Birds are beautiful and a blessing from nature.

Whenever it’s humming, it just makes you feel calm, at peace, and connected with natureThey are cute and come in different colors that your eyes will surely enjoy.

However, when too many birds can become a problem, especially if you’re tending a garden. They can act like pests, eating your plants, or spreading their poop around your well maintained green grass. Here’s how you can keep them away from your garden.

Protecting Your Garden from Birds

 There’s a lot of effective ways to get rid of birds without hurting them and still protect your garden. Make sure you practice ethical ways of treating these without harming any animals.

1. Protect your plants with a net

The most common method used in gardening and farming is Garden Netting. This is a process where you set your net as a barrier to keep the birds away from your valuable plants. Birds by nature, like eating fruits and sweet vegetables. They can be destructive, especially if they keep attacking your garden.

When choosing a net to use, make sure it’s not something that can harm the birds. It’s advisable to get a net with a measurement of one-centimeter holes. Rest assured, small birds won’t get trapped in the net if they attempt to revisit the garden. Adjust the net when installing it and make it tight so they won’t get trapped inside.

2. Install a garden fleece

Garden fleece is another effective tool to keep the birds away from your garden. It’s technically used by colder countries to protect the crops and plants from harmful frost. Most farmers take advantage of its benefits by keeping the birds away at bay.

You can use this technique and have it installed in your garden all year round. Don’t wait for winter to do this, especially if your concerns are the birds alone. You can purchase this in any garden center or market and seek recommendations.

3. Put up some wind chimes

Wind chimes are an excellent garden decor to add that whimsical vibe in the patio or garden area. But did you know that apart from its beauty, it can scare the birds? Yes, that’s right. Apparently, any sound or movement can scare or drive away from the birds, and wind chimes perform that task very well. If you have your wind chimes positioned in your front door or porch, move those in your garden or better yet get some more.

There’s a lot of nice wind chimes you can purchase in the garden market that could fit your liking perfectly. Install as much as you need depending on how big your area is. The bigger the area, the more wind chimes you will need to install. You can also check out yard sales near you that sell wind chimes to save up extra bucks.

4. Let your pets guard your garden

Pets like cats and dogs are a perfect weapon towards driving out the birds that destroy your garden. Please take advantage of your pet’s special skills and have them protect your garden as how they protect your home. Instead of locking them inside, they will have a better sense of purpose by guarding the garden against birds.

Working dogs like herder type is a great example of a pet to have when protecting your garden. They perform the job well, and sure enough, the birds will leave and hang out in the woods instead. Just make sure that the pet is trained to behave in the garden or be an additional problem. Some dogs like digging, and you don’t want that. Train them first or have them on a leash away from your plants but still positioned in the garden.

5. Use the good old scarecrow

Scarecrows are not only meant for farmlands or fields to protect the crops from pests. You can also use it for the garden. You can find many DIY tutorials online to customize your scarecrow for your garden. Feel free to get creative and design your own thing.

When positioning the scarecrow in your garden, make sure it’s standing beside the plants. Birds are smart animals, and later on, they would know that the scarecrows don’t move and are not a threat to them. Keep in mind to design a schedule when moving the scarecrow around the garden. This is a great way to trick them into believing that someone is guarding the garden and can’t approach it.

6. Use old CDs or broken mirrors

Another crafty way to trick the birds on staying away from your garden is by using any reflective objects. If you have tons of unused CDs in your room or basement, it’s about time to use it. You can create a stylish and highly functional fiesta banderitas or flags of CDs hanging around your garden. Birds are sensitive to bright reflective objects, and they do their best to stay away from it.

Have someone tall enough to help you install these banderitas all over your garden. If you don’t have CDs, you can also install some broken mirror in a nearby tree to stop the birds from landing on your plants. You can also get some sticks and glue the mirrors on top and stick those to the ground. Just be careful with mirrors as it could pose risks to your housemates if left lying on the ground.

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