How is the number 3 pronounced?

It is also good to know that the larger numbers; million and billion, are pronounced with just two syllables by native English speakers. The second syllable has a /jən/ sound.

Cardinal numbers – how to pronounce numbers 3, 33 and more…

Number Word Pronunciation (IPA)
3,000,000,000 three billion /ˈθriː ˈbɪl.jən/
Feb 18, 2021

Why is it hard to pronounce three?

When you pronounce the th in three the tip of your tongue must almost touch the backs of your top front teeth. You actually blow the sound between your tongue and teeth. If you are saying tree, the tongue touches the top front teeth and no air passes through. It’s hard to answer that by writing!

How do British people say 3?

Why do British people pronouncethree‘ as ‘free’? It’s not standard for British accent. It’s a Cockney accent originating in East London in working class people. It’s kind of London’s ghetto accent.

How do you say free and three?