Opening your own skincare line is totally a dream come true especially if skin wellness is your true passion. It’s a great deal to launch your own brand by following your own vision and making it work for the long run.

Skincare lines share the same mission – that is to spread skin care awareness towards others. Skin is a part of our body and that we should take care of it. So as an aspirant, how can you do this? Here’s how.

Tips on Opening Your Own Skincare Line

  1. Always do your research

Every business plan involves a whole lot of researching and studying. You can’t be successful in business without proper knowledge at hand. Mind you, success doesn’t happen overnight. It takes a lot of patience and work.

Skincare is a wide niche. Research on skincare products that you want to work on and introduce to the market. Know your niche as well as your target market. What skincare products can hype up consumers? Strategize your research and extract all the information that you need.

Take time to go out of your way and learn from other startups and pros in the skincare industry. You have a lot to learn and it’s still a long way to go. But it doesn’t matter as long as you’re equipped with knowledge and skills that you need for this new journey.

  1. Start drafting your business plan

There are no shortcuts in business, especially if you’re aiming for a huge success. Make sure you have planned out your entry in this industry and how you can sustain it for the long haul. There are a lot of factors that can affect the success of a skincare line. Make sure you’ve outlined those and you understand each one of them.

Put your ideas into work and don’t let it park inside your head. Let it perform and shine. After you’ve done your research, organize all the information you gathered and assess how you make your break possible. It’s also good to create a timeline so you know your deliverables and deadlines. This will help you become more productive and organized at the same time.

  1. Get some advice from a mentor

Do you know anyone from the industry that you look up to or a successful business owner that you admire? Go talk to them. They’ll be happy to share their secrets to success and even share more tips on how you can harness your own success.

Successful business leaders like mentoring other startups or newbies. They are that generous to share their wisdom to give back and help others who were in the same shoes as them years back. Don’t be afraid to approach and be sincere on your request. You never know their wisdom might change your perspective entirely.

Important tip: Show up earlier than them. Businessmen hate people who are late and who do not respect time. For them, time is gold and wasted time can’t be returned.

  1. Look for reliable suppliers

Opening a skincare line is no joke. You have to ensure that you’ll only release a top notch product since it deals about skin. You can’t release a product that might harm your customer’s skin. That’s a big NO. It’s crucial to partner with the right suppliers that can sustain your business’ needs.

Suppliers can be the one who supplies the raw materials for the product or they can be an outsourcing factory that concocts your product. The best example is Kylie Lip Kits. She only has 5 staff in total. She outsourced her factory to work with her product binded with a contract. Since the factory is managed by a private company, she has less scope and hassles and all she has to do is to proof check the products before they are released.

This is something we can learn as a startup. We don’t have to do everything on our own. Learn to collaborate and distribute the task.

  1. Test your products always

As a skincare line, it’s important that your product will not bring harm to anyone. It all covers from packaging to the actual product that the customer will apply onto their skin. There’s no room for mistakes here. It pays to try out your product on your own skin, see how it works. Imagine you’re the customer paying for that product. Are you willing to pay for that single eye cream?

Have your products approved by the standards under FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Ensure that you have a proper label that consumers can trust. List down all the ingredients of that product and let them verify for approval. Once it’s approved, it will all be worth it. Everyone wants a skin product that they can trust.

  1. Process all your documents and permits

Make your business legal and secure all the important documents that allow you to operate as a business. Proudly display it in your shop or online shop and let the consumers know that you’re a LEGIT brand. 80% of consumers check the background of the product before consuming them. It pays to be prepared.

  1. Take advantage of digital marketing

In the internet realm, you can do tons of stuff. Including marketing your product for FREE. Launch your website, create a blog and collaborate with influencers to help you market your line. Have this set-up before you launch so you have a great start. Marketing is the mind of the business.

Good luck on your future business and we look forward for your success!

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