Strawberries are sweet, but they are sweeter when dipped and covered with almond bark.

Have you ever tried this trick? Well, if you love strawberries, consider trying this trick.  You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to cover your strawberry with your almond barkIt is a good compliment instead of using real chocolate.

Unfortunately, this article is not here to guide how to cover your strawberries, fruits, caramel, oats, granola, nuts, and cookies with almond bark. Rather, we guide you on how to make almond bark ready for this process. Almond bark comes in packages, blocks, or round discs, and hence you should melt it before using it. This article comes in handy to help you out carrying this process.

How to melt Almond Bark in the Microwave

  • Prepare the Almond Bark. After you have purchased your almond bark, you need to cut it into smaller chunks ready for this procedure. This makes the melting process easy, quick, and efficient.
  • Fill in the microwave bowl with the chunks of almond bark. Do not overfill the bowl at least leave some space. You must use a microwave bowl; otherwise, it might shatter during the cooking process. Definitely, that’s not what we want.
  • Place the bowl inside the microwave. Heat the almond bark for at least 30 seconds. After the lapse of the thirty seconds, remove the bowl and be cautious as the bowl might be hot, thereby giving you injuries.  Stir the back and bring it to smooth.
  • Return the bowl back to the microwave. After you are through with stirring the almond bark, return the bowl back to the microwave and remove it to stir the mix. Keep repeating the process until the small chunks of the almond bark mix perfectly. The reason you should never let the almond bark chunks heat for long is that they might burn.
  • Once you are satisfied beyond doubts that the almond bark chunks have melted to your satisfaction, you can go ahead and use the mixture. This is after allowing it to cool.

How to melt Almond Bark without a Microwave

For one reason or the other, you might not have access to the microwave. Does that mean you cannot melt your almond barks? Fortunately, there are other ways to melt almond bark without a microwave.

The good thing about us is that we explore all ways and exhaustively provide you with solutions to some head aching issues. Now we can shift our attention, and one by one gives you ways to melt your almond bark if you don’t have a microwave or want to use another method. Here are some other methods. Choose the one that you find workable for you.

Using the Oven

Yes, you heard it right. It is easy to melt almond barks by utilizing the oven. The process of using an oven to undertake this process is quite easy and quick, but you must be extra cautious; you don’t end up messing up the bark. Here is the way to go about it.

  • Preheat the oven to 120F or 48 degrees Celsius.
  • Cut the almond barks into small chunks. You can perform this task as you await your oven to preheat.
  • Put the almond bark chunks prepared in an ungreased pan.
  • Place the pan containing the chunks inside the oven and allow it to cook for at least 15 minutes.
  • Once this period has elapsed, remove the pan from the oven. You can see that the almond bark has already melted. However, it is not a surprise to see small chunks of almond bark that have not yet melted. That’s normal; you don’t have to worry. Eventually, all those chunks will melt.
  • Gently stir the almond bark. Repeatedly stir the paste until it is all smooth. Ensure no traces of any unbelted chunks. The process is complete now. You can use the paste to cover your fruits and enjoy the sweetness.

Using a Double Boiler

Do not concentrate much on the term double boiler, but place your concentration on the steps we provide. However, to give you a snippet view of what double boiler ais all about. Well, a double boiler is made of two things- a large pan filled with water and a small bowl on top of it. A double boiler is such an effective method of melting the almond chunks since it ensures that it does not burn. This is because nowhere does your almond bark come into contact with a heat source.   Perhaps you will find that the process is quite easy and straightforward. Here is the way to go about it.

  • Cut the almond barks into small pieces. If you want your almond barks to melt quickly, then you must cut them into small chunks.
  • Fill a skillet with 1/3 of water. Recall what we talked about a double burner. Now, this acts as the bottom pan. Place the bottom pan containing water on the burner and let the water boil.
  • When water begins to boil, putt he chopped almond bark chunks into a stainless steel bowl and place the bowl on the boiling water.
  • You realize that the almond chunks boils slowly due to the heated water. As the chunks melt, stir the paste with the help of a wooden spoon.
  • Keep stirring until you are completely satisfied that the almond bark has melted.
  • Now the almond bark is ready, and you can apply it. Dip your fruits on the thick paste and enjoy the sweetness.

Warning: Always as you melt your almond bark, avoid the temptations of adding hot water to the almond barks for them to melt. This is a wrong move that messes up your almond bark since it makes it stiff and hard.

NB: By going through this excellent and valuable piece of writing, you will notice of the various methods that you can apply to melt your almond bark. There are easy to follow, and you don’t need to get worried about how to go about it. Just choose that method that works for you.  By this, we mean that method, which is convenient for you. All materials should be readily available to undertake the task. However, you must be keen because almond bark can easily hence losing its viability.

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