Cheer bows are undeniably a cute accessory for anything. It can be nice for gifts, packages, flower bouquets and anything prepared as a gift. Anyone who receives a present with a cheer bow on it feels pretty cheerful, too!

The effort and time needed to make a cheer bow is not as simple as any regular ribbon. So no wonder, why most people are impressed as always when they see one. If you’re about to give your special someone a gift, here’s a quick crash course on how to make a cheer bow.

1. Gather all your materials and tools

Make sure that you have all the materials you need for this project. Below is the list of the things you need to get:

  • 3-inch wide ribbon (get at least 50 inches long, it’s better to have extras)
  • ⅝ ribbon (any kind) at least 7 inches long
  • Black hair ties
  • Cable ties
  • Lighter
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors

2. Find a nice workspace

It’s always crucial to find a perfect work area to do any kind of project. Make sure you have zero obstructions and distractions that can hinder your work. Also, work on a table or any flat surface so you won’t have any trouble doing the task. It doesn’t have to be a fancy workspace; as long as it’s functional and peaceful, you’re good to go.

3. Start making the cheer bow

  • First, you’ll need to take the 3-inch wide ribbon and set it up onto the table. Then, take the ends of the ribbon all the way down following a bit of an angle. You should see two tails and two loops at this point. Adjust both the tails and loops until both are even.
  • Then, gather your bow starting from the center, top until the bottom part. Secure it with a cable tie and cling it around the area where you gathered it. Next, slide the bow’s tail away from the cable tie to create the back part of your bow. Turn your bow over and ooze it out a little bit.
  • Slowly pull one of your bow tails and have it fold in a lengthwise position. Take your scissors to cut the ribbon. Fold the ribbon first, where both ends meet and cut it at an angle starting from the tips. Then check the cutting if it was done evenly by unfolding the ribbon. You should be seeing a nice “V” form from the ribbon.
  • To get rid of the visible threads from the cut area of the ribbon, seal those using the lighter. Be careful when handling the lighter so that you don’t burn the ribbon or anything around you.
  • Then, do the same steps for the other bow tie. Check if it’s a perfect “V” then seal it with a lighter.
  • Set the ribbon aside and start working on your ⅝ inch ribbon. You will need to do an overhand knot at the center of your ribbon. Ensure that you’ve done it nicely because this ribbon will be positioned on top of the first ribbon we just made. This is pretty much the centerpiece or the main star of the show.
  • Then, grab the glue and apply a little bit of it on the zip tie which is located in front of your bow. After that, do a center knot on the ⅝ inch ribbon. The first tip of the ribbon should be directed upwards while the second one should be facing downwards. Set the ribbon aside to let the applied glue dry up and grip nicely.
  • Turn over your bow all the way to the back and have its ponytail holder positioned towards the center of the cable tie. Attach it using the glue. Then you’ll need to grab the ponytail holder in an upright manner to let the glue dry up.
  • Once the glue is fully dried up, take the tip of the ⅝ inch ribbon onto the ponytail holder and have it cut. It needs to be cut so the ribbon won’t overlap the ponytail holder onto the center. Then apply some glue to let it grip altogether and tighten the position.
  • Apply some glue as well to the upper end and have it overlap a little bit so it will look clean and presentable. Then, have your bow turned over to the front again and give it a little ooze to make the bow look bouncy.

There you have it, your very own DIY cheer bow! Enjoy and hopefully you’ll give it to someone dear to you.

Important Things to Note

  • If you needed to make some more because you’re giving gifts to a bunch of people, just follow the same steps we did on the first one. The more, the merrier!
  • Be sure you have extra inches of ribbons just in case you’ll make a mistake on your first attempt. If you did, don’t be too hard on yourself and just fix it if you still can. Or better yet, just make a new one and practice. The more you do it, you’ll eventually get the hang of it.
  • Be experimental. You can try to mix and match with colors so the cheer bows will have a unique feel to it. Don’t be afraid to pick bright colors and explore how it look altogether.
  • You can also use different types of fabric for your ribbon. There’s no strict rule as to which one is preferable to use. Whatever is available, take advantage of it.