Boats are nice to have for fishing or just for leisure at the beach and visiting nearby islands.

You can invite friends over during the summer and enjoy the heat of the sun.

Owning a boat is also a lot of work as it is fun. Especially when the paint starts wearing off. But it’s good to know that you can always repaint your boat and make it look like newly-bought again.

Prepare the following tools below to start working:

  • Cleaning Materials (soap, brush, and water)
  • Plastic cover (to protect the area where you’re painting)
  • A sander
  • A paint thinner
  • A primer
  • Paint color of your choice (water-resistant)
  • Clearcoat (water-resistant)
  • Paint spray or roller

Painting Your Aluminum Boat

Step 1: Wear your PPE. It’s always important to be on the safe side rather than being sorry later when accidents happen.

Step 2: Dock your boat and have it raised from the ground so you can work on it properly. You may need help from friends to do this job. Have some sawhorses to support the boat while doing the work.

Step 3: Start prepping the boat and grab your sander. Start sanding all the areas in the boat—both inside and outside. Make sure every spot was sand, and no spot was missed. You have to be patient on this part, especially when you’re trying to take off some old paint and rust. Make sure it’s smooth so the paint will look good once applied.

Step 4: Once you’ve finished sanding the entire boat, you may now start cleaning it. Prepare a pail of water filled with soap and water. Grab your high-quality brush and start brushing the entire boat. Ensure that no old paint or rust was left in the boat. Rinse it with pressure water for a perfect clean effect. Let the boat dry. (To make the cleaning faster, ask some help from family and friends.)

Step 5: Once the boat has completely dried up, prep your painting materials. But before that, make sure you’ve covered the floor and the entire work area with plastic cover. This is to prevent the paint from smothering around it and leaving any paint stains. Make sure you wear gloves as well.

Step 6: The first thing you need to apply is the primer. You can pick either a paint thinner or an oil-based primer for this task. Get an empty paint spray and fill it up with a primer.

Step 7: Start spraying the entire boat with primer. Start spraying on the front part, then work on with the backside afterward. Make sure that you’ll give enough time for the primer to dry up before you apply the paint. Drying can take up to a long time, so patience is the key.

Step 8: Once it has dried up completely, you can now start painting the boat by applying the first coating on the front part. Dry the paint and paint the back part of the boat. Then dry it once again.

Step 9: To achieve that excellent vibrant color, apply the second coating. Just follow step 9 when repainting.

Step 10: Grab another empty paint sprayer and fill it with a clear coat. Spray it to the entire boat until it’s well coated. The clear coat helps the paint last for a long time and prevent gunk and rust from forming over time. Let it dry before taking it down for use.

Step 11: Clean up the work area and throw away all the garbage properly. If you used paintbrush or rollers for this task, rinse and soak it right away to get rid of the paint. The same goes for the paint sprays.

Step 12: Store all your equipment and tools at a safe place so you can still use it the next time you need it. Don’t let it lay around messy and dirty in your area.

Key Takeaway

Aluminum Boat is a luxury to have, especially when you’re using it for leisure purposes only. But if you’re using it as part of your business or livelihood, extra care is truly needed.

Part of being a responsible owner is to be able to handle and care for your boat well. Constant use and exposure to moisture and salt can erode the boat surface pretty fast. That’s why regular maintenance checks are required to ensure that your boat will always be in the best shape.

Maintenance checks are crucial, so you get to know what the boat needs and if it’s still functioning well with zero issues. It’s through checking when you know if the boat needs new paint or not. New paint will prevent your boat from attracting dirt and rust that damages the outer part of the boat.

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