Is the S in debris silent?

Why is the s in debris not pronounced? it’s a French word etymologically speaking, so the s is silent. as with a lot of French words. yeah, French is like the king of silent letters.

Why is debris pronounced debree?

On the radio, I was surprised by how a BBC pronouncecd the word debris. She accented it on the first syllable DEB-ree or DEB-ree. We here in the US would accent the second syllable: de-BREE. I’ve never heard it the way she pronounced it.

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8 août 2008

How do you pronounce debris in Australia?

Does debris have an accent?

So spelt, without the accent of the original French (débris). The recommended pronunciation is /ˈdɛbriː/, but /ˈdeɪbriː/ is an acceptable alternative. In American English it is often pronounced