Trampoline is not only a source of fun and enjoyment, but it offers numerous benefits as well. It is a fun physical activity to set up at home. But the query most people face is how to put a trampoline together?

The task may seem intimidating at first, but we are sure the right guidelines will help you put a trampoline together like a pro!

Once you’ve decided to have a trampoline in the backyard of your house, you don’t need to back off.

We have brought a step-by-step guide for you to ease your worries. Have a look at how to put a trampoline together without spending a whole day or two settings it up:

Check The Package For Complete Instructions

Before you begin with setting up a trampoline, read all the instructions given over the package. Different brands mention the right way to put the trampoline together.

The instructions may vary from brand to brand but the general method remains the same. Some companies also specify some handy tips that will help you to put the trampoline together safely and in lesser time.

Make Sure All The Required Parts Are There In The Package

It is very important to ensure that all the parts are present in the package and nothing is missing. Because once you start to put a trampoline together and found something missing in the middle of the operation, you will be very disappointed or perhaps enraged too.

Organize All The Parts And The Tools Needed

Now take all the parts out of the package and organize them. Keep the frame parts together, the legs together, and the springs in one place. Similarly, bring and keep the tools required to put the trampoline together.

The common tools you will need are a screwdriver, a spring puller and a rubber mallet. Instead of a screwdriver, you can also use a power drill for tightening screws and bolts for added security measures. The use of a power drill can save time.

Start With Assembling The Frame And Legs

Now begin setting up the trampoline without wasting any time. Put the frame parts together by joining their hooks in a designated place. Once the frame ring is put together, join the leg parts with the frame.

Be very careful with the screws; secure all the screws and bolts very tightly. One loose screw can tend to be a potential safety hazard. If you cannot tight the screw enough using a manual screwdriver, use a power drill.

Fix The Mat By Securing Spring Hooks On The Frame

Once the frame with legs is put together, now use a spring puller to stretch the mat over the frame using spring hooks. The frame comes with designated cavities for securing the spring hooks. But the spring pulling job is not as easy as it seems.

You will need a partner to help you with pulling the springs. You should divide your work with a partner; in a way, one keeps pulling the spring using spring pulling device, and the other lock the hooks into the cavities using the rubber mallet. In this way, you can put a trampoline together much swiftly.

Covering The Spring Hooks By Protective Trampoline Pad

The trampoline packages come with protective pads that cover the springs entirely. In this way, the users of the trampoline do not face any scratches or injuries from the springs. The cover must be ensured as it is a crucial safety measure.

Some protective pads come with ties or ropes, while most of them are fastened in place by Velcro. Once done, make sure to check all the springs are totally concealed under it. It not only provides safety against falls on springs but also protects springs from weather’s wear and tear.

Securing The Boundary Of Trampoline Using An Enclosure Net

Another protective measure is enclosing the trampoline using a net. It prevents users from landing on the ground if the jump is higher.

Most of the trampoline comes with an enclosure net with the package. In case you don’t find one with your trampoline, you can buy it at a very low price.

The net is attached by attaching the bungee loops from the frame rings. Then attach the hooks of the net with the bungee loops and secure it using screws or bolts. The enclosure net is a fantastic addition as it makes it safe for kids to use the trampolines too.

Test Your Trampoline For Safety Measures

Once you have put a trampoline together, you must test it first for any potential safety hazards. Check all the screws and parts to point out any faulty joining. If you don’t find any, jump on it with few bounces. If you find it to be stable, it is safe to use.

But if you feel any discomfort, stop right then and there. Don’t use it until you figure out the problem and solve it.

Congratulations, you are successful in your mission to put a trampoline together. It’s not as difficult as it seems. Now, you are free to enjoy your evenings jumping and bouncing high in the air!

Can I put a trampoline together by myself?

Though it may be possible to set up with one person, it is easier and safer to assemble a trampoline with two people.

Are trampolines hard to assemble?

Also, assembling your trampoline can be extremely difficult if your children are jumping up and down all around you waiting for the new toy. You will want your kids to start trampolining as soon as it comes home, but it is necessary that you take enough time to complete the setup.

How do you assemble a 14ft trampoline?

How do you put a trampoline together for kids?

Begin screwing together the frame piece by piece, and then attach the legs. Make sure each screw or bolt is tight. This is a safety factor, and it should be the most important part of the process. Loose screws or bolts can come out of their housing when the trampoline is in use, and it could cause severe injury.

How do I set up my first trampoline?

How much does it cost to assemble a trampoline?

Trampoline set up service

Amazon Home services provide a trampoline assembly service if you live in the US. Generally you can expect to pay around $130 dollars for the assembly of your trampoline. However, you may need to pay extra if you have a trampoline that is especially time-consuming to construct.

How long does it take to assemble a 12 foot trampoline?

The average time it takes to assemble a trampoline is three to five hours.

How long does it take to assemble a VULY trampoline?

A trampoline with a safety net can usually be completely assembled within two and a half hours, although the time may vary depending on the trampoline size. A trampoline that does not include a safety net can be finished in about sixty minutes.

How long does it take to assemble a Skywalker Trampoline?

The enclosure net comes attached to the jumping mat, so that’s one part of the assembly process you won’t have to worry about. Trampoline assembly takes two to three hours, but it’s likely to take longer without instructions.

Is a 12ft trampoline big?

12 Ft or 15 Ft Trampoline Comparison

In addition, when deciding between a 12 ft or 15 ft, you may want to consider what types of activities your children will be using it for. For instance, 12 ft trampolines are big enough for play and normal bouncing around, while 15 ft trampolines are made more for gymnasts.

What is the weight limit for a Skywalker Trampoline?

The Skywalker trampoline is recommended for ages 6 and up, and the weight capacity is 150-200 pounds (although the exact number is a bit unclear). As long as jumpers remain in that range, this trampoline is fun for kids and adults.

How do you install a 12ft trampoline?

Why do trampolines warp?

Do not pick up the frame more than 2 inches off the ground, picking it up too high can cause the frame to warp. If the frame does warp, put the trampoline down, press down on the part that is warped. We strongly recommend do not use the trampoline without an EN 71 standard enclosure.

How do you put a trampoline on uneven ground?

1 – Dig a trench to lower the legs on the up-slope side of the trampoline. More work, but requires less money. All you really need is a good shovel. 2 – Add soil to the down-slope side of the trampoline until the legs on this side are even with the legs on the up-slope side.

Does Walmart assemble trampolines?

You can reschedule at your convenience. Every booking is performed by a fully equipped, screened and vetted service professional who will arrive and complete your assembly service to perfection.

Does Lowe’s have trampolines?

Backyard Trampolines & Accessories at

Will Walmart assemble toys?

In March, Walmart announced it was partnering with Handy to sell its in-home installation and assembly services in over 2,000 of its brick-and-mortar retail stores. Now, that partnership is expanding to Walmart’s e-commerce site, too.

Are trampolines sold out everywhere?

Indeed, trampolines are sold out almost everywhere, but there are still a few available online. Either way, no matter what type of trampoline you’re looking for, you’ll definitely want to get it as soon as possible.