How do you pronounce Starbucks venti sizes?

Starbucks Pronunciation Guide
  1. 1) Venti: Vin-Tee. Not vee-in-tay, vin-nee or ver-tee.
  2. 2) Grande: Gron-day. Not grand or gren-dee.
  3. 3) Latte: Lah-tay. Not lad-dee,lat-tee or late.
  4. 4) Cappuccino: Cap-u-cheen-o. Not cap-oor-ino.
  5. 5) Macchiato: Mah-kee-ah-toe.

How do you pronounce the large drink at Starbucks?

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How do you pronounce the name of Starbucks coffee?

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How do you pronounce venti in Spanish?


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