Light is one of the most important resources for human civilization. Without light, you can’t even see your surroundings. The ancestors of modern men discovered fire and their successors have discovered some easiest ways to create a flame. A BIC lighter is one of them to create a flame to create fire.

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BIC Mega Lighter – History

The BIC lighter got its name from the first name of this manufacturing company BIC Corporation. It is situated in Clichy, France and they are well known for the manufacturing of use and throw items like disposable lighters, razors, pens and so on. The founder of this company is Marcel Bich and he established this corporation in 1945.

  • The first introducer of a disposable lighter was Gillette which was in an attempt to make an inexpensive lighter during 1972. Almost at the same time, BIC brought a disposable lighter to the market of Europe. This lighter was capable of giving 3000 ignitions in its lifetime.
  • This made it very popular in the market and it is doing its business like the same today also. These BIC lighters are reusable if the fuel in this lighter can be refilled. There are procedures to refill it easily and here in this article, we are going to discuss those processes.

How to Refill a BIC Mega Lighter?

The first step to refill the BIC lighter is to gather the materials that you need to refill it. You can refill it by using a push pin easily. It will help you to save money that you spend on purchasing new lighters from time to time.

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  • When you are going to refill the BIC lighter, you need some butane, some rubber grommets, and a push pin to accomplish your job finely. Now if you are thinking about where to get those materials, you can have a visit to the hardware shop of hardware.
  • Now put the pushpin into the valve that your lighter is having at its bottom. It looks like a small circular indent which you can see when you turn your lighter upside down. This valve is the entrance of the fuel when you are refilling your lighter.
  • Put the push-pin into the circle and press it with your hand. If you find it hard to push the pin with your hand then you can put the lighter on any hard surface and push it down to open the valve. Now take the pinout of the valve.
  • It is mandatory for the lighter to be completely empty as you are going to refill it with organic fuel. If there will be some fuel then that will spray out as soon as you put the pin inside the circular valve.
  • Now, prepare the nozzle of the refilling can. You need to put in the rubber grommets around the nozzle of the can so that no fuel spills down through it while putting it into the lighter.
  • Now set the face of the nozzle on the circular valve of the lighter and press your lighter down. The butane will get into the lighter with the pressure. There will be a sound through which you will be able to know that the butane is getting inside the lighter. Hold the lighter in the same position for 5 to 7 seconds. This much time is enough to refill your lighter.
  • Put your thumb on the valve as soon as you remove the butane container from its entry point. If you won’t put your thumb on the valve the fuel may spill away soon after you remove the nozzle from it.
  • It’s time to cover the valve finally. For that, you can use the pushpin again. Put the push pin back into the valve hole and leave it as it is as rescuing the valve set from the factory is impossible.
  • You can cut the top of the pushpin using a metal sniper as it will give your lighter a great look.

BIC lighter Refill Hack

Refilling a BIC lighter is technically forbidden as the company doesn’t leave an outlet for it to refill it time and again. Most of these lighters are disposable in nature and you need to throw them off after the fuel is finished. But you can refill these lighters if you really intend to and there are ways to put fuel back in them.

  • To refill the disposable lighters, you need to open the refill valve. You will find this at the backside of your lighter if you turn it upside down. Though the company leaves no outlet to refill them, still you can break through this and make an incision into it. You need to use a push-pin to make the incision and then take the pinout of it. Make sure that your lighter is empty and there is no residue of the fuel.
  • Now it’s your turn to make sure that your lighter is empty completely. You need to take care of the fact that no air gets in while you are filling the lighter with the liquid butane. If there will be any air inside the lighter chamber, the fuel may spill off from the chamber. To avoid the insertion of air, you need to put some circular rubber valves around the nozzle. It will prevent the air to get in.
  • Now you can put the face of the nozzle of the butane container into the fuel chamber through the hole. Put pressure on the nozzle and the butane will get into the lighter. You need to hold it for 5 to 7 seconds and that will do your work. It doesn’t take more time than that to refill the lighter.
  • After filling up your lighter you need to put your thumb on the hole of the broken seal. It prevents spillage of the fuel from the lighter. To lock the broken seal, now you need to put something into the hole. You can use the same push pin for that. Just cut the top of the pin so that it doesn’t look odd.

How to Refill a Clipper Lighter?

Clipper lighters are specially designed to facilitate reuse. You can refill it time and again and can change the ignition stone so that it can work for a longer time. It has a unique removable flint that people use to assist tobacco packing.

  • A clipper lighter can always be a better choice than that of a BIC lighter. There are easy remedies to refill this lighter and that’s why they last for years. A clipper lighter has a valve at its back which facilitates the refilling.
  • You don’t need to break the valve like the BIC lighters. After you refill the lighter, the valve will automatically get back to its place and will seal the exit point. You just need to put the nozzle mouth through the valve and press the container for some seconds. Since there is no gap between the nozzle and the opening of the valve, you have no tension of air spillage.

How to Refill a Djeep Lighter?

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Djeep lighters are normally non-refillable. But if you want to refill them, you need to follow the same process as you did in the BIC lighters. You need to break the seal valve and from there you can insert the fuel into the lighter. Seal it again and your Djeep lighter is ready to use.

How to Refill an Extended-Reach Lighter?

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An extended rich lighter has another name as wander lighter. These types of lighters are useful to light places that are hard to rich like the burner of a gas oven after you put the pan on it. There is a danger of burning your hand as the gas comes out from there and spreads in the surroundings. To refill an extended reach lighter, you need to have some materials. Since the use of this lighter is much similar to the BIC lighters, you can refill the wand lighter with the help of a BIC lighter. You need to manage ahead and flat blade screwdriver and a new BIC lighter as well.

  • First of all, you need to remove the single screw that holds up the extended reach lighter. Now you will be able to open the lighter fully. If you face any difficulty in it, put the blade of the screwdriver into the joints of the surface to open them.
  • As the case of the lighter is open, you need to bring out the fluid reservoir. Now it’s time to disassemble the new light that you have bought.
  • To disassemble it, first, remove the windscreen and then the flint wheel. After you remove the fork, the disassembling is complete along with the new lighter; you need to open the fuel reservoir of the wand lighter too.
  • Now put the fork and the spring of the old lighter into the new one and put it into the case of the wand lighter.

What is the Fluid in a BIC lighter?

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Butane is the most used fuel for the BIC lighter.


  • The BIC lighters are non-reusable but still, you can refill it and re-use it.
  • Use a push pin to break the valve behind the lighter and put the fuel into it.
  • Clipper lighters are reusable and can be refilled from time to time.

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