Opening a window is pretty easy, but what if you are outside of the house? Like you left your keys and the only way to get inside is through the window. Or imagine spending time at home during summer and you cannot open a window to let some fresh air in.

Opening a window depends on the window typeyou have. But it’s a simple unlock, slide, push inwards or outwards ways. However, there are times when opening a window can be difficult due to some reasons. It can be frustrating, but with these steps below, it can be done.

How to open a window (technique 1)

  • Get a block of wood and cloth first.
  • Wrap the block of wood using the cloth.
  • Place it on the bottom side of the window frame, and then tap it gently using a hammer. Do the same on the other bottom side of the frame and all corners of the window frame.
  • Now firmly push the window to see any improvement or movement.

How to open a window (technique 2)

  • Insert a putty knife into the gap between the window and window frame; tap the handle gently with a hammer. Tap the window sashes as well.
  • Place a block of wood on the inside or outside the window sill.
  • Place a crowbar under one end of the window sash, then, move the crowbar back and forth. Repeat the process on the other side, the center, until the entire bottom sash is raised.
  • Now, try lifting the window.

How to open a window (stuck due to dry paint)

  • Check the interior and exterior sides of the window. Make sure that the window is not screwed shut or if there’s any sheeting fastened. If so, remove with nose pliers. Then, try to open the window: upwards, sideways, or outwards.
  • If a window is newly painted, it could be stuck due to dry paint. So, loosen the paint seal; fit a think knife between the bottom of the window and the window frame. Run the knife around the edges from top to bottom and sideways to loosen the paint.
  • This time insert a spatula knife or palette knife on the same spot. Once the palette knife is properly inserted, do a back and forth motion to break the seal further. Do this to the rest of the sides of the window.
  • Now place your palm on the body of the window; give it few firm pushes (do not push too much or you will break the window).
  • Another option is to use a crow. Insert the curved end between the bottom of the window and the frame and force the window to open. Gently and firmly push the window up to completely loosen the paint seal.
  • Push the window with your hands one side at a time to see if there is any movement.

How to open a window (stuck due to humidity)

Accumulated moisture can expand your window frame which can cause difficulty in opening your window.  This usually happens when you live in a shumid area. Follow through to address the issue:

  • Set up an air humidifier in the room where the stuck window is located. A humidifier can help absorb moisture in the room making it easy to open windows.
  • Use a hairdryer in the absence of a humidifier. Plug and switch on the hairdryer; run along the edges of the window and frame.  Then, try opening the window.
  • Another option is to set up an electric fan near the window. Let it dry the moisture trapped in the window and window frame.
  • Then, try opening the window.

How to open a window (old or aged)

Rough edges due to wear and tear make an old window hard to open.

  • First, remove the stops by using a screwdriver to loosen the fasteners holding the stops in the lower and upper sash of your window frame.
  • Using the same screwdriver, scrape out any paint that may be stuck between the stops and the window frame. Then, remove the stop molding. Once done, remove the upper and lower sashes.
  • Sand down the four corners of both the upper and lower sashes in equal measures. Avoid creating uneven edges that may cause another sticking issue.
  • Sand all around the edges of the window frame, too.
  • Apply primer and paint of the color of your choice (optional). Let the paint dry.
  • Lastly, reassemble the window.

How to open a window through lubrication

  • Get a candle and rub the end of it along the window channel. Spread the candle on the area where the window opens to prevent sticking.
  • Spray a lubricant on the end of the window or the window hinges.
  • Now try pushing the window and see if it works.

How to open a window from outside

  • Check if the window is unlocked. Then, push or slide the window using your hands. If not, then insert a prybar in between the windowsill and the window; force the window up. But make sure to do it gently but firmly as possible to not damage the window.
  • Use a thin hacksaw blade to push the latch until it is open.
  • Use a screwdriver to pry open window doors, enough for you to reach the lock and open it. Or you can use the screwdriver to remove the window beading. Insert the screwdriver in the beading; start prying one corner then to another. Once beading is loosened, pull it out using your hands.
  • Pry open the windowpane by inserting the screwdriver between the glass and the window frame. Gently work your way in the middle of the glass and mounting to force out the glass out of its mounting.
  • The last option but not a highly recommended solution is to break the lock.

Opening a window requires minimal skills. Regardless if it’s stuck or locked, your little knowledge and home tools will help you resolve the issue.

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