching and stop just before finishing the last loop. Now get your new yarn through to the loop and pull it up.

How to Join Yarn in Half Double Crochet?

To join yarn in the half double crochet you need to finish the stitching almost in all aspects. But without grabbing the yarn and pulling it through the stitched part, you need to leave the last knot unfinished. Now pull the new yarn and make a loop with the help of the hook. Now get the new yarn loop through the unfinished one and you are ready with the joined yarn to the double half crochet.

Russian Join Crochet

To make Russian join crochet, you need to follow the steps that I’m mentioning below.

  • Put the yarn through the pointy needle with the yarn that you are using. Put the needle through the yarn lengthwise and put it through for almost 3 cm.
  • Pull the yarn and take it out from the base of the needle. It will make a loop at the end of the yarn.
  • Now put the 2nd yarn through the loop of the first yarn and also through the base of the needle. Now follow the same procedure that you did with the first yarn.
  • Both the yarns are joined and now you can easily continue your stitching process.

How do You Join Yarn when Crocheting?

You can join in two yarns very easily and in some simple manner. You can simply stitch over with the new yarn or make knots of the two yarns.

How do You do an Invisible Join in Crochet?

To continue with this process you need to crochet all the primary stitches that you were doing during the first round and finish it off. Now pull the tail of the first yarn through the stitch by your tapestry needle. Here you have to thread the needle with the yarn tail through the loop you have made at the very last. Insert the needle into the top of the first stitch of the latest round you have finished and pull the yarn all through the stitch. Now make a loop with the needle by inserting the yarn through the stitched portion. Now stitch the end of the yarn properly and tightly.

How do You Join Yarn without a Crochet Knot?

Knots are not good to see in a gorgeous dress made with the yarns. But you may need to join in yarns and here is the way how you can join in two yarns without a crocheted knot.

  • Take both the yarns and hold 2 to 4 inches of their ends together. Now hold them tight and make a loop of both of them together. Continue with your stitching process and your job is done.


  • Try to avoid knots while joining in two yarns together.
  • Use the crochets to make the loops and join the yarns together.
  • Try to use the same color of yarns to avoid highlighting the knots.

How do you crochet seamlessly join yarn?

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How do you join yarn in the middle of a row in crochet?

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How do you join yarn in crochet without knots?

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