When you choose to own a smartphone, a lot is expected of you.

Well, typically, a smartphone helps you connect with friends and create memories by taking unforgettable snapsHowever, as a way of giving it back, you must take care of your phone as your kidTo make sure your phone is safe; you should always include a lifeproof case on your budget.

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This case is designed to prevent your phone from dirt, liquid, and high drops. When you have this case enclosed on your phone, you are guaranteed of your phone safety. The lifeproof case achieves this goal easily because of its material and snug fit. Most people find it a challenge when it comes to removing the lifeproof case, and that’s where we come in.

How to Open Lifeproof Case to any iPhone

As an iPhone user, you must be asking yourself a myriad of questions on how to open the lifeproof case. To start, it is essential to note that this guideline applies for any iPhone smartphone that has lifeproof case on. The process of removing the case is the same for all iPhone smartphones. The lifeproof cases are the same for all iPhones, and the only difference is the size.

  1. Locate the Charging Port

In most cases, the charger port is located at the button of your phone. When you want to open lifeproof case, you must know that you remove the back and front case. Ideally, it is like you are separating the two cases. Therefore to open the lifeproof case, you must remove both cases from your phone.

Once you locate the charging port, use your fingernail to flip the charge port down. This ensures you don’t damage it as you remove the back case. If your lifeproof case is non-waterproof, there is the likelihood that it does not have a charge port door. That happens, and the only thing to do is to skip this step (this mostly happens in the case of Samsung s9 lifeproof cases).

You can as well locate headphone port and unscrew the headphone plug just a little. Well, this is not a must-do thing because it is not holding the two sides together. However, we recommend that you do it, especially when opening the lifeproof case of your iPhone.

  1. Locate a Small Slot Next to the Charger Port

You must be asking yourself the need for this. But this is a critical step that determines whether you are successful in opening the lifeproof case of your iPhone in the end. There is a slot next to the charging port on the right-hand side when the phone is facing up.

This slot is about 2cm thick. Depending on the model of the phone, it is common to find a phone with two slots, i.e. the right and the left side. Any slot you choose can serve the purpose when it comes to opening the lifeproof case.

  1. Insert the Case Key on the Slot

Having located the slot, it is now time to insert the case key to separate the back and front case. Your lifeproof case comes with a case key that you use for this purpose once you insert the case key inside the slot twist it.

This initiates the process of separating the two cases. Continue doing this until you hear a click. This is what confirms to you that the back and front case has separated. If for one reason or the other you have lost the case key do not worry. You can perform this operation without a case key. Get a coin and use it instead

  1. Use Your Thumb to Completely Open up the Case

Once you have gone round the phone separating the front and back case now insert the thumb in between the gap to open up the case entirely. Move your thumb around the case until you remove the back case. You should be able to hear another click.

Once you have removed the back case, you should now place the phone on a soft surface and began removing the front case. The process is easy and straightforward. Keenly ensure the phone is in a right place. This is because, in case of any fall, your phone may get damaged now that it does not have a protective case.

Carry out this process on a bed or a couch. Once you place the phone on a soft surface, apply pressure on the screen using your thumbs. You can try this on the middle case as well. As your fingers are pressing on the screen, gently try to pull the sides of the case up. Do repeatedly this until you hear a click. The click sound means that front case has successfully separated with the phone. That’s all with opening a lifeproof case in an iPhone.

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