When your child starts to lose baby teeth, it means he or she is growing.

It is a substantial milestone in the life of your childYour child’s baby teeth usually fall out at the age of 6 or 7It is the time when he or she is ready to develop adult teeth.

For some kids, the first loose tooth is an exciting moment. It is the age when your child wants to get free of all sorts of babyhood signs. At the same time, losing the first tooth is scary for some children. It is because they are not aware of the consequences.

Continuous tooth wiggling

It is important to urge your kid about the wiggling the tooth in a back and forth movements. Ask your child to use his or her tongue to do the wiggling. They can also use their hands. However, they must wash their hands to carry out the wiggling procedure.

If your child wiggles his or her tooth consistently, make sure it is not causing any discomfort. Urge your child to continue doing the wiggling throughout the day until the loose tooth finally comes out.

Wet Wash Cloth

Using a cold or damp washcloth is another way to pull a tooth. Some parents use a gauze cloth or piece to grip the tooth and turn it. Thus, a mother or father can pull out the loose tooth of his or her child.

Make sure the cloth is cold. It is because the cold temperature will avoid causing pain and discomfort at the time of tooth removal. Similarly, you can use the washcloth or gauze to stop bleeding.

Flossing Technique

Flossing is another great way to get rid of a tooth. Parents believe that flossing is the most trusted technique to remove a loose baby tooth. You can use the method at a time when the tooth is loose but won’t fall out itself.

So, it is important to provide some assistance to your kid. Position the floss in the loose tooth. Make sure the floss is in the middle of the tooth and its adjacent one. Now, apply a back and forth motion. Then, try to twist the floss, and you will see that the tooth is falling out from its base.

Dentist Visit

Sometimes, pulling a tooth can cause problems for your child. If you don’t want him or her to get hurt, then you must take your kid to the dentist. The professional dentist will take his or her tooth out. Dentists use different aesthetic techniques to make the process painless and trouble-free for your child.

So, you can either use homemade methods to pull a tooth or visit the dentist. Most children feel good when they try to pull their teeth themselves. However, if you think your child is having trouble, you should take him to the dentist’s clinic.

Why pull out a loose tooth?

Some people ask this question that when the tooth is loose, it will fall out on its own. Then, what is the need to pull it out? Well, we acknowledge it. You may not necessarily ask your child to pull out his loose tooth.

On the other hand, if your child pulls out his baby tooth, you don’t need to worry about it. Science tells us that the root of the tooth after it has taken out will dissolve naturally. It will make way for the tooth of the child to fall out on its own.

When should you pull a tooth?

Everyone knows that there are various ways to pull a loose tooth. Before you pull your child’s baby tooth, it is important to check whether or not it is hanging from the socket. You must not pull the tooth out when it is not loose.

At the same time, you have to ensure that your kid does not feel any pain when you pull out his or her tooth. In the situation of discomfort or pain, you have to take your child to the dentist. Don’t try to pull out the tooth when there is no dissolving of the root. Otherwise, the tooth won’t fall off safely.

Is pulling a tooth earlier dangerous?

Sometimes, children want to get rid of their loose teeth. Well, as a parent, you must tell them to stay calm and wait until it is the right time. Otherwise, it will lead to excessive bleeding. That’s even a more discomforting situation for your child. In such a situation, you will have to visit the dentist and ask him or her to treat your child.

How to stop bleeding?

You can use a cotton gauze to stop bleeding. Make sure you soak the gauze in cold water. It will help stop the bleeding. Also, you need to ensure the gauze is perfectly placed on the spot of bleeding. Now, ask your child to apply gentle pressure for a few minutes. It will surely stop the problem of bleeding. On the other hand, if it does not stop, you must go to the dentist for proper treatment.

Pull a tooth and pain – what the connection

Sometimes, when your child loses a baby tooth, he will feel pain and discomfort. Most often, your child will have swollen gums. Remember, the soreness and pain occur only for a few minutes. In case the pain continues, it means your child has some infection. In such a situation, you have to take him or her to the dentist.

Final words

Pulling a tooth is the most exciting as well as scariest for children of age 6 to 7. Well, if your child’s tooth is wiggling back and forth without any pain, then you can pull it out.

Summarizing the procedure, you must clean your hands and help open your child’s mouth wide. Then, using a gauze pad, you have to pull out the tooth softly. Use your fingers to do this accurately.

Make sure you put pressure on the gum area of the child in case there is bleeding. However, don’t apply pressure with your fingers. Instead, you can use a new gauze pad. Make sure it is clean. Now, you will see that there is no bleeding within a couple of minutes. If the bleeding persists for more than 15 minutes, you should take your child to the dentist.

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