How to Pass the ASVAB test

In this life, you must have aspirations and dreams of what you want to become in the future. To achieve all that, you must have a clear roadmap for you to get there. One profession that you might decide to give it a short is military. However, for you to be eligible for the military, the first step for you in the right direction is taking Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). This is a test designed to measure your mental aptitude. Also, it is a that determines which branch of the military best suits you. For you to pass this test, you must prepare yourself adequately. Reading through this article, you will get the dos and don’ts that will help pass the ASVAB exam.

  1. Goals and Targets

For you to pass the ASVAB, you must outline your goals and targets. What you want in future post ASVAB test is quite important. These goals and targets help you to keep in line. For you to get to those goals, you must outline ways to get there.

If joining a military squad is your bare minimum, then working hard and being disciplined is one way to getting to your goals. Remember, never be hard on yourself. Set realistic goals and targets that you will achieve without a struggle. Set a timeline of when you want to get to your goals.

  1. Get all the information regarding the test

Before you even began the process of preparing for the test, get all the information regarding the ASVAB test. You must know the branch of the army you would like to work in.  Learn the test score required to join the branch. This helps you to determine the effort required to achieve that.

Again, it is important to note that the ASVAB exam is divided into various areas of expertise based on the aptitudes that play a crucial role in the army. Therefore, you may want to go ahead and enquire more about this from a military recruiter. You can as well get this information by requesting this from the army by filling a contact form.

  1. Come up With a Timetable

There is no shortcut when it comes to the ASVAB exam you must read. A timetable comes handy to ensure your self-studies are productive. Self-discipline is vital when it comes to a personal timetable. This is because you must religiously follow the timetable as it dictates without fail. Devote ample time to reading this will sharpen your comprehension skills. Also, ensure you have enough time to practice science, math, and reasoning problems. Include ample time to handle these problems. The timetable should help you to allocate each category enough time.

  1. Engage in practical studies in sections that require you to do so

Some sections of the ASVAB test may require a more practical, hands mode of study. To ensure you have an idea of what to expect, it is advisable that you practice some of these tests, for example, wood working and auto repairs. You may choose to watch instructional videos that relate to the subject to hone your skills. The instructional videos should be related in the following areas;

  • Electronics Information. Under this category, the examiner will seek to test you on your knowledge and understanding of electric systems.
  • Auto and shop information. Here you find questions related to maintenance, woodwork, and auto maintenance.
  • Mechanical comprehension; questions related to principles of automated devices will dominate under this section.
  • Assembling parts. A lot of questions will test your knowledge of spatial relationships.
  1. Sample Questions

Hoping that you now have a good background on questions to expect, go ahead and access the past ASVAB exams. This will give you a more realistic picture of what you should expect. Imagine yourself as the candidate doing the exam. These questions should guide you when doing your studies.

You will have an idea of areas to pay more emphasis. By looking at the sample questions, you will realize that the ASVAB test is given in a multichoice format. You don’t have to worry about where to find the questions. It is easy to locate the sample test online in a matter of seconds.

Take a pre ASVAB test using the sample question. Do not worry if you fail. This should at least give you an overview of areas to work on. After the test place more emphasis on areas you have a problem with.

  1. Work on your health

Too much of anything is posinus, and work without play makes jack a dull boy.  Do not exhaust all your time in books and forget yourself in the process. To get good results, ensure you sleep for atleast 6 hours and not anything less. This improves your concentration and cognitive skills. Also, ensure you take a well-balanced diet. This should be done especially when you are about to sit for the test. A balanced diet deters any hunger and low sugar distractions when inside the exam room.

  1. Read and follow instructions

One of the primary reason as to why most students fail the ASVAB exam is because most students do not follow instructions. Do not be among them. Allocate the first few minutes to listening and understanding instructions. If you find an area where you find more elaboration, do not hesitate to enquire. Never begin the exam until the test administrator gives you the go-ahead. All long as you do the test, ensure you are following the test administrator guidelines. This is because as you might know, the ASVAB test is divided into subtests that will be given in specific and timed intervals. Ideally, the test should take atleast three to four to complete. Be time-sensitive to complete the test on time.

  1. Work On Questions You Know First

To ensure you use your time effectively, began working on the questions that you know first. After you are sure, you have completed all the questions you know, go back and try to answer the questions you don’t know. Since you are presented with choices, you can try the elimination method to find the best answer. Start by eliminating the answers that you know are incorrect. After that try your best to make an educated guess to the question.

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