How much does a house sitter usually make?

House Sitter Salary
Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $360,000 $173
75th Percentile $41,000 $20
Average $70,166 $34
25th Percentile $21,000 $10

How much should I charge for house sitting with pets?

Pet sitters charge $25 to $30 a day on average, depending on the services involved. The average cost of a 30-minute visit is $25, while overnight pet-sitting costs $75 to $85.

Pet sitting rates per hour.

National average cost $25/hour
High-end cost $50/hour
Sep 14, 2020

How does a house sitter work?

The sitter lives rent free in exchange for caring for the homeowner’s pets, home and property. For longer sits (5 weeks or more), the homeowner may ask for a contribution towards utilities (such as power and water) although this is very rare.

How much should I pay a house sitter in 2020?

As a starting point to keep in mind, typical house sitting rates are in the $25-30/day range, more (around $50) for overnight stays. But this is just a ballpark. We suggest taking the time to calculate a number based on your own house sitting expectations and needs.

How do I become a professional house sitter?

Do you provide food for house sitter?

How to Become a House Sitter
  1. Sign Up with a House Sitting Website. There are several good house-sitting websites out there to match with homeowners and find good house-sitting jobs (all have membership fees).
  2. Create a killer house-sitting profile.
  3. Write an introductory message.
  4. Be speedy.
  5. Have references.
  6. Expect an interview.

Should I wash the sheets after house sitting?

Generally a house sitter will take care of their own meals during their stay,” says Gottsman. “However, food may be left for the sitter that they are welcome to eat.”

Is house sitting a good job?

Clean Up After Yourself

You can alleviate that stress by helping to get their place back to how they left it. Try washing the bedding and towels you used, vacuuming or mopping the floor, and cleaning the shower. They will certainly appreciate anything that they won’t have to do upon return.

What do you stock a house sitter with?

Do Rover sitters stay overnight?

It can be great for an occasional break though, just to get a bit of comfort and personal space (and cut costs of course). If you’re house sitting with a friend or partner or you’re willing to use other methods to make friends, such as or a new job, it can work out perfectly!

What is the going rate for house sitting in South Africa?

Stock up on enough pet food and supplies (cat litter, doggie poo bags, etc.) for the length of the time that you will be gone. If your pets need medication, either double-check that there will be enough or leave your credit card on file with the vet so that your house sitters can replenish the supply.

What do you say to a dog sitter?

The sitter will spend time with your pet and will, at a minimum let them out. Some may do a walk; others may not. However, house-sitting services vary widely. According to Rover, each “night” is good for up to 24 hours of pet care, which would include feeding, walking, playing, etc.

Do you pay house sitters Australia?

24 hour house sitting, no pets: R 400 per calendar day. 24 hour house sitting, with 1 pet: R 450 per calendar day. 24 hour house sitting, add R 100 per extra pet above 1 pet per day.

How much should you pay a friend to dog sit?

Is house sitting safe?

Free for owners

It’s totally free to join, place a job ad and secure a wonderful house sitter. The sitter will look after your pets, house & garden FOR FREE. That’s what is generally known as INCREDIBLE value.

What means house sitting?

Housesitting cost varies widely. Some house sitters will work for free in exchange for food and rent while others will charge $80 per day! Most house sitters charge $25 – $45 per day. Depending on your area and other factors this number might fluctuate.

How much do you pay a plant sitter?

Pet sitters charge an average of $25 per 30-minute visit, $20 to $30 per day, $45 to $75 per night, or $250 to $375 per week. Rates depend on the services requested, if you need 24-hour pet care or service on holidays, and if you have additional pets.

Pet Sitting Rates.

National Average Cost $15 per hour
Average Range $10 to $25 per hour

What should you not do when house sitting?

Despite all this, house sitting works.

It’s safe; it’s an awesome exchange of trust; and it invariably results in a win-win-win outcome – delighted home owners, joyful house sitters and contented pets!

Can you make a living as a house sitter?

: a person who occupies a dwelling to provide security and maintenance while the tenant is away.

Can house sitters leave the house?

As a plant sitter, you can expect to earn somewhere between $10-$15 dollars per day. The biggest issue with this type of work is that there is limited potential to how much you can get promoted.

What makes a good house sitter?

  1. Never invite anyone into the home. This is a basic rule of responsible house-sitting.
  2. Do not use the owner’s food and beverage unless you have been given permission to do so. Food items may be easy to replace, but a good bottle of wine may not be.
  3. Don’t scrimp on safety.

How much do a luxury house sitter make?

Yes, you really can get paid for house sitting. However, you should know that the amount and type of pay vary based on the job. For instance, some clients might just want you to come and stay at their house. No additional duties necessary, with the exception of picking up after yourself.