There is no worst feeling than walking out of your classroom only to discover that you have locked the lock and forgot with your keys right inside the desk. The good news is, there is a solution to this, and if you find yourself in such an experience, then worry no more. Here’s what to do:

Step 1: Spin the Dial

Start by spinning the dial in a clockwise manner. Doing this clears the lock from any past numbers and brings it to a default state. In case you mess up while putting the combination, redo this to begin the process.

Step 2: Add Your Combination

Now turn the dial towards the right then stop immediately at your first number. Remember to begin with a turn towards the right side. For the second number, make sure you rotate the dial towards the left side. Move past zero, and the first number then halt at the second figure.

Probably you are using a finicky or an old lock. When it’s not opening once you add the three numbers properly, turn it towards the left side past the second number then stop it on the following ground.

For the third number, now turn the dial towards the right side then move directly up to the final number. Now put a brake at this number then remember to use the right, left, right technique.

Step 3: Open the Lock

At this point, pull the lock on the locker open and away from the hole. You can also pull the handle or the latch it there is one available. Or else, tug on the knob to finally open the locker. If the locker fails to open, make other attempts using the last number being five after or before the “official” last number.

If that fails to work, seek help from your teacher or classmates if there are any related quirks in the school locker system, but before you do this, make several attempts before you ask for help.

How to Open a Locker without a Key

There are several ways you can use to open a locker without necessarily using a key.

  1. Lock-picking

This is a popular way that you can use to open your lock without using a key. This method requires a range of lock-pins, but you can also accomplish it using a range of paper-clips.

The steps involved to make this method successful are quite simple but requires practice and time to master it. However, for lock-picking to work, you only need two tools– a rake and a tension wrench.

The first thing to do is inserting the wrench inside the lock then make it lie on the opposite side from the position where the teeth of the padlock rest. But if you don’t understand how the lock turns, twist the wrench to understand the most likely direction.

Now hold the wrench and make sure it’s twisted in the right direction then insert the rake inside the lock where the keys would pass through. Now push and pull the rake away from the lock as you twist it and work by its feel.

Through working the rake inside the lock, ensure you feel the key pin touch the shear line. This is the exact place where the key tooth would push them.

Then twist the wrench in the right manner. Doing this opens up the lock spring.

  1. Rod and Screw Method

This is a nice technique used in opening locked car doors without keys. But you must be careful as it can damage your car door and you should only perform it when stuck. All you need is a long skinny rod made of strong material and a screwdriver.

Now wedge the upper side of the screwdriver on the line between the “B” pillar and the door or the frame part that separates the back seats from the front. After you’ve cracked the door, slip the rod then press the unlock button located along the door panel, unlocking the door.

  1. Drilling

You should do this method in a time crunch and act as the last resort as the drill destroys the inner parts of your lock, making it unstable. But if a person needs immediate help or is in danger, this can be your only solution.

With that, look for the correct size of a drill bit then make a small hole on the upper side of the key path. Please be careful not to push the drill hard and gently move through each pin. Most locks are designed with 5-6 pins.

Make sure you use eye protectors to protect your eye from any flying metal.

  1. Using a Sharp Knife

While using a sharp knife may look destructive or sound excessive, a properly used butter knife can perform the task in a range of ways. Furthermore, different models of locks can be handled using a butter knife in several ways.

You can easily open doors with complex keyholes through passing the keyhole entirely. When there is still some room between the door jam and the door, you can slide a thin knife blade in between the two. Once there, make sure you slide the knife up and down to the position where the striker place is. Do this until you get the bolt.

After that, push the knife inwards then try to move in around the bolt, pushing the bolt away from the unlocked part.

Additionally, you can also use a butter knife to open the lock instead of using a lock-picking set or paper clips. Make sure you push the knife blade deep inside the lock then apply pressure gently in different directions to pop the lock open. You’ll have to play with the lock for some time before the lock opens.

  1. Use your Shoelaces

When you find yourself locked out of the car, using the shoelace method is the best way to accomplish the task. Although this method works with vehicles having a vertical lock located on the windowsill.

To use this method:

  1. Begin by untying your shoelaces then tie a small slipknot at the center.
  2. After that, thread the knotted end carefully between the frame of the care and the door. Then shimmy the knot on the lower side using the two sides of your shoelaces. Doing this will take you several attempts, but don’t give up. Loop the knot on the locking mechanism then pull one side to make the knot tight. Ensure you apply gentle pressure, but don’t yank.
  3. Next, pull up all sides of the shoelace to pop up your car lock.

6. Use a Credit Card

Similar to using a knife, a credit card should be placed between the strike plate and the vehicle’s door then push the lock’s latch out. You must do this severally until you reach the latch in the right manner. Therefore, try to change the direction and the angle of the card when making attempts.

One major drawback of this method is that new car locks come with a shimming resistance latch and can give you a hard time while making efforts to open.