Magnetizing any kind of a standard screwdriver is a very simple and fast process.

It is just a matter of a few seconds to magnetize a single screwdriver. It is imperative to magnetize a screwdriver for several reasons:

  • The magnetized screwdrivers are convenient, and one can easily use them with care.
  • It also makes the carrying out of the tasks far more manageable than the standard screwdriver.
  • After magnetizing the screwdriver, one can easily attach it to several things that need to be in places with the screwdriver. For example, one can easily stick the nails to the screwdriver and forget about losing nails forever. It is necessary as most people put screws in hard to reach places because of the children. However, it makes them lose their screws and other related items in this regard. However, magnetizing your local screwdriver can help in solving this issue.
  • The magnetized screwdriver also works as a pickup and a gatherer for all the things in one place.

Why Choose a Magnetic Screwdriver?

Buying magnetic screwdrivers from the market can be very expensive. Therefore, one can magnetize the ordinary screwdriver and forget the trouble about it being costly at all.

Moreover, when a person would magnetize a screwdriver, it will carry its strong magnetic hold for a very long time. In most cases, one can carry out the same magnetized screwdriver for many months to come.

The steps of magnetization of a screwdriver

Before magnetizing a screwdriver, you have to make sure that it is an ordinary screwdriver and is not already magnetized.

  • One can do this by bringing the screwdriver close to some nails and seeing that it does not attract a single one. Then one can continue with the process.
  • The magnetizing process will require a magnetic tray that will have a piece of a magnet attached to it. Moreover, it is better to use one that will have a rubber coating over it. The rubber coating will help you to keep the magnetic tray safe from any scratching at all.
  • The next step is very simple as all you will do in the next step is to take your ordinary screwdriver and rake it across the magnetic tray a few times. You will have to stroke it across the magnet in a very delicate manner. This step allows all the atoms of the screwdriver to align in one place. This, in turn, enables the process to happen more swiftly. Moreover, it is also essential to stroke almost the quarter part of the screwdriver in each go. The process is to be continued for a few times.
  • Now you will notice that a magnetic force is being created on the course of each stroke. After repeating the stroking process for around 10 to 12 times, you will come across the area’s subtle magnetic force. This was all that it took for the screwdriver to be magnetized. It turns out to be a very simple yet effective process and can help with a lot of problems that one faces in his daily life.

How to Make Sure that the Screwdriver is Magnetized?

To check the magnetized screwdriver’s final status, you can quickly test it in the same way you tried it before magnetizing it.

You will bring the newly magnetized screwdriver to a bunch of screws, nuts, or any bolts. Now, you will notice that the screwdriver will attract all the screws towards itself and act as a magnet due to the course of action applied to it.

This action would take only 10 to 15 seconds for the process to complete. Now you will be able to use it for a magnetized screwdriver.

The Necessities of Magnetized Screwdriver

It is best to suggest the use of a magnetic tray for the purpose of magnetizing a screwdriver. This is because, even after its function, it can still work as an essential tool in an individual’s garage.

Moreover, using the one with a rubber outlook is also necessary in order to save the screwdriver from any damage. Most people intend to use old pieces of the magnet, but it is strictly suggested not to use those. It can damage the screwdriver by scratching it. If one intends to use a below average screwdriver, it will not create a big difference, but it is not smart to destroy an expensive screwdriver by using a cheap piece of magnet.

One can use neodymium or any rare-earth magnet for this process. The items that it will attract will be made out of iron, and this is how the procedure works according to science. After this process, you can easily hold all your screwing things in one place and never worry about losing them.

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