Urine plays an important role when doing medical tests to check our vital statistics. The urine test results will then show us how healthy or unhealthy our body is. It’s also crucial in medicine tests since urine can show traces of chemicals from the medicine that will help inspectors to check whether you’re positive or not.

When doing a urine exam for work or medicine relations purposes, it’s important to know that keeping your urine warm is important to get accurate results.

Here’s what you can do to keep your pee warm in a pill bottle after urinating.

How long does urine can stay warm?

Humans, as we are, our pee are regularly warm. It’s due to the fact that our internal body is at a good warm temperature. When you have a fever, then the pee can get really warm.

Please take note that once you pee, the urine that was eliminated can already drop its temperature once exposed to air. You can’t submit a cold pee to the medical officers since they won’t accept it. It has to be in the right temperature range for it to be tested.

Why do you need to keep your pee warm during tests?

  • The laboratory will not only check the substance present in your urine but will also verify the temperature. A lot of people these days provide a fake or someone else’s urine to pass the test. That’s why labs always require a certain temperature range for the urine.
  • Even if the lab accepted your urine sample, when it goes through checking, their device can automatically discard fake urine. Submitting cold urine will fall under the required temperature range, and possibly it’ll be discarded if it won’t pass the lab’s standards.

How to keep your urine warm?

  1. Use a Hand Warmer

If you live in colder countries or if you’re a camping enthusiast, you should be familiar with hand warmers. Hand warmers are perfect for the cold season when your winter gloves are not enough to keep you warm. It’s also useful when camping outdoors to keep yourself warm and comfortable. You can take advantage of this remedy to keep your urine warm for a long period.

  • Step 1: You will need to open the packet and take at least one hand warmer.
  • Step 2: Shake the hand warmer for about 2-5 minutes or depending on what the packet instructions say. Just follow the instructions, and the handwarmer should be warm in a few minutes.
  • Step 3: Get a plastic bag and place your pill bottle that has your urine. Then, put the hand warmer on top of the pill bottle.
  • Step 4: Wrap and tighten the plastic bag once the pill bottle and handwarmer are all inside.

Hand warmers can get warm for up to 10 hours of usage.

  1. Use a Thermos

You can use either a water or coffee thermos or even a lunchbox thermos. These lunch kit essentials are best to use when keeping your food warm until lunch break. You can use this one to keep your pill bottle and keep your pee warm for a few hours.

  • Step 1: Wash the thermos of your pick and check if the pill bottle fits perfectly.
  • Step 2: Place the bill bottle filled with your urine.
  • Step 3: Close the thermos tightly to keep the warmth inside and set it aside in a room temperature area.

The thermos should be able to keep it warm for 2 hours or so. Just make sure that you wash and sterilize your thermos after using it.

  1. Use a Heat Pack

Heat packs or also known as heat pads can also be effective urine warmer. It works quite the same as hand warmers since it uses a chemical reaction to release some heat.

  • Step 1: Open the heat pack packet and set aside.
  • Step 2: Get a small bag and place the pill bottle filled with urine inside the bag.
  • Step 3: Wrap the heat pack around the pill bottle and tighten by closing the bag tightly.
  • Step 4: Set it aside at a room temperature area.

Heat packs can warm up to 8 hours of usage.

  1. Use a Urinator Kit

A urinator kit is an electronic device that can monitor and control the temperature of your urine. It helps your urine to maintain the desired temperature range for your urine to pass in the laboratory.

  • Step 1: Open the urinator kit and read the Owner’s Manual instructions.
  • Step 2: Place the batteries inside the urinator kit.
  • Step 3: Then attach your pill bottle and have the kit start doing its job.

This should keep the pee warm for about 4 hours or so.