For the security of our rooms, we put locks in the door. A deadbolt is such a locking system that you can’t move to the open position without rotating the key. You will never be able to open a door with a deadbolt lock without the right key.

How to Pick a Deadbolt Lock with Bobby Pins?

The deadlocking system is very secure and you can expect almost zero unauthorized unlocking of these types of locks. Deadbolt locks are very secure as you will never be able to open them without the right key.

  • But sometimes it may cause serious issues in case of fires where you may not have time to look for the right key from the bunch. Thus you can use the single cylinder deadbolt clocks which you can open easily.
  • At times if you are not having the right key available to you then you may have problems opening the door with a deadbolt lock. In these circumstances, a bobby pin can be the best solution for your deadbolt lock. First of all, pull the bobby pin open and now put some pressure to bend the tip.
  • Now put some pressure on the other end of the pin to bend it over and make a handle out of it. Take another bobby pin which you will use as a lever. Put the pin into the bottom part of the lock and pick the deadbolt lock with it.
  • Put pressure on the lock spring through the pin towards the direction of its turn. With the help of the lever, you have to use the end of the pick to jimmy the pin-up and keep pushing the pin until it connects to the nest pin. When you will get the pin to lift it, use your tension wrench to do the rest.

How to Pick a Deadbolt Lock with a Knife?

Knives are harder than the pins which you used to pick the deadbolt locks till now. A knife will increase the chance of picking up the deadbolt lock. Here are the ways how you can pick a deadbolt lock with a knife.

  • When you are going to pick up the deadbolt lock with a knife, you should always use a blunt one with a thin body. You will be able to put it in the keyhole easily. A pocket knife or a bike lock key can also be helpful in connection.
  • Put the blade of the knife inside the keyhole and out it as much as it goes in. this will help you to get access to the spring of the lock.
  • Now put pressure on the knife blade to move it in one direction at first and then again in the other direction. If you hear a click sound out from the lock then you are in there and is very close to open the door.
  • Now put the knife in between the door and the jamb’s striker plate and keep inserting it until you feel the end of the knife through the space of the door latch. Now try to open it with a swing of your knife’s end and move the knife inwards.
  • If you will take a butter knife then the result will be much better. You will have to slide the knife until you find the bolt of the door out.

How to Pick a Deadbolt with a Credit Card?

A credit or debit card can be the solution for your financial need out of your home. These cards help you to extract money from the ATM machines whenever you want. But did you know that the credit cards can also be helpful in picking the deadbolt locks up?  So here are the tricks with which you can easily pick a deadbolt lock up with a credit card.

  • If your door has a lever type door knob then you can easily clip it up with a credit card. You just have to slide the card through the gap between the door and the frame. This will help to push the lever back into the lock and the door will open easily.
  • Sometimes you may have to repeat the action time and again to get the result. But before you use the card to pick the deadbolt door lock up, you should know that it may also ruin the card as well.

How to Pick a Deadbolt with Paper Clips?

Like many other instruments, a paper clip can eventually increase the chances of clipping the deadbolt lock of a door. In association with a paperclip, the knife will work more finely to open the deadbolt lock. You can use the paperclip in the underwritten way to get the best result out of it.

  • Put pressure to twist on the lock with the paper clip as much as possible. It will be better if you will hammer the tip of the paper clip so that you flatten it to enter into the door.
  • Keep pushing the paper clip into the lock until you hear the click sound from it. As the sound comes you can be sure that the clip has gone to the required place.
  • Now insert the tension wrench into the opening bottom and then try to turn the lock towards the side which it generally gets unlocked. Now hold the tension wrench and keep putting the pressure as you meet the resistance point.

How to Pick a Deadbolt Lock with a Screwdriver?

A screwdriver is such a tool that can make many of your problems easy to solve. It contains a flat head which we eventually use to take screws out. But the screwdrivers are not only used to take the screws out, but they can also pick up the deadbolt locks as well. You just need to know the correct procedure to use it.

  • Check the type of lock you are going to pick up with the screwdriver. If the lock is a deadbolt lock then you may have the option to clip it up with a screwdriver.
  • You need a screwdriver of a shorter size which contains a flat head. It should easily fit into the keyhole and thus will make the task easier for you.
  • Now insert it into the keyhole and try to jiggle it through the lock and between the tumblers to hold them up with it. Now when you get all the tumblers up there, you need to twist the screwdriver to open the lock.

How to Pick a Deadbolt Lock with Tools?

Basically, a deadbolt lock contains cylinders to operate. There may be single or double cylinders as per the need of security by the buyer. You will be able to open a single cylinder deadlock with the key from one side with a twist knob on the opposite side of the door. On the other hand, there is no need of a twist knob for the double cylinder deadlocks. It also doesn’t require a twist knob to open the door from either side.

  • To pick a deadbolt lock, you can use many of the tools which we have already mentioned in this article. You can use a hair clip, a paper clip, a screwdriver as well as a credit card too to open the deadbolt locks. This will help you to make your entry and exit easier without informing anyone else.

How Easy is to Pick a Deadbolt?

People use deadbolt locks into their doors to avail the best security out of it. This is why there is no reason to think that a deadbolt lock is easy to open.

  • You need to use several other tools to open it without a key whereas you can open other locks with ease without the exact key there.
  • Though there are other options to open the deadbolt locks like a credit using a card or a paperclip, still they are not as easy as you think actually.

How do You Pick a Deadbolt for Beginners?

For the beginners, it is never easy to pick a deadbolt lock at the very first attempt. They need to know about the mechanism of the lock at first to get expertise in this task. You need to train them with the models and diagrams of the deadbolt locks. This will help you out to make your beginner’s student a professional one in it.

How do You Unlock a Deadbolt without a Key?

To unlock a deadbolt without a key, there are several procedures that will help you. You can easily use a master key to open it.

  • The small hair clips are also very useful as they can easily get in there and unlock the deadbolt locks. On the other hand, there are some more ways too to unlock the deadbolt locks.
  • You can easily use a knife to get into the springs of the lock and press them to unlock. Otherwise, your credit card can be another solution to the lock.


  • Basically, a deadbolt lock contains single or double cylinders as per the need of security by the buyer.
  • A screwdriver is such a tool that can make many of your problems easy to solve.
  • You can easily use a knife to get into the springs of the lock and press them to unlock.

How do you unlock a deadbolt without a key?

One of the best-known ways to unlock a deadbolt without a key is by using two bobby pins. Start by inserting the closed “looped” side of one bobby pin into the bottom portion of the lock. Use the second bobby pin, broken in half, toward the top of the lock and move it back and forth.

How easy is it to pick a deadbolt?

A deadbolt is more about resisting kicking open or using a credit card to slide in and raise the bolt. It’s not so much about being harder to pick, as the lock mechanism in it is going to be extremely similar to a normal door handle lock.

How do you pick a deadbolt with a card?

How do you bypass a deadbolt lock?

Can you unlock a deadbolt with a credit card?

Unfortunately, you can not unlock a deadbolt with a credit card. Credit cards will only work with slanted-latch style locks. Furthermore, the slant of the latch must be facing you so that you may press it in using your card.

Can a deadbolt lock be picked?

You can pick any keyed deadbolt lock with two basic tools. You can fashion both of these tools from household supplies. The most common are paper clips, bobby pins and electrical wire, but in a pinch, implements such as tooth-flossing handles can also work. Bobby pins probably work the best.

How do you unlock a deadbolt with a knife?

To pick a lock with a knife, begin by inserting your knife as far into the lock as you can – until you feel the tip hit the back of the lock. Next, apply a very light turning force on the knife just like if you are trying to turn to a key.

Is a deadbolt enough?

One deadbolt IS enough if you have a metal strike plate the length of the door though. EZ Armor or Fix a Jamb are two brands that come to mind.

How do you unlock a deadbolt with a paperclip?

The Procedure for Using a Paper Clip Lock Pick
  1. Insert the short end of the tension wrench into the bottom of the keyhole.
  2. Insert the pick into the upper portion and push it in until it contacts a pin.
  3. Repeat this procedure with all five pins, and the barrel should spin.

How do you unlock an interior door without a key?

How do you open a locked room door?

Use A Credit Card On A Spring Lock

Force the card between the lock and the frame. Flush the card against the frame and bend it back. This will help force the lock back into the door and open it. If you don’t find space between the lock and the frame, force the card between the door and the frame above the lock.

How do you pick a lock with a dime?

Ideal choices include a small screwdriver or hex wrench, a hair pin, or a heavy-duty paperclip. You can even use a bamboo skewer from the kitchen, or a cotton swab with the fluff removed from one end. If using a hair pin or paper clip, first bend it open so you have a long, straight bit of metal.

What does a penny over the door mean?

What’s the luckiest coin to carry?

They could be used to unlock doors or placed there for good luck. They should be renewed every new year and when you first move into a home. They are usually placed on a windowsill though.

What does finding 3 pennies mean?

The Five Luckiest Coins
  • Leap Year Mercury Dime (U.S) Many gamblers in the U.S. swear by the luck of the leap year Mercury dime.
  • In Great Britain, the lucky silver sixpence plays a role in all kinds of traditions.
  • Five-Yen Coin (Japan)
  • Feng Shui Coins (China)
  • Silver Dollars (U.S.)

What does leaving pennies mean?

The number three shows growth and finding three pennies can definitely lead you to expecting more in future. Three pennies is a bearer of great fortune and good news. The energy from three pennies may push you to be better and to get going. It is a creative number and many people consider it to be lucky.